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Receiving money

My daughter's father from Trinidad has not been able to send her in South Africa money for the past month, he has been doing so for the past 16 years, I have sent an email to their customer service but no response. They now reguiring certain documents in order for him to send money all these years and now they are asking for all of these things. Surely if you check on their system they are able to see the pattern of these child maintenance payments. MoneyGram is saying because of money laundering this why. My daughter needs food, medicine etc but they don't care.

Canceled my online account wont give a reason

a few nights ago on 04-17-2019 at 4am I decided to do an online money transaction. Send 500 dollars to a friend of mine in Colombia. I been using MoneyGram for over 2 years never had ant problem before and I am good honest customer. The transaction looked like it was going to go to through but then it asked me for picture of my drivers license. I took the picture posted it there and clicked ok. Then it said to wait some minutes.

I a few minutes a page pops up and says we have canceled your transaction and we have closed your online account. BY this time I am getting angry. I call them talk to some woman she keeps putting me on hold I get tired of that ask to speak to a supervisor. He comes on the line and he had an attitude of a jerk. He puts me on hold a few times then says sorry nothing can be dont your online access is terminated I ask why then he tells me a problem with my drivers license. I said thats a lie my drivers license is fine. So he hangs up the phone.

So I wait until the next day and go to twillet MoneyGram has a page there. I direct message them and now am talking to a 3rd person about this. He takes all my info about the problem and goes away finally he comes back tells me nothing he can do that the security dept feels uncomfortable about me that I am "high risk"!!! Now this really infuriates me!!! Never in all my life has anyone or any company called me a high risk. I told him to be careful what you are saying about a good customer saying that is damaging to my reputation and is slanderous and bordering defamation of my character!!! All He could say is sorry and nothing can be done. Said I could go in person top location and send it.

THis is not possible for me I said I have many many health issues thats why I do almost all of my shopping online including grocery shopping and have everything delivered here. I have serious back problems and my feet swell everyday and sometimes bleed so is very hard for me to walk and get in my car and go places.

So I have been going online posting what MoneyGram did to me to tell others not to use them, they are bad and not honest. While doing this I have found many many complaints on bad service at MoneyGram and they have canceled many peoples online access and sometimes they even kept the customers money and did not refund. So I am not the only one they are doing it to apparently for some reason they doing to to probably hundreds of people.

So now my advice to anyone wanting to send money do not use MoneyGram, use Western Union or another money sending place as MoneyGram seems to be lacking in the area of integrity.

Moneygram refund

Sent money using Moneygram they were unable to deliver for some reasons
Requested the refund and they gave me [protected] as new refund transaction number
Went to agent location and she had no cash money, and requested to send me money by E-transfer and got Pre-Payment error receive
Call money gram to know what's going on they told me to wait 2-4 days as we escalate your complaint
Again call today and customer service first told me to go to an agent and then said wait 2-4 days.

I don't know what's going on but at the end of the day, I don't have my refund back in my account. It was only $110 and for that, I already wasted my 2 hours going here and there, time on the phone and also fuel to agent locations (deposits, and refund)

Wire service

I tried to send wires to people in need in Ghana and Nigeria. I am blocked on Money Gram. I don't wire to random people though what is wrong with that? It's not illegal. Just because these areas are considered high scam doesn't mean everyone is a scammer. There are scams all over the world and in the US. More training is needed to advise of how many different ways people conduct business especially with international law, country law and US law. Besides if I am stupid enough to send money to a scammer well then that is my fault. I shouldn't be schooled by a wire service or any other financial service as to how to conduct my business. So every time Money Gram blocks a wire I wonder how many innocent people in need are hurt. These stupid questions of security are an invasion of my privacy. I go to a service to wire money that is all not tell the story of my life.

Money transaction services

January 29, 2018
I sent money to my Niece in Nepal. She was unable to receive it in Nepal.
I contacted Money Gram, and after a series of very invasive questions, to determine, I believe the state of my cognition, and my relationship to the receiver, and her intended use of the money, I was told that Money Gram would refund my money. I spoke to a Money Gram customer service representative, who apologized and said that I would have no problem sending the money. I tried again, and it was refused. I spoke again to a supervisor who once again, assessed my cognition... . My money was refunded by cheque both times, at the bank both times, the tellers expressed dissatisfaction when dealing with Money Gram. All 4 times I was at the post office attempting transactions, the postal employees commented that other persons were having the same problems. I thought that perhaps you as a company hosting MoneyGram services might like to know how your business partner is treating its customers. (Just so you know, the first question they asked of me was my age). I would appreciate a reply.

