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I have several items that I want to return. They no longer send return labels that they would later bill you for the return. If you don't get an invoice you also do not receive the label which at least had their address on it. Being disabled its difficult to get people to go to the post office or to take you therefore you are stuck with products you don't want but expect for you to pay for. This new policy is unfair to the consumer.

terrible fees!

This is a scam company! I made an order and ordered some items from Stoneberry. First of all they took a lot...


Stoneberry is the worst company to deal with! I suggest everyone to stay far far away from this place! Ye...

warranty or no warranty that is the question

Rachel rays cookware not all that is is cracked up to be or warranty or no warranty that is the question..

A warranty should fully cover defective merchandise!! I shouldn’t have to pay to send it in, then wait for their determination on their faulty product!

I entertain a lot and I watch a lot of cooking shows! Being a chef I thought it would be neat to own a set of rachel rays cookware.. On march 11, 2012 I placed an order for rachel ray’s cookware at a catalog company called stonberry.. I have seen them used on her show many times. Being a chef and the only cook in the household I know how to care for cookware. I do not use a dishwasher, I don’t even have one! I use only wooden spoons and rubber spatulas in my good cookware. The pots and pans I purchased are blue. I kept the plastic bags on the pots and pans to keep them from scratching each other in the cupboard, they are in a corner cupboard with no other pots.

After about 2 weeks of daily use I noticed that the blue was coming off the bottoms of all the pots and pans. That was my first indication that these were not such great pans after all.. Now 3 months later I find black pieces of something in my farena this morning only to realize that the coating in the bottom of one of the pot had peeled off. I could have easily digested this! So I decide to call stoneberry’s to find out about the warranty only to be told I have to go to the manufacturer..

Which is meyer corporation, so I call meyer corporation…

First I get a recording.. Bla bla bla.. Mail the product in they say!! What? I pop the pot into a box and head for the post office to see how much this will cost me…omg..$15.00 regular mail return receipt and tracking…!!! I bought the pot.. Now I have to pay $15.00 more to send in their defective merchandise in the hopes they will send me a new one and they tell me they do not return the defective merchandise to you!!! So what do I have?? I have to mail the product in at my own expense and then wait 6-12 weeks for them to determine if it is a manufacturers defect before they tell me the outcome and I if they think its not a manufacturers defect I don’t get another pot but don’t get my own pot back either?. So I call foodnetwork who tells me the same thing.. Call the manufacturer!.. Apparently there is no “real warranty” on these products at all. By the time you mail in the product at your own expense and wait 12 weeks you might as well go to walmart and buy a new pan!

I am so upset I would like to call rachel ray herself and ask her if she backs her products at all.. Then I find out there is a tea pot recall!! So obviously her stuff is pretty much junk!! Im so unhappy and I feel so screwed!!

Dont let “celebrity” cloud your judgement.. You pay for quality not somones name on the bottom of your merchandise………………!!!

If I had to rate this cookware on a scale of 1-10 I would give it a 2
I would most certainly not recommend purchasing it.

Stonberry does not carry any warranty for rachel ray’s products and many other products they sell. You must go to the manufacturer for the warranty which means it will cost you money to resolve any issues you have with a product.

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    sharp5826 Oct 23, 2013

    I purchased the stone wave from stoneberry. Corp after seeing it advertised. So disappointed. Everything i cook in it sticks and it is a pain to clean. I will not recommend this product and am going to let everyone i can know it is junk.

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