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Business & Finances Complaints | Page 5

CryptoCrunch / more questions than answers

Henry Duff on Nov 9, 2018

The company is based in the Netherlands and provides a little information about their activity. Without the knowledge of their goals, who it's run by and how long it's been operating, I also don't know what eligibility I have to meet to join the fund. Sure, I can call or...

Corigin Ventures / take smth into account

Marky Cassel on Nov 9, 2018

Corigin Ventures is fulfilled with a different kind of information. It smartly structured, almost everything is understood, no abstruse words and sentences. The team is well introduced, I even found the open house page where new team members write something about themselves. Well, it's good...

ConsenSys / the information is still not exhaustive

Tim Wilhut on Nov 9, 2018

Consensys seems to be a genuine company, I checked for some information they provided. It's really a huge organization that keeps working. But that's not enough for me to make a decision (even though I'm not sure they need my investments, counting that the company is rich enough). The issue i...

Jack in the Box / coupons

allgirls on Nov 8, 2018

Why does Jack in the Box tell you to download the app and receive free coupons but every time I visit the store at 1228 Robert B Cullum Dallas TX 75215 - they never honor the coupons - its not fair to customer - I do understand not all stores participate but this store picks and choose...

3iQ Corporation / scam or not? who dealt with them?

erlyn kinn on Nov 8, 2018

Hi, I'm Erlyn and I have been looking for a crypto fund to invest. Still keep looking, but I have some questions regarding one company named 3iQ Corporation, a canadian crypto fund. What do you think? Has anyone already dealt with them? Are they fraudsters? Asking because I was confused by some...

Brach's / candy corn

BBailey65 on Nov 8, 2018

I purchased a bag of candy corn from Walgreens in Cedar Park tx 78613. It has a date of "Best By 04/03/19". This was an 11 oz bag and was not expensive but it wasn't what I have come to expect from Brach's candies. Fresh candy corn is incredible but when it's not fresh like this bag it...

1 Confirmation / weird website

xavier Flores on Nov 8, 2018

Can anyone tell me whether 1 Confirmation is legit or not? Does it work? Judging by their website, Nick Tomaino (a founder) often posts something and these notes can be seen on the website as well, but can it be counted? One more thing that seems to be a little suspicious is that...

Confirmation Capital Management / just stay away

Paul Crown on Nov 8, 2018

Confirmation Capital has to think about a better way of communication with their investors and investees. There's no way to contact them. But I found something out before coming here and telling you that you should avoid them. As it's said on Confirmation Capital Management...

Coinsilium Group / weird contacts

Jenc Jdm54 on Nov 8, 2018

In general, the Coinsilium Group website looks good, well-structured and presentable. They provided enough information about the company. But what should I do to understand how exactly they operate and what their conditions for investors are? And who exactly do I have to contact if I have...

CoinFund / not sure about this fund reliability

Jhonny Bosc on Nov 8, 2018

I have analyzed the CoinFund website (as it's always kind of a presentation of any company) and here are some results for you to make a decision. So the fund gives no clear explanations about who they are, what they want and how the work. I can see their team members, descriptions. Many...

Catena Capital / could be better

Barry Greend on Nov 8, 2018

At first sight, Catena Capital is stable and worth it. I don't know, maybe it really is. But some details made me think that these guys were not that simple. What do you want to know when you open a website of any venture fund? I personally look for their team information. If I can't find it...

Calibrated Markets / don't waste your time

Nathan Wart on Nov 8, 2018

Calibrated Markets is an unknown company to me. No way to find something out. Their so-called website looks like a landing page (probably it is) and it says the company is managed by Jacob Eliosoff who's a well-experienced programmer. It's been 5 years, is the fund alive? The only one way to...

Caffeinated Capital / what a mess

St Morris on Nov 8, 2018

hmmm what a strange venture capital company I encountered recently. It's called Caffeinated Capital and that's all I know about them. Well, as they say, they are an early-stage firm from San Francisco and they give a list of partners they worked with. At the same time, there're no links, no...

Edgars Fashion / Edcon / bad customer service

Amanda Appelgryn on Nov 8, 2018

I made a payment on my Edgards account yesterday the 07/11/2018 in the amount of R748.16. I went to Edgards Cresta today to make an purchase and the lady told me that I had to make a payment before I can purchase, I explained to her that I made an EFT payment yesterday, but she insisted...

Blockchain Capital / uncertainty

Hemu Burin on Nov 8, 2018

I think it's not a secret that Blockchain Capital is one of the hugest and one of the most popular crypto funds in the world. They invested in big projects like Ripple, Civic, Kraken, Wave, Coinbase, ShapeShift, and so one. So on the one hand, they have a great reputation. But...

Astronaut Capital Group / some discrepancies

Gary Maddock on Nov 8, 2018

Is Astronaut Capital Group still in business? Can't understand it. I found some discrepancies between what they provided on their official website and what other resources talk about them. I'm talking about the team because knowing who stands behind the company and the money people invest i...

Andreessen Horowitz / the team page

Dx Mooch on Nov 8, 2018

Looking for people who have already invested in Andreessen Horowitz venture capital firm. I would like to invest but not sure they are responsible and committed enough. The problem is that I always look at companies' website before making any decisions and Andreessen Horowitz'...

SafeLink Corporation / government phone

Jamessss on Nov 7, 2018

I have been trying for several months to get through to them I keep getting emails telling me to call when I call them forwarded to a number that tells me that my account was canceled because I was opening 1 and 2 log into that one the other one that I don't know what they're talking about...

central florida archery / business closed??? or new rezoning???

fifi fluff on Nov 7, 2018

central florida archeryBusiness is supposed to be closed..The address 7951 sully drive orlando fl 32818 where business is/ was located is zoned for residential and closed in sept 2018 per code enforcement -orange county florida... Fyi... He is having an event on nov. 18th -violating-disobeying laws pretending it...

Amscot Financial / unethical behaviour

Nicky19 on Nov 7, 2018

Nov.05.2018 after 4pm in the branch 5900 Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL. 34231 the employee Sarah B. was very incompetent, inefficient, and negligent. I told her since my arrival that I needed one single money order to US Department of Homeland Security for $1, 170 and I gave her a piece of...