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Good afternoon,
Hope this email finds you and your family well. I have been a satisfied BK customer for over 5 decades and sadly this information is hard for me to write. I visited my local BK that I frequent atleast twice a week at 2343 Utica Avenue in Brooklyn, N.Y. on Friday June 29th, 2018 at 11:07am on my way to getting on the Belt Parkway to go to work. I placed my order as usual and then drove up to the drive thru window. As I reached the window the cashier who's name is Muskan greeted me. As she began to hand me my food another worker came over and started handing me items as well as if he was in a terrible rush. I didn't think anything of it and took my 2 bags from the girl, then Muskan handed me my first soda which I put in my cupholder. The man then proceeded to hand me the 2nd soda and as I took it from him the cover was obviously not affixed on the cup properly as the 1st soda was and the entire soda spilled all over me, my work clothes, my car, my legs...everywhere. I got out of the car and was soaked. I said to the man why did you hand that to me like that and why are you in such a rush, had you not been this would have never happened. He laughed and walked away and never returned and this is why I cannot supply you with his name. I asked the girl Muskan for a lot of napkins and she handed me ONE napkin. She never asked can I assist you or I apologize and when I said to her, my goodness, aren't you even going to apologize for what just happened, her response was and very rudely I must add, " When you finish cleaning your car then I'll say I'm sorry." After about 5 minutes finally a manager came over to the window and at that time Muskan then said to me a few times, "I am so sorry this happened, I feel terrible, Can I give you more napkins". The manager Hassan was so unbelievably rude as he tells me that I squeezed the bottom of the cup and made the soda spill, that this has happened before that customers do that. I said, "how dare you speak to me that way, how unprofessional" I asked him for a contact number or store # so I can explain to the owner how I was treated so unfairly and he said " You go online and get it" . Again, I asked him to write down the name and number of the store on a piece of paper and he said, "Go online and get it". I said to him all he had to do was apologize for the mishap as I know we are all human and at times make mistakes as the worker made a mistake with the soda cover and then left the window and never returned the whole time I was there to apologize or to offer me assistance with napkins or a cloth to clean myself and my car. I lost a days work as I had to goo back home, shower, bring my soaked and sticky clothes to the laundromat and then proceed to have my soaked sticky car washed. I am not the customer that complains...I am the customer that is nice and kind and says Thank you. I could not let this incident go unspoken. I was treated unfairly, rudely, and most certain without any professionalism. Sadly, I will never ever again visit that Burger King for the way I was treated so badly.
I hope this message will help another customer to never be treated this way or to feel so badly again!
Fran Cohen


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