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I am writing to file a formal complaint against Brazzers and RealityKings for unauthorized credit card charges and outright deceptive practices by their customer service team.

On November 24th, I subscribed to Brazzers for a 1 USD trial, with an additional no-cost subscription to RealityKings. The subscription terms stated that after one week, it would automatically renew at a higher rate for both services. After a week has passed, on November 4th, I was charged renewal fees for both websites (1 USD and 7.99 USD respectively). That same day, and upon deciding not to continue with these subscriptions, I promptly contacted their customer service via the website's chat system. I provided all necessary details, including my website account and credit card information, and explicitly requested the complete cancellation of both subscriptions. Their team acknowledged my request and assured me that the rebilling was canceled.

Contrary to these assurances, I was still charged post the initial trial week. Subsequently, in the past 2-3 weeks, I have had to contact their customer service twice more, reiterating my demand for the cancellation of both subscriptions and associated rebilling. Despite repeated confirmations from their representatives that my rebilling had been fully cancelled, I have been charged three additional times afterwards. This is not just a case of miscommunication or error; it is a clear and deliberate case of credit card fraud. They have continued to use my credit card information to levy charges against my explicit instructions to cancel.

These actions taken by Brazzers are both unethical and illegal, demonstrating a blatant disregard for consumer rights and consent. I am now forced to consider legal action in response to this criminal behavior.


November 24th 2023:

- Initial subscription (1 USD)

December 4th 2023:

- The only rebilling charge I allowed (1 USD and 7.99 USD respectively)

- Contacted customer support that same day, and was reassured that my rebilling was canceled.

December 11th:

- First illegal charge (7.99 USD)

- Contacted customer support a second time, that same day, and was again reassured that my rebilling was canceled.

December 15th:

- Second illegal charge (1 USD)

- Contacted directly through email and lodged a complaint, and have yet to receive a response as of December 16th.

December 16th: Third illegal charge (39.97 USD)

Claimed loss: 48.78 USD

Desired outcome: A full refund of 48.78 USD, cancellation of rebilling and an apology.

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