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D Jul 28, 2019 Review updated:

My family and I went to the Sturbridge Burger King to get lunch. There was a sign on the door no ice cream or milkshakes to start. There was no ketchup in the dispenser. The assistant manager took our order and couldn't get it right. She acted as thought we were speaking a foreign language, and then proceeded to tell us she was having a brain fart. Then when we finally got our food my crispy chicken with bacon and cheese, was over cooked and completely dried out (old). So I took it back to the counter to order a new one and waited 10 minutes before any even acknowledged me. I finally got my new fresh sandwich( 10 minutes later). Then my sister went to the counter to ask what kind of pies they had and was ignored for 15 minutes, then she got a written list that listed the Oreo pie and others. I went to order 2 Hersey pies and 2 Oreo cheesecake. I waited 15 minutes while the staff walked back and forth looking for them. Finally after looking 4 times each the two asked the assistant manager and she said oh yeah they were discontinued a month ago. I said then why was I able to order them and was told oh because the staff didn't know that they were discontinued. Then it took another 10 minutes and me giving back the change I just got from ordering them. Only to get charged for the 2 hersey pies... the pies came out of the refrigerator and were already melted. My sisters ate them anyway. Then when we were leaving they just stood at the counter and didn't say good bye, have a nice day or anything. Rude staff, no condiments, and very little food ( no good tasting at least).


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