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Is this fraud?

I wanted to transfer money through them when got their email asking to call them. I did. And the questions they asked had nothing to do with what I was doing, I didn't leave any complain, nothing. They wanted to know my personal information. I believe I didn't have to answer all of them, but my transfer was declined. Is this fraud or not? Looks very suspicious.

Sending money

In June 2017 I was sending money via online sevices/App provided by MoneyGram for easier service. I had used them a few times with no problem. However this time I was prompted to call customer service...who in turn tranfered me too Security who had me on hold 45mins. I was then connected to an agent who began to grill me about my identity. Subsequently I passed their test, however they blocked my acct and then explained that even though I passed the security questions they denied me access to using their service...All with no reason or explaination. This is s blatant form of discrimination based on where I was sending the money Nigeria. I gave them my religious history and my reasons for sending the money however I was still denied. FOR NO REASON! after they charged me.
K Bennett
Acct 1778080*****

Advertising a property to rent in queens road peckham

This person's ads keep disappearing.. I contacted them about renting a property and after a few emails they have asked me to pay a friend using money gram and show them the receipt. I know this is a scam and I don't want anyone to be tricked; luckily I knew enough about it not to but I bet someone else won't! Please block them before someone loses a lot of money.

They keep advertising the one bedroom flat in queens road peckham for £635 under the name jeralyn and their email is jeralyn. [protected]

Bad customer service skills

I went into the cvs to do a money gram and the store was dirty.
Once I got to the money gram spot no one was around to assist me
I had to walk up and down the store until I found someone.
Once I completed my transaction the associate told me that I needed my
Id to complete it. Ok fine left and came back I guess you can call lisa the
Night manager she was so rude and disrespectful. She
Told me that she wouldn't complete my transaction because I said that she customer
Service skills we bad. I will be making another complaint to the
Store manager

Took my money from my account

Dear sir/madam:
I am filing an complaint to money gram. , for lack assist. On janaury 28, 2013. I look at my debit card, that was a charger of amount of $203.95. They came with some excuses that they do not want to help me. I am going to filing an complaint to the bank, that do not want to help me. And, I am ask to give back my money, of the amount that I filing. The name of the bank, netspend. I am thinking of change my bank that deposit my check. I want to get $1, 000.00 for damages

Resolved New steep rates

Moneygram was a good company for 10 years ansd I used them at least twice a month. Then they started taking away the discount for the Customer Loyalty card which then everyone I knew threw theirs away as it was a very big hassle to get any rewards. Now they have almost DOUBLED their fee as well as what they took in currency rate fees. I judt gave up on the company and found it less than 1/2 the costs of their fees to buy AMEX travelers checks and send them express postage. The receiver also gets the full rate of exchange without the keeping of a percentage. I guess they care little about customer loyalty anymore and just want to gouge the consumer.

Scam alert

Scam alert

Buying a vehicle

Have you found a great vehicle online or in an advertisement with a price too good to be true? Are you being asked to send the down payment through a moneygram money transfer?

Unfortunately, it's a scam. Do not send money for the vehicle to the seller or a payments representative. The vehicle purchase scammer may try to convince you to pay through moneygram to avoid sales tax and get a great price. They may even send you a letter or e-mail of authentication telling you that you have purchased the item, but in order to deliver it you need to wire funds first. Do not send the money. It is a scam. You will not receive a car or truck.

Once money is wired and received, it cannot be recovered and, unfortunately, you will be at loss for any money transferred.

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    indiandaeng1 Nov 15, 2012

    Moneygram first eliminated the $1 discount for their loyalty card and made it difficult to use so most people threw theirs away. Now Moneygram almost DOUBLED their rates to send money! After 10 years of using Moneygram I have found, due to the new steep rates, it was 1/2 the price to send AMEX Travelers Checks express delivery via the US Postal service. Moneygram is not in the corner of the customer anymore.

