Burger Kingcustomer service

E Aug 17, 2018

As I walked into burger king getting ice cream in a cup. I understood that the policy is three swirls for the ice cream I asked polity if I could get another swirl in the cup. The employee who took my order was named Mercedes she then started to get very impatient with me and then got into my face and told that she couldn't do anything about. I got very upset and asked to speak with a manger as I did say I will pay extra for another swirl in my cup she then told me she was the manger and that she would have to ask me to leave as this was going down a teenage girl walked in and Mercedes ended up ignoring me to go talk to the girl who walked in. I left very upset and I do know this isn't the first time she has been rude to customers. I just don't want cusomers to go through what I went through. You need to hire better employees and start by firing her.

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