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Reviews and Complaints

Burger King verified

false advertising bad customer service

Order number 22, 7/13/19 7:53 pm. I was in drive thru to order a $6 king box. The porder screen was flashing different promotions, the $6 dollar King Box was seen on the screen of suggested items for sale. I ordered this as it is something my daughter will eat. The employee working the drive thru told me you no longer offered this item, I told him it has flashed three times on the order screen and asked him if he could accomidate. He said no. I asked what other meal deals do you have that are $6?? He rang up a $4 dollar burger meal... I asked what that was? He said its a meal for $4...He asked what drink I would like. I asked if that meal was at all similar to the $6 king box? He asked again what drink I would like. My daughter told him a diet drink he told me $4.41 pull forward. I have a son and husband as well as myself to feed...I asked if I could order more, he told me to pull forward. This is horrible comunication from you employee. As I started to pull forward, my son asked that I stop and just give him five dollars he was going to jack in the box next door and I could pick him up in the parking lot and he got out of the car upset. I pulled forward and the employee ignored me for some time and at that point I was upset, I had to ask him for the receipt which he had to pick it out of the trash can. I normally spend around $35.00 when I order food at Burger King and I drive thru about four times a week as my family loves the charbroiled taste of the burgers and the flavor of the fries better thanany other burger fast food establishment. Tonight I had to go out of my way and finish buying the rest of my familys meal at Jack in the box. Your employees should know how to suggest a similar item and be more considerate. I am not the only customer that puts in ten hour days and I expect that I should be allowed to order a meal to feed everyone in my family at any of the burger king drive thrus and not have to go to another fast food establishment to get a quick late meal.