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Physical threats by managment

We are a national charity for missing children called Thursday's Child. All of our work is volunteer and we operate on very little contributions. This year we have received under $1400. In sending $800 for a laptop to a person we did not know via MoneyGram, who asserted that they would send us the laptop first and that we would then give them the control number for them to get the money, I asked at the local Wal-Mart of two MoneyGram "trained" Wal-Mart employees if the person could get the money without the control number and we were told absolutely not six times; that the money was safe unless we gave them the number. To make a long story short, they got the money and disappeared. I went into the Wal-Mart where I had sent the money and demanded a refund, stating that I had been grossly misinformed by their workers and as a result lost $800 plus the $46 fee. There was not so much as an apology or a degree of sympathy. The night manager, Mr. Ken from Uganda, stood there laughing. I wanted nearly half an hour while he went into the back with the employee who did the transaction and gave the bad information. When he emerged, he said he had phoned the police, who came and ejected me from the store. After a number of phone calls, I finally let it go. Four days ago, out of the blue, I was called by a Lance Ashmore, who told me that Wal-Mart was sorry for what happened and was going to refund the money in three days and that he would call and let me know the status, which he did. Yesterday, he phoned and asked if I would come down to the store and see the manager. I did. The manager came out with a plainclothes security store shopper, shook my hand, had me sign an indemnification paper, the gave me the $846. As soon as I had the money, he became livid and told me that I was no longer welcome at his store and that if I did not get out immediately he would have me arrested. I asked why. He said that on the day it had occurred, I had been "disruptive." No, I had not. I had not been loud or interfered with any of their business, but I did demand to speak with someone in authority (who did not laugh at the situation) and demanded the money be returned to our charity. When I said I had not been, he turned to his rent-a-cop and told him to call the police to have me arrested. He would not give me a copy of what I had signed unless I signed a paper to voluntarily enjoin myself from the store. I believe he was instructed to have me sign that prior to have given me the money.

Wal-Mart did not "refund" anything. I was set up to come down to be threatened. It apparently was worth $845 for them to do that. I find that our charity's phone numbers are now blocked from Wal-Mart corporate and their 800 number.

Wal-Mart professes to care about Missing Children. They claim to have partnered with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to for the Missing Children's Network. Yes our hotline is the only one listed with directory services in the nation and ours is the only missing children open 24/7. Wal-Mart gives NCMEC half a million dollars a year, but goes ballistic over an $846 claim caused by one of their ill-trained employees.

  • Fd
    FDL_HOU Apr 29, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    First you say they gave you the money and then you say you were set up and they didn't give you the money. Which is it?

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  • Do
    Don Apr 30, 2011

    Pardon me td577, but we are the ONLY missing children organization in the U.S. open after hours, holidays and weekends, and the only one listed with 800 directory services. When we recovered a girl on the National Center's website, they wouldn't contribute a cent towards her return across the country, but we not only flew her back home, one of our volunteers accompanied her back. We have been around longer than the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and while they get $48 million a year, last year we got under $5, 000. We not only deal with missing children, but child abuse, child exploitation, anorexia, bulimia, suicide, cutting, bullying, alcohol and drug abuse, cutting and other issues. And no salaries have been taken since we began in 1982. Most of the money we operate on comes from within.

    We were told by Wal-Mart that we had total control of the money unless and until we gave the receiver the control number. But as it turns out, that is not true. Wal-Mart gave us bad information and that is why we lost the money. We didn't just casually turn it over to them. As for the Wal-Mart laptop for $600, all our software is Mac and the supposed purchase was for a Macbook Pro. We found other victims, got MoneyGram to take note of this particular scammer, they put extra effort into it, found the woman who had been scamming people in several states over craigslist for months, and are now having her prosecuted for felony grand theft.

