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wrongfully accused for looking like a known (theft).

On 3/16/2020, around 2:35pm I richmond appiah came into the store with a friend pedro machado walked into the store (2952 third avenue, bronx ny, 10455), upon approaching the first floor, security aggressively rushed me and put his hands out to grab me which he did put his hands on me but I slapped it off wondering why he was coming off on me like that. From his mouth he told me I was not allowed in store and he was going to keep me there because I was a theft. At this point pedro and I are standing there lost and embarrassed extremely heart broken because we are regular customers. As the security who's attempting to find me on his phone saying "you are the black man who's stealing the jackets"another security officer who knows me in the store comes to handle the verbal altercation between pedro and and the officer. As i'm explaining what's going on the other officer is still claiming i'm him. I went to the store supervisor and told him about it. He said he spoke to him and how the security conducted his job was inappropriate and unacceptable. I as a person nor my friend or any of my friends will ever shop at any burlingtion coat factory again due to the huge embarrassment it caused me and my friend today. I will like to file a discrimination & harassment claim on the security officer who touched and wrongfully accused me. Btw I also made a purchase for a pair of black jeans for work, the reason I came to the store. The officer who I had this incident with name is aboubocar fadiga. The supervisor I spoke to name is anthony cabral.

store management in appleton wisconsin

I work in shipping and receiving at the Appleton, Wisconsin location and the manager there is horrible. All I have heard is her bad mouthing other employees and that's when she isnt yelling at everyone for no reason. She expects people just to know what to do without showing them and constantly changes how she wants things done so you never know how to do them correctly. She yells at you for stretching or going to the bathroom because "if you arent going to work, then go home." I enjoy the job, but she is making it very difficult to want to stick around.

tennis shoes purchased

I purchased a pair of tennis shoes from your store in West Hills, CA in September. Normally I purchase them...

Burlington Coat Factory Direct Corporation

employee hours

Hello, my name is Lynn Lent. I work at the Dewitt store (#1060). I am part time (permanent) and to my knowledge I'm suppose to get no less then 12 hours a week. This week I'm only getting 9 hours. My hours are getting cut back bad with a new supervisor. With the new supervisor and change i am at the point of wanting to transfer to a different store.

customer service

After being gifted an outfit for my daughter that was a size too small, I went to the store to exchange it. I let the attendant know I did not have the receipt and she told me to get the new item and get in line. The line was extreme, waited 20 minutes to get to the register. I was told they needed the receipt or debit card that was used. Of course, I had neither and left the store empty handed, with an outfit that is of no use and very upset at the customer service.

  • Ya
    Yatsi Jan 08, 2020

    The Burlington store on Buford Hwy, Norcross GA is the worst in customer service. I work in an area close to that store and once a week visit on my lunch hour. The check out lines are the worst. They never have enough open registers to accommodate the shoppers. There were at
    least 25 people in line with 2 registers open. There was another cashier behind the counter
    placing empty clothes hangers up. One customer in the line was highly irritated over the line and began to complain. It seemed as if they got slower after that. I placed my items on the counter
    and left the store. This is an ongoing problem at this particular location.

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I had a return and I was making said return with valid reciepts. I have spent over 1100.00 at this store the...

returned item

Store #001174
Date of service : 12-21-19
Time of serving: 10:30 p.m.
Hello, neven seen such a horrible and lousy customer service.
No wonder, this Company has a bad reputation on Google.
Such a simple issue, return the item that I am not happy about it, I have receipt, tag and it's been only 11 days passed since I bought this pants.
And the another cashier come up and in front of me said something to another Male cashier to his ear, that's such unprofessional and make me uncomfortable, yes I may be wasnt look good come from work after 12 hours shift.
They said this item cannt be returned because your tag it's not attached.
I was honest I told that not happy and I woud love get money back and they refused me even with a store credit.
Learned the customer service from Costco or T -Mobile if you want to exist in this competitive market.
I do not this money, forget it!
Hope my review will be posted!

return of a jogging suit.

I make a purchase of Christmas gifts for my great grandchildren. The gifts included: Coats, PJ, Jogging suit...


