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D Nov 08, 2019

When I ordered my lunch today at Burger King corner of Telegraph and Victoria in Ventura, CA. I was told that my extra dressing cost more. No problem I said. My total was $6.99. She took my $ then told me we only have this salad so I will put chicken on the side. I didn't get to see it up close but noticed it looked awfully small so I said, "May I please have more lettuce". She said yes went to the back and came back and handed me the bag and I said thank you to her and she did not reply. Should have taken that as a sign. I parked my car and looked inside my bag and could not believe it was a side salad and a chicken breast on the side. I quickly went back and told her this is not what I ordered. This is not worth $6.99. She said yes the chicken breast is $5.00. I said well you lied to me. I asked for more lettuce and you did not give it to me. To which she just continued to repeat that the chicken was worth $5 by itself. I said please refund me my money which she did. I am very, very upset about this service. Please have someone follow up with the Manager and have someone from your office get back to me.
Thank you,
Debbie Turner [protected]

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