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  • Wa
    Wallace Nichs Nov 15, 2015
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I sent him $150 for a debit from Wallace Mart money gram to Marcel D Envio number 1_888-910 3210 order number 19990644 to Georgia town Alanta the number he gave me to text is 218-248-6082 and some times a cod 24 I had to use .With fees it caused me 161.50 money gram number is 068113163352

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Aiding fraud

$800 was to be transferred to a seller on Craigslist through MoneyGram. I did not know the seller and was leery, so I asked two of the Wal-Mart associates who did the transfers what was necessary for the recipient to collect the money. I was told repeatedly that the money could not be picked up without identification and a transfer number. I asked to add a security question. I was told that was just additional security. In addition, I specified the city it was to be picked up in, which was $400 miles away. The receiver, who it turned out was only 10 miles away, called me to verify the funds were deposited and said the security question was necessary to reveal the amount. But the MoneyGram check cashing service she went to gave her all the money on the spot without ID or the transfer number. Regardless, the clerk who did the transaction refused to refund the money, and the night manager (from Uganda) couldn't keep from laughing and just called the police to get me escorted from the store. I since learned that there were cautionary checklists on each of the forms for money transfers, but the clerks tear them off and give customers just the forms to save time in the lines. The item supposedly to be purchased was a laptop for a children's charity. The woman who received the money never had one to sell.

Stay away from these crooks

An ad for help wanted appeared in our local newspaper seeking to hire online “Book Keepers”. So I sent in for information. I heard nothing back until I received two $865 moneygrams by UPS.

Then online instructions to deposit them in my bank account, keep a 10% fee, withdraw the rest of the proceeds and send them by Western Union to an address in Ghana. I refused to deposit them, but said I would cash them & forward the proceeds, which was quickly agreed to, but to do it quickly.

On Monday morning, I called Moneygram, LLC & was told that both moneygrams were invalid, which did not surprise me at all. I turned the info & fake moneygrams over to our local police, though I doubt much can actually be done about such a scam.

I could not get money sent to me in Nicaragua

In december 2010 I asked my mom to send me some money from guatemala to nicaragua, and I went to a store that had your sign at the door, but they asked me to show a nicaraguan id, or a nicaraguan passport or to send the money to a nicaraguan person. I had never had this kind of trouble in any country they told me this was the policy. I had this problem in the stores called "el gallo mas gallo" and "el verdugo". You should check this because they are changing the rules of this service using your sign.

Resolved fraud

I purchased a money order, of $27.00, through moneygrams and it was lost in the mail. I called them and they said it was never cashed. This was after the machine that I talked to hung up on me THREE times before I was finally able to talk to a human being who could barely speak english. First they made me pay a fee when I purchased the order, then to "get my money back" I have to pay more than 1/2, $15.00, of what the order was for! Just to make sure I heard him correctly I went to the website, and sure enough, I heard right!

Resolved misrepresentation

I made arrangements on Dec. 30th to pay bill on Jan 1, 2010. I arranged to pay half the bill on the first and then pay the other half on the 7th of January 2010. The day before I had agreed to pay I went to pay and the paystation was closed for 3 days. I paid by money gram (which I was told by the represenative that it would post immediately) on 01-04-2010.

The represenative told me if I paid by Money Gram that it would post immediately to my account and services would be restored immediately. Well I paid full amount of bill(not the half we agreed on) over 3 hours ago and my services are still not restored. I am very upset that I feel I have been deceived! An agreement was made and I was not at fault for paystation being closed. As I said the full amount has been paid and I would appreciate it if my services are restored immediately! I have spoken to another satellite company that has offered a better deal. I have been a customer a while. I do like the services but your Customer service could use some tweaking!

Resolved fake money orders

I was sent two $950.00 money grams, and like an idiot, didn't realize until my bank showed me in overdraft on my account.
An email I got said I could be a mystery shopper, even called me a detective... Told me to buy something for $100.00 at macy's and then to send susan wilson a western union money order for $1650.00 I didn't do anything but put it in the bank, it was such a good fake that the bank sent the 1st one back in a week, and by the second week, had me in overdraft. I emailed and called the ftc.
Beware, these online and mail predators are really coming in daily, now. Delete anything b/4 you even open it. It really fouled up my computer!

Resolved name order on form

I was sent a moneygram of $6460 number [protected] from Kenya to Yiwu, China on October 12, 2009. The forms my wife filled required my names to be filled by First name, middle, and family name. This she did. However, in China, the first name appeared, but last two names appeared the middle name and the family name. And I was refused payment! I had to call back home and wait, which was really annoying and unfair.Is there a way that Moneygram can make their forms customer friendly for clients who are living in China, but are not Chinese? I' ve had no such problem with their competition.