I wanna be treaty fear at any job especially Burlington Coat Factory we should be treated fear just like anybody else we are human beings and we not we re not need nobody we don't need anybody to talk down upon us were people we're human beings why would you talk down upon us when we work in in your store and yet Yelena screaming and us talking down upon us in front of everybody in store that is no way to run a store Let's talk in the sake lest you should pull us to the side and say not to be young and enough face and scream in-and-out face like this is the way you could talk to us because you're a supervisor S are right you're a supervisor as good for you but is not good for us for you to yell and scream errors and fun everybody in the whole store is the wrong thing to do and you shouldn't be doing me as somebody needs to addressed is at the Burlington Coat Factory down here and I'm burlington and Boston mass were in Boston mass would wear down and elm Braintree and Boston mass and nest where they don't treat you right and branching and Boston mass This is the 1st time I work in a store in a long time I never been so mistreated has I'd been in Burlington Coat Factory have I been in Bronco fact I was 3 supervises their came up to me why I was working with of customer yelling and screaming in my face like I wasn't a human being I am human and I have I have feelings and they have no right to yell at anybody the way they yelled at me

online service

I placed an order on 11/29/2019 which contained gifts for the holidays..for whatever reason burlington placed a restriction on my order preventing me from exhausting all options to retrieve my package while at work. The email i provided was not the one burlington used to communicate about my order. They sent order comfirmation and tracking details to an email address i did not give them and i do not use. I contacted FedEx and Burlington and no one was willing or able to help. My package was returned. So now i don't have the gifts or the money to replace them because i have not received a refund for the items i never received. I called Burlington again and representative Charmaine was very unprofessional and of no assistance. There was so much going on in the background i forgot i was on the phone with a place of business. Today is 12/17/2019. Christmas is a week away and all items i ordered are no longer available. Go figure! How can this issue be resolved? Customer service does not respond to email and they refuse to answer the phone leaving me waiting 45 minutes with no response still. This is one of the most HORRIBLE experiences i have ever had with a business

complaint about a few employees

I've seen a supervisor let other employees be disrespectful to another supervisor who's continuously running around doing all the work while she's on her phone doing nothing but pressing the button on the walker talkie to tell the other supervisor to do minimal things she's capable of doing if she didn't micromanage and remain on her phone. She's rude and always trying to tell employees she will take their job away and remove their position because they tell her to simply help out with the small things. She's allowed another employee to openly threaten and disrespect other co workers. Extremely unprofessional and can be a big stress when she doesn't even work half as hard as all the other employees and she's always on her phone arguing about unrelated work topics to who knows who. Please send corporate to watch their operations and see who really works and runs around and who doesn't. I've never been so offended by someones attitude and demeanor in a work place until I've walked into this Burlington. Thanks to her I will never shop at this location and I think she should be reviewed and reprimanded. She doesn't deserve to work there if she's going to treat employees like they are below her when she's as equal as everyone else. Thank you, I would like to hear back. Thank you very much.

the employees damaging clothes by placing tags in a place where the tag leaves hole in the clothes.

I went to Burlington for a few outfits for my daughter. Your employees that put the price tags on clothes need to stop putting the tag where it dont belong. This happened at two different locations. I made one return today for a couple different items. Those couple shirts that I returned had a hole one inch below where the tag is connected on the back of the shirt. Another shirt had two holes under the arm pit that almost made one big hole just because the employees who put the burlington tag on the clothes do not do it right. I now have to return another shirt that has the tag right in the front of a shirt because i over looked it. your employees put a tag a inch below the collar in the very front of the shirt so half the stuff i bought from your store; i bought them danaged.
I do not know why or how these employees keep doing this. Training needs to be out in place for that. The employees are damaging the clothes and something needs to change about that! Im tired of going back to make returns with the damaged merchandise that I purchase from Burlington.

13092 harbor boulevard, [protected] garden grove ca managers & cashiers suck!!!

12/05/2019 burlington
13092 harbor blvd, garden grove, ca 92843
Around 12:44pm on 12/05/2019 during my luch break. I thought it was going to fast easy return transaction. I was wrong the store manager along with her cashiers im classifying:
*agents offer no empathy
*asking customers to repeat
•cussing out the customer for complaining or telling customers they're stupid.
*rude behavior and bad attitudes
*telling customers that the problem is their fault
*act as if they own the place
*dirty broken items up for sale
*purse area mixed
*no organization
*all toys mixed with toddlers and big kids
*stuff dumped on shelfs

[Resolved] I am writing a complaint about the receiving supervisor at 1563 franklin mills cir, philadelphia, pa 19154

Hi I was working at 1563 Franklin Mills Cir, Philadelphia, PA 19154. I working for Burlington coat factory for maybe a month til I quit. I was a receiving associate & I noticed how the supervisor would bully other coworkers. My last day working there was November 13th, 2019. I thought I should report him for being very rude to me. He told me we don't need you & this is why I don't give you any hours & that the job wasn't for me & I shouldn't be here. I quit because I felt disrespected. I don't think he should talk to coworkers in that manner. It wasn't the first time he's been rude to a coworker. In the past week he's bullied an older woman who also worked with me to the point that she cried. He also curses at other supervisors. I think someone should place close attention to him because it isn't fair to others. He's a very aggressive individual.




