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My husband came home with 4 tacos from Burger King. I went to the BK that made them. The tacos were so dry the meat looked like bacon bits, the cheese look like it had been sitting on there forever and the sides of the shells were soaked with grease. I told them I wanted fresh tacos. I waited. They pulled the tacos out of a heated drawer, the tacos were on a rack on after the other. I took the "fresh" tacos they had just given me out of the packaging and these looked the same as the tacos I turned in to them. I asked them, you actually serve this to human beings? The Supervisor said "If they buy them." The store manager said "that is the way the company wants us to serve them (tacos)."

Aug 31, 2019
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  •   Aug 31, 2019

    Probably should not go to burger joint to get a taco,

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  •   Aug 31, 2019

    I am not being a smart butt about it I got one and same as urs go figure lol

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  •   Sep 01, 2019

    You order tacos at a burger restaurant and expect perfection? Every day people here complain about the tacos. It’s like going to KFC for fresh fish.

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  •   Sep 02, 2019

    Exactly!!! lol

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