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M Aug 15, 2018

confirmation #38718343US6
Agreement #179684046c
Car reserved July 27, 2018
car pick up Aug 03, 2018 at 8a.m.
Grand Rapids, GR4
2740 28th street
Grand Rapids, Mi 49512

I arrived at 8a.m. to pick up economy car. Was told no cars available. If I wanted to stay one maybe would arrive around 9a.m. I called the airport and was told a car would be available if I wanted to pay an extra $200 . Was not an option fome. At 847 a.m. one was delivered. I was told I could take that car but that it had not been checked out nor cleaned. I was traveling to Atlanta, Ga. with my grandson and needed to get on road. I agreed to take the car after looking it over for any problems. It was an intermediate suv and representative said I could have it for no extra cost. 50 miles down highway the change oil light went on soon. Another 50 miles and the alarm went off and indicated change oil now. I was now thoroughly scared. I pulled off highway and checked the oil and called your toll free road service. They assured my grandson and myself that it was a sensor and was there only for maintenance. We continued to Ga. with alarm going off frequently telling us oil needed changing. Traffic was bumper to bumper in Atlanta . Every time we came to a halt the alarm would again go off, over and over again. When we arrived I had my son recheck oil. We drove over 1600 miles with threat of car having problems and the alarm going off .

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