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On October 11, 2019, I learned that my Master Card was fraudulently used by your company in the amount of over $4200.00 on October 10, 2019. I do not understand how your company obtained my new credit card information, but I would like to have this matter resolved and the charge reversed from my credit card immediately.

Please feel free to contact me at 919.884.9777.

Thank you,
Charyce Rushing


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    Comely Pree Oct 12, 2019

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    tipwings Oct 12, 2019


    Former employees of binary options companies told The Times of Israel that a defrauded customer’s first course of action should be to try to reverse the credit card transaction. Even the threat of a chargeback can sometimes get a customer their money back, Adam Nujidat, an ex-employee of a binary options firm in Ramat Gan, said.

    “If the company goes above a certain percentage of chargebacks, they could have problems processing credit cards, ” said Nujidat, who testified at January’s Knesset committee session, “so they prefer to just return a customer’s money. But not many binary options customers know that is even an option.”

    If the company does not return your money, you should approach your credit card company or issuing bank and fill out the paperwork for a chargeback, citing fraud, misrepresentation and breach of contract as the reasons, former industry insiders said. (Israeli binary options salespeople routinely lie about their identity, location and financial experience.)

    Mitch, a partner with the Oxpahat Hackers, which also helps binary options victims recover their funds in exchange for a percentage of the recovered loss, agreed that a victim’s first recourse should be to try as hard as possible to obtain a chargeback, in some cases contacting the [email protected] hackers directly is the effective way to recover your lost funds in a due time.

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