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Buffalo Wild Wingsbad service

I recently went to the new Buffalo Wild Wing in St. Marys, Oh and the waitress didn't give us any refills, the appetizer came out right before we were getting ready to leave, the waitress "helper" asked us to get our food of of the tray because she thought she would drop it, my food was cold, and also I found a hair in my food. They took the potato wedges off the bill for having a hair in it but never offered me new ones. I was very displeased. If you are going to open a new business I understand that it might not be all together the first few weeks but make sure the workers know what they are doing and are properly trained!


  • Be
    ben4632 Mar 08, 2012

    just to comment i work at one of the many places that this store has popped up... there is no training as waitstaff they are shown how to put orders in and that it. cooks your put on a station and u have to learn for yourself.. their wing certification training as they call it is a big fat joke. it tells you how to train people ok well if you wasn't properly trained when you get hired how are you to train someone the proper ways .. the book doesn't say anything about what the proper ways to do things. i have trained in 2 areas neither time was a given training just put on that station and had to learn it(front of house and back of house). the managers are just see the money signs and the bonus they get in their checks for not giving out to many comp's among other factors. and if that store just opened it will only get worse. the one i work at was great when i started but now its a ### hole were no cares there is only a few of us who try to make good but its a losing battle... about to find another job

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  • Be
    ben4632 Mar 08, 2012

    no she is right the one i work at i am asked to do that all the time but i never re fry something that has been served/ ate off of. i throw it away. ( i have my food sanitation license) i know better then to do that.. but the thing is if you are not sure about a sauce you are able to ask for a sample of that sauce before ordering it on your wings... esp if its a new sauce they are testing out... and my job has been threatened for wasting food because i won't re cook things ... but they have stopped were i work at due to that i threatened to make a formal complaint to the local health department

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  • 19
    1996 Oct 10, 2011

    What did you expect to get out of emailing the CEO? Did you think she would personally call the manager in Crown Point, Indiana and say, "HEY, GIVE THIS PERSON A FREE MEAL!" If you never plan on going back then why go through all the trouble of emailing her? If anything, you should have contacted the owner(s) and I'm sure they would have told their manager to refund you.

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  • Nt
    ntkris Mar 11, 2010

    Sally, this is an unusual request so please bare with me.

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    Sally, as you know, schools across the country are cutting sports initiaves across the board. Recently in Chicago, the public school system decided to cancel all sophomore sport programs due to lack of funding. As you can imagine, this is tragic. Kids need sports in schools to help keep them stay off the streets and away from drugs. Buffalo Wild Wings (I am actually from Buffalo and thoroughly enjoy your wings!) restaurants scream great sportsmanship. This is why I am writing.

    My brother and I have devised a marketing strategy utilizing the song that will enable sports teams affected by the recent Chicago Public Schools budget cuts to utilize it as a tool to raise funds to underwrite their teams’ costs. We have developed a very innovative and creative way to raise money unlike anything that has ever come before it with this song and would like to discuss with you the possibility to have BW3 help us on this endeavor. Our schools sports initiaves are so very important and we feel its our responsibility to do what we can to save them by any means possible.

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  • Ginger Kid Dec 18, 2009

    So stop going to Buffalo Wild Wings if they are systematically ruining your life!

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  • Bm
    BMR09 Dec 16, 2009

    We just had another awful experience at BWW and I wrote in a complaint as well. They screwed up my order last time and gave me a $10 credit. We went in tonight and my credit just magically disappeared and they had no record of it. Bunch of crock. Oh and by the way the food tonight tasted like $%&* and my waitress was rude. I have in mind to contact someone higher up on the food chain. LRX did anyone ever respond to you? ... and you other people leaving comments about unemployment and stuff need to then realize that the employees of BWW should feel lucky to have a job and treat their customers with some respect.

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  • Ginger Kid Dec 14, 2009

    Mica, stop being so insensitive. This person had to eat overcooked wings.

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  • Ginger Kid Dec 14, 2009

    Wow, I'm sure your poorly-written and insulting email will really sock it to Ms. Smith.

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  • Lr
    LRX Dec 10, 2009

    This place is terrible.. this is a letter i sent to their contact us link on their main web site over a week ago with no reply.. today I was bored so I spent a bit of time to find the CEO of BWW's email address

    Hello, Ms. Smith

    I had sent this letter to your sites contact us link, I was really expecting a reply to it. But after a week with out a call, or even a email I started thinking maybe the people that read those replies just do not care either. below is a copy of the letter I sent and I am looking forward to a reply.


    my name

    Generally I get good service when i dine in, but i usually go to the merriville location.

    this time I went to the new Crown Point Indiana location. This was the worst service I have received at any restaurant. First upon arriving I asked to be seated at a booth. the host blatantly ignored this and brought me to a table, again I asked for a booth, that was clearly open at the time. But yet again that was blown off and was told well i can put you at this half booth, by this time I was tired of dealing with her ignorance, and lack of customer appreciation so I said whatever and sat there. ( This is when I realized where people go to work when they are fired from Mc Donalds.)

    Then came the long wait for food, it must of taken so long because it was over cooked, the boneless wings where hard and crunchy, the last one when i went to pick it up with a fork was so well done that it shattered. Having worked at restaurants I know better than to send back food at a place that employs teenage cooks.

    Finally we where able to get a manager over to our table, it worried me for a bit that the wall that they where leaning on for the past 20 minutes might fall over without them holding it up. I informed them of all the problems with the meal. They graciously insult me with a $5 off on my next meal coupon. I thought wow I payed for $30 of dry food and they gave me a $5 off my next visit.. What is the real bad part is that coupon was under what I left the waiteress as a tip since it was not her fault. At that point I knew for a fact that this place is full of fired Mc Donalds employees. I was going to wright screw your $5 off on the card and leave it on table, but thought maybe one day I will give a different location a try.. either way I will not return to that bww location.

    the CEO's email address is [email protected]

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  • Je
    Jennele Nov 27, 2009

    I have worked for buffalo Wild Wings for a long time. Sometimes a hostess doesnt always inform servers a table has been sat outside. People need to get their head out of their ### and respect severs!!! you have at least 20 to 30 people who want your undivided attention all at once. This person obviously has never worked in the service industry ever! This isnt fine dining and people who come in can be such ###s! have a little sympathy for your server. She works there and does not own it! Customers can be rude and are always looking for free things! It is so time stay home. And the tv switching we do that because other patrons constantly request tv changes. If you act like this towards your server. Then yes we will give bad service because you are rude. STAY HOME AND EAT!!! And as far as the NTN..those things do die allll the time. BDUBS does not manufatur them u have drunken idiots spilling beer on them all the time. Obviously you are a person who kust want to complain. Like I say next time stay home!!! We dont want to wait on you anyway! Contact corporate. one patron gone does not affect us. we are the 4th fastest growing chain in the U.S You are ignorant and have no life to spend as much time whining about this as you have. LOSER!

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  • Bc
    BChal Aug 20, 2009

    Sorry she's right, you ordered it, so live with it. It's the real world, take responsibility for your own actions.

    They were obviously lying about the grease, so you would shut up, and not want free wings, of course they don't do that.

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  • Bc
    BChal Aug 20, 2009

    Hi, you're an idiot. First off, I work at BWW, it never takes an hour and a half, this is a gross estimation. And personally, why would you stay that long anyways even if this was true. Yes, the manager should be perturbed, why would you use profanity. You should have just gone home.

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  • Cu
    customers_should_come_first Jul 10, 2009

    Regarding BWW - Port Chester, NY: From July 8, 2009
    Things have changed for the worse. Recommend that ALL trivia players avoid this location like the plague. Recent new manager 'J' is horrific. Went through about 12 boxes and all were LOW Battery. This had been a problem for a few weeks now and they do nothing about it. Requested waitress to get manager. No one came, so our party got up to leave and the manager 'J' came over and accused us of throwing a box at the waitress and hitting her. It never happened. She was probably pissed cause she brought us 12 boxes and all were bad and now she would have to carry them away from the table. Manager 'J' told us to leave. He had no desire to hear the customer out. The waitress lied. They have cameras and if they bother to review the video they will see she was not touched. Manager 'J' did not care. Manager 'J' made it clear to us in words, and action that customers are not as important as his staff. Manager 'J' said that as far as he was concerned his employees are number 1. This is a good attitude as without customers there would be no need for staff. Then again, maybe he was communicating to us that this BWW needs to close since customer was not required. By the way, manager 'J' made the excuse that the boxes were used at lunch time and that is the reason they were not charged. Only a few problems with manager 'J's' theory, this BWW does very little lunch business, and at no time during the last few weeks when given these low battery boxes did staff or management offer this excuse. Rather, the boxes are not charged cause the staff does not place them back in the charging units the night before, or as one manager told us, they might have problems with the electrical connections. On many occasions we had witnessed the wait staff just place the trivia boxes near the charging stations as it seemed to be too much effort for them to return them appropriately so they could be charged. Manager 'J' must have on his bookcase the classic book called 'The Book of Excuses: Ways to Misinform Customers and They Will Be Gullible.' We had been regulars at this location since they opened a few years ago. This incident takes the cake for poor management, unprofessionalism, indifference, and bias towards the truth. We had just met the new General Manager the night before. He was pleasant, professional, and accommodating. The GM 'M' was informed about the problem with the boxes. One last note about the incident. Another manager 'T' was on duty, he knew us as regulars. When we were speaking, or rather being ignored about what happened by 'J' he came over carrying about 8 boxes. Manager 'T' told us he knew we were coming in and he made sure he had plenty of boxes fully charged for us. By his facial reaction after we were told to leave 'T' clearly knew something was amiss. Waitress and manager 'J' need to realize pushing a box to the end of the table so it can be removed and charged does not, and is not throwing a box at a waitress. Avoid this location... better off going to BWW-West Nyack where things have vastly improved under new GM 'P, ' who had been the prior manager of this BWW- Port Chester. Bring back manager 'P.' Time will tell to see how the franchise owners handle this serious problem.


    Well corporate BWW called and indicated that they retracted the notion that the waitress had a box thrown at her and now any contact was purely accidental. However, nothing ever happened. No contact was ever made. If the waitress had been hit she would have yelled and screamed at the time. Since it never happened she had no reason to respond as such. They have cameras all over this location and if management had commonsense and took the time to review the tape they would learn the truth. Also, there was absolutely no apology from the managers and/owners. But these owners do not seem to be concerned about customers as noted by others recent actions by them. For instance, unlike 99.9999% of the other restaurants in this country they decided to NO longer offer decaf coffee. This means that if you are someone who is on a caffeine restricted diet you have no options regarding hot drinks. And if you are caffeine restricted and on a diet you are totally screwed.

    More problematic is there new promotion that reportedly begins on Saturday, July 11th at 7PM and runs for 6 weeks. Women will be able to order alcoholic drinks for One Cent. Yes, thats 1 Penny for each listed drink from 7PM to 10PM. I am sure many of these drinks will work their way into the hands of men. Anyone driving in the area should be concerned when these patrons leave BWW on these nights. BWW management and owners seem to not care how their attempt at a money grabbing promotion will impact the community. But, then again, they are the same management team that is indifferent to customers and are concerned only about their own needs. Corporate narcissism at its worst. MADD, Mothers Against Drunk Drivers was notified about this promotion.

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  • Cr
    cracko Jun 22, 2009

    If the manager came out and seemed more interested in passing the time instead of locating your food he must be an idiot sales manager that moved on into food.

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  • Fa
    fast1 Jun 22, 2009

    We decided to dine at the local BWW for some wings, and we thought it a bit cold indoors and decided to dine outside. It was five minutes before we were greeted by our waitress, and just when things were looking up, they changed the channel on the TV, took our order, and we waited for almost an hour and a half before our order finally arrived. Things were so bad that the manager thought he would come out and BS with us instead of ascertaining if they were growing the chickens before butcher. AFTER SOME ANNOYING CHIT CHAT, THE MANAGER SEEMED PERTURBED WHEN MY WIFE ASKED HIM WHERE THE (EXPLICATIVE) OUR ORDER WAS AT. Even at their busiest, we have never waited that long for some wings. Seems like pathetic managerial and waitressing skills are only employed in Derby, Kansas.

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  • Gl
    Gloria Mar 23, 2009

    On February 11, 2009 myself and my family dined at Buffalo Wild Wings in Colonial Heights, VA. Upon trying one of the wings I ordered, I didn't like the taste and kindly asked to exchange them for another flavor. Mind you I only had six wings. When told by my waitress, Deanna, "no, because the business is trying to save money", I asked to speak with a manager. So the manager named Wayne came to the table and very abruptly said "we don't take food back just because the customer doesn't like it. We're in the business of making money. Do you know how much we would lose if we took back everything our customers didn't like?" I replied in saying "well isn't the main goal of the restaurant business customer service?" Wayne replied saying "again we're in the business of making money." completely disregarding the issue of customer service. Then he stated "generally what we do is when a customer doesn't like their chicken, we put it in grease at 350 degrees until the sauce runs off, then dip the same wings in a new sauce for you." I asked "isn't that unsanitary? and "so you're telling me a customer can bite off of a piece of chicken, take it out of their mouth, ask for a new sauce, and you dip it in re-used grease, then in sauce thats supposed to be for new food, and bring it back out?" He immediately said "yes, claiming the temperature of the grease kills germs while taking off the unwanted sauce." This means the grease and sauce they are using contains bacteria and germs from other customers mouths from unwanted food. This is unacceptable as well as unsanitary. When asked how long this was going on, he said "well I wasn't supposed to tell you that much, but that's how we always do our chicken." Also added was to send them back and get a new sauce they charge you for a whole new set of chicken although you are really getting back the same chicken you already had. Something needs to be done about this practice and the unsanitary conditions of the food served.

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