Budget Rent A Caromg... excessive gas overcharge at orlando airport

L Apr 04, 2019 Review updated:

We missed filling up the tank and could not return to gas station.
Rental return location at Orlando airport is difficult to find as it is confusing so we didnt want to retry as we already made 2 passes before.
Never in our dreams we thought that Budget would charge 10.00 per gallon of gas .
This is absolute robbery and we are not satisfied with this situation.
Budget rent a car humm... A tank of gas was 35.00 Us not 127.00
This added almost 50% to our car rental.


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    54703 Apr 06, 2019

    We were told to fill up the vehicle before we brought them back then when we got to the

    Orlado airport they tried to charge us for fuel the price was 45 dollars. we filled both vehicles and it was 18 dollars for both. we did however get our money back. but were charged 23 dollars for tolls in which we paid because we were not told about the fast pass. the guy that checked us in was a first class prick and couldn't speak English. good lord get real help.

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