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S Dec 06, 2018
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HI' My name is Shaka Brown, I reside at 2744 Malcolm St. I move here March 01, 2018 where previously my landlord Mrs.Marshall was residing there. Mrs. Marshall ask me did I want to keep the alarm system? I stated, " yes " so at that point Mrs. Marshall called the BRINK'S and notified them that I Shaka Brown was a new tenant taking over the property and that i wanted to keep the alarm service. She also "asked" if i can keep it at the same price of $36.90. They stated the only way i can keep it the same price is if i leave the service in the landlord name. So we agreed to what the advocate suggested. At that point the advocate instructed us to call around to get a landline in order for the alarm to work. So i contact a company called Comcast to get the landline. After getting the service with Comcast I called them back and they asked me did i have a phone landline. I told them who the service was threw and they stated i was all set to go. I asked them to add me to the account so that i can start paying my own bill using my own name. At that time i was told i was added to the account and that i can use my own name since i was the new tenant and it was my bill to pay. So around October some time i made the last payment before my account went into delinquency of payment I owe 117.69 due to the fact that i would let my alarm go off for 30 minutes are so and no one calls are no police comes. When i set the alarm off all i here is a humming noise. On 12/06/2018 I Shaka Brown called in to pay the past due balance of 117.69 and right before the avocate go me over to the billing department she asked me can she check my alarm system I stated yes and she walked me threw the process and she came with the conclusion that i had no connection. So at that point she transferred me to tech support and they tested it and said that i was not compatible with the service meaning me having Comcast Service was not compatible to brinks home security system. So i asked her does that mean that i was never using brink services and she stated that i was correct. So i ask her can i get a refund for not using they service she stated that i cannot get a refund because its my fault that i did not call in monthly to get it tested. When initially when i call and gave them my info they could have just tested the service then instead of being impatient and rushing to take a payment. So when i ask the advocate why they don't make call to the customer for quick alarm testing she state that they don't do that the member have to call in. Which i think is very wrong because no one told me that i had to call in monthly when i told them i was a new tenant i have 4 children and i was under the impression that i was getting great service setting my alarm daily like i'm protecting my children in this bad neighborhood i live in because i cant afford to live nice like some people!!! They broke in this house right before i moved her and now BRINKS HOME SECURITY is telling me that i cannot get money back for all the month 03/2018 to 10/2018 .So on 12/05/2018 i talked to the supervisor over tech support depart by the name of Alisha #[protected] ext 21659 she apologize and ask me if my i think my landlord can upgrade the account to wireless because i only had a limited access to the account so i agreed to ask my land lord and at that point Mrs.Marshal and I agreed to no longer go with the company do to the situation. Alisha the supervisor told me she had to get some more information and that she think if the wireless runs around 300 to 400 dollars that they can just credit that and i would NOT have to pay anything and that my billl would go up to 41.00 and not exceed 42.00 if she could do i which means to me that they owe me but want me to keep the service and credit that to the upgrade so Alisha the supervisor told me she would call me back around 6:00 pm before she got off work to let me know what they come up with and all i know i on 12/6/2018 i received a voicemail from a supervisor by the name Misty at [protected] ext 21678 telling me to call her back in regard to billing and non communication from the panel which is incorrect because the reason why the system was NOT communicating is because the system is NOT compatible with comcast services the whole time. So Alisha and Misty agreed to refund me 2 month of payment which comes out to be 73.80 because i should have called in and got it tested. I feel if they know they owe me partial! They know owe me he whole amount. Then they turned around and stated that instead of crediting the 2 month payment back to my card that they would have to put that toward the late payments and make the account to 0$ I wouldn't have to pay anything else. And that if i wanted to close my account i would have to the the landlord to do it since she account holder. All i want is for some one to look into this matter because i really !!!WANT A REFUND OF MY MONEY!! If u need anymore information i can be reach at [protected] Shaka Brown account [protected] Trevonne Marshall

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