I returned some items for a refund on Nov 8th and the cashier said my refund would go back on my debit card. Well I waited for 5 days no money. I called my bank they said no refund is going to post to my account. So I look over my receipt to find the number to call and I see on the receipt is has cash given but she never gave it to me!!! Come to find out she did it as cash and pocket the money. I spoke to the manager Jason he said he would look at the video tape. Another guy named Tony called me back in a hour and left message stating he saw the video it shows her giving me the money which is an absolute lie!!! I called him back and asked to see the video myself he said nope. He was a complete jerk! He said there is nothing I can do about it. I told him I would bring the cops and he said do what you want. I know for fact she didnt give me my money. I even took my debit card out and she said she didnt need it because she has the info already. This cashier name is linda has been there for a long time because I've been going for years and I believe they are covering up for her. I just wonder how many other people she has done this too. I also called the customer service Corp line they stated nothing can done because its his word against mine!!! I will getting police involved not because of the money but because this wrong on so many levels. I also filed a complaint with the BBB and other websites. I will also go to court if I have too.
This the store is at 2728 west Peoria Phoenix Az
I have my receipt as well.

service by cashier justin at store#00493

Went to to brows the store on 11/13/19. Saw a jacket was going to put it on layaway but he never told me about the fee. After tell him I am not paying fee he became rude and told me he could not void the transaction that if I needed it voided I HAVE to wait. He threw the receipt at me and walked away. He called for help reversed it and got more upset when I said I would just pay for it. Just was very unprofessional taking care of me complaining he had things to do instead of being at the register. I believe when he knew it was my first time doing layaway he should inform new customers about the 5.00 fee and not get mad when the customer finds out and decides to purchase the item instead. As a bank manager and he was employee he would not get away with a white up. I believe he does not know that because of customers he has a job. Totally disappointed by his service and unprofessional behavior.

service by cashier justin at store#00493

Burlington Coat Factory Direct Corporation


I was in line the cashier by the name of idalia was charging another worker that was supost to be clocked in and was taking her time laughing talking just wasting time with another worker that was paying/returning items having other customers wait while they took their time and another worker happened to be in line behind me he skiped the line and had the other worker pay for his item i didnt see it right at all i told her to hurry up because there was a line and that it was unfair then she told the supervisor by the name of josie what had happend so I was next in line and she said "Next " and said no not you I am not going to charge you . I said well then why did you call me [censored]ing [censored] she upsetted me bad the supervisor was laughing smirking i told her it was not funny she said she was going to get things cleared with her untold her no yiur going to cover up for her like you did right now by charging me


Burlington Coat Factory Direct Corporation

ex employee / no action on verbal physical abuse by associate

Hi im an ex employee for burlingtom worked for the company for 4 years and loved it. Till i switched to loss prevention and everything went downhill. When i started i had a part time LPA with me and he thought it was ok to be sending me explict messages, trying to make a move, even on my last day slapped my ass and nothing was done. Hes response when i told him what was hes issue he said " u know u liked it"I showed proof to my ex boss and everything and nothing was done at all! I had no choice for my safety to not finish my 2 weeks by 3 days because of this incident. Now i have to deal with not going back to a company i loved to work for because of it.

lack of professionalism

I was scheduled for interview the 29th of oct at lansing mi store with brandy at 5 pm . Brandy was late and I was asked to walk around store picking up discarded merchandise while she took a call this went on for an hour then I was told to come back to her office to complete paperwork and start watching videos for training as a cashier I was scheduled to be there till 10 pm at 8:30 I was told I had to stop training and come back as office was needed for counting down cash drawers, no problem
I was asked by brandy to come back Nov.1 at 6p.m to continue training I arrived at 5:55 and was informed by Bj assistant manager that brandy took late lunch and would not return until 6:30 so I waited until 6:45 Brandy still had not returned. I walked out as I feel this was unprofessional behavior and not a good example of work environment for a new employee. I just wanted someone to be aware of the irresponsible hiring practices of this store. Marcella Reynolds [protected]

verbally assaulted and threatened by staff

The staff members verbally assaulted me and my friend made terrorist and racist threats and also tried to physical assault me at the bakersfield store for absolutely no reason they made racist comments threatened to cause physical harm to me and threatened to kill me not to mention slander defamation of character and profiling Juarbecause he is racist against caucasian people I am filing police charges and will be filing a lawsuit unless actions are taking against the employees involved and that I and fairly compensated for this unprovoked attack

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