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MG Billing Corporation

2300 Empire Ave., 7th Floor
United States - 91504

Customer Support Phone Numbers

800 5566 0000(International) 118 30
1800 634 549(Australia) 36 23
1800 817 134(Ireland) 23 9
+1 877 237 4215(USA and Canada) 453 85
+54 800 345 1150(Argentina) 27 9
+43 800 802 398(Austria) 18 7
+32 80 026 678(Belgium) 12 4
+357 80 077 344(Cyprus) 12 1
+420 800 088 442(Czech Republic) 13 4
+358 800 552 050(Finland) 16 2
+33 805 080 556(France) 33 1
+49 800 723 4933(Germany) 33 5
+30 800 848 1101(Greece) 10 2
+39 800 176 871(Italy) 22 5
+81 800 100 0005(Japan) 14 3
+31 800 580 2501(Netherlands) 10 6
+64 800 001 175(New Zealand) 17 0
+47 80 024 653(Norway) 9 0
+351 800 180 263(Portugal) 10 2
+421 800 601 135(Slovakia) 8 4
+34 900 861 784(Spain) 14 3
+46 20 889 251(Sweden) 11 6
+41 800 009 944(Switzerland) 18 3
+44 800 098 8221(United Kingdom) 36 20

Brazzers Complaints & Reviews

Brazzers / an account made on this website.

Sep 18, 2019

yes my email & card shows that I have a Brazzers account & i payed a company called "pro biller " from my cash app to make the account, the issue is I have no idea who pro biller is & I did not make an account with Brazzers . I would like for that account to be cancelled, only $1 was spent...

Brazzers / cancelation

Sep 13, 2019

I sent an email trying to cancel my subscription but no reply. I do not want to pay more than the two days. I had sent out two emails last night both trying to cancel and yet have received no word back. Like I DO NOT want to pay for more than the two day subscription. Thank you for your understanding and I hope this gets resolved before I'm charged.

Brazzers / refund

Sep 10, 2019

I was in contact with you about a stop of charging me. Now it has got through and the withdraw has been made. When do I get the money back? I will add fotos of so you see it yourselves. Please see the pics that I added. I can write so much, I'm so duktig! You know me I can write the...

Brazzers / billing

Sep 02, 2019

I paid for a 2 day trial of one dollar and then a few days later I get a charge from probiller who handled the money information of my account. Taking 40 dollars from my account for no reason, it was an uncategorized charge with no info. Then I go to my email to find that I had a brazzer...

Brazzers / website charges

Sep 01, 2019

I canceled my the my access to your website, but was still charged $34.95 for your premium package, which I did not agree to and that was in addition to the $29.95 fee you charged me for your regular package after cancellation. When speaking to one of you reps he tried to offer me 1 mth...

Brazzers / I would like to cancel my 2 day for $1 early

Aug 27, 2019

I joined for 2 days at the price of $1 and would like to cancel my subscription early. I do not want to continue using this site. If this complaint isn't resolved I will further complain until all my money is returned. I do not wish to be billed again and this is my formal way of...

Brazzers / Trial membership hidden 2nd membership

Aug 18, 2019

So I canceled my trial membership within the day after viewing 2 videos and than see a full month charge on my card. I call the billing company and was informed i actually signed up for 2 memberships, brazzers and brazzers premium and i only canceled brazzers. Apparantly the 2nd membership...

Brazzers / complaint

Aug 18, 2019

I just don't wanna go forward on this sites because I haven't got any setisfaction by doing this it is just a way to spend money I am really unhappy even after membership should have pay more money on it is disagree disagreeable to me so I want to skip out from here I will be...

Brazzers / Fraud

Jul 02, 2019

I canceled my membership and yet you are still charging me and stealing money from me even though I got the cancellation email. This just isn't right you are charing me my money without even knowing about and I'm on the border line of being broke because you keep charging me money that I...

Brazzers / money complaint

Jun 27, 2019

I was charged $119 instead of $29.99 i bought the 29$ membership and was charged and the bought it again cause it wouldnt let me go into the account so I bought it again and now it charged me alot of money that i did not plan on spending at all and i would really appreciate getting my...

Brazzers / over charges

Apr 09, 2019

They have been charging me every month for the past 3 months when i only tried the 1 day trial. Firsy they charged me $55.12 on March 30th 2019, also on march 9th 2019 with the amount of $48.29 and 54.59 on February 16th 2019. I'd like my money back as the one day trial was on $2.99, I...

Brazzers / membership

Mar 17, 2019

Hello, I canceled my membership and I have proof of that. You said it was cancelled and they wouldn't charge me after february, and they still charged me 35 dollars while my account isn't even working and I would like to have my money back, cause as a legal site, after someone...

Brazzers TV Plus / program guide

Jan 06, 2019

The Brazzers TV program guide has been all mixed up since about January 1. None of the titles correspond to the movies in those time slots. The movies listed are mostly on but at different times with the wrong titles. This is the same whether it's your website guide or the Fios on-screen...

Brazzers / I want my money back

Dec 31, 2018

You have taken a lot of money from my account I need it back now someone hacked my bank account and used it for ur site and I want the money you took from me now right now u can't take that much money from me when its been hacked. So im telling you nicely to put the money back before I get...

Brazzers / scammed payment

Dec 27, 2018

I reseaved 2 paiements of 55$ on my back account because I went on brazzers 2 times. Basicly they charge 55$ les time toi go on the web site. Can you please cancel the payements. I already called my bank and the payements won t pass anymore. Their was no est I could know the payement de...

Brazzers / none

Dec 27, 2018

Tried to get a hold of someone to share an email, phishing for ???? with your company's logo. Recently had info stolen and is being used for numerous things. No one's home. Chat, tech, billing. I'll send a pic only because I've been a fan of Brazzers, but right now I'm glad I'm not a...

Brazzers / I need help

Dec 06, 2018

Hello i am from Pakistan 18 year old and i have 8th grade education i belong from poor family and don't have money to travel to USA or UK or Europe anywhere so i have passport everything i want to come to USA or UK so please help me my whatsapp number +[protected]. My email [protected]

Brazzers / 7 day free trial

Nov 26, 2018

I signed up for a "7 day free trial" and the next day I look at my bank account and it says I had paid $24.95 for something I never even signed up for. I even remember that I unchecked the option to become a exclusive member or whatever and I still got charged. I called CS and was told...

Brazzers / stole my money

Oct 16, 2018

Brazzers or pro biller please contact me!!! I wanted to try brazzers 3 day trial for a dollar and so I did and I thought the subscription would end but I got charged 40$ and so I canceled my subscription supposedly and then 2 days later I got charged for another 40$ on top of that pro...

Brazzers / brazzers subscription

