Burger Kingall burger king restaurants are either closed or shut down permanently

R Jul 22, 2019

I have seen several Burger King restaurant close down for no reason and the worst one is the only one in area. The 42nd Ave and Flagler BK was the best one and oldest in Miami-Gables area and has been shut down over two years ago and nothing has been torn down or reopened as something else. The one on 8 street and 60th also closed down eventhough construction started on that one. The only BK left is on 57 and 7 street and that one is the worst Burger King in the USA with very bad service, no supplies and never given a receipt for your purchases. When will we see another BK in area? We now go to Checkers or Wendys most of time because Mcdonalds has very slow service. We need our 42 Ave bk back! Close the one on 57 because they serve garbage there.

  • Updated by RickHatesBK · Jul 22, 2019

    I live near this burger king on 57th Ave and NW 7 Street but I am sick of the very bad service there and lack of food items available from menu. Every time I go through the Drive thru I order Tacos but they never have tacos even though it's on the menu with a big sign too. Infact a few times they also did not have whoppers or any meat burgers too only nuggets and chicken. But slow service and lack of food items are just the tip many problems with this burger king. Employees are rude and manager gets all orders wrong with missing food items when going through drive thru window. A problem that bothers me is that they do not give you a receipt with your purchase which no other burger king restaurant does in Miami that I know of. Without a receipt you have no proof of your purchase or how much you paid or ability to do online survey. This has to be the worst Burger King in America!!! They even lock the doors at 9:45pm so if you arrive around 10pm, you are forced to go through the HELLISH drive thru where service sucks! Closing time is always after 11pm at most bk and others midnight. Burger King headquarters should fire all these shit employees starting with the pecker head manager and replace all of them with hard working real employees who speak english and care about making customers happy. These employees dont give a shit about anybody.

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