Burger Kingmanager/restaurant as a whole

B Jul 27, 2019

I went through the drive thru this morning with my cousin.The lady on the intercom sounded rushed and we asked her to give us a min to which she gave us all of 5 seconds and rudely asked again if she could help us and he told her again to give us a min a little louder to which she got even more rude and said can't I help you find something to which he said no you can't finally!So then we ordered and she rudely read the order back to us and said pull around.We get to the window and the lady opens the window and didn't greet us at all and looked like she was speeding on drugs my cousin handed her a hundred dollar bill and she was so rude and said yeah I don't have change for that and I tried to ask her if maybe a manager had it or could get it and she said excuse me ma'am and threw her upper body out of the drive thru window acting like she couldn't hear me I asked again and she told me she was the manager and no she did not have change we would have to go get change or go elsewhere!I told her she didn't have to be so rude to which she acted surprised to but didn't apologize for it she just said I'm sorry you took it that way!This is the 4th incident I've had at this Burger King in the past year and honestly I don't even know how it remains in business!The other red headed heavy set manager acted the same way towards us about 6 months ago and I had to report him to which nothing was ever done and I was never even followed up with about!I just want to bring this to someone's attention because y'all could be losing lots of business over this!I myself will never go back to that particular Burger King and plan on informing everyone I know about these incidences!I also will write reviews on Yelp and the Better Business Bureau today!Im not letting this go this time!That lady and man should not even be employees let alone managers working in customer service!Her name was Tracy by the way!Thanks so much for your time!Have a great day!

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