Burger Kingnew taco

D Jul 14, 2019

We ordered 4 of the new tacos today & I must say they were the nastiest tasting tacos I've ever had. The shell was hard & whatever was inside it had a terrible taste. Wasn't sure what was in it. Mashed up meat of some sort. Looked nothing like advertised. Also, before we even tried them, I asked one of the workers if I could have some taco sauce & she hollered out to anybody listening I guess if they had any. Someone in the back yelled back "No. I guess they ran out over the weekend". Then one girl said a little rudely to the girl asking that there was some already on the tacos. I said "Oh. It's already on there?" She said yes & looked very aggravated & they both rolled their eyes. I couldn't even finish one of them & threw the other one (of my 2) away. Just felt like y'all would want to know about both of these issues. Customer service very lacking & products. Thank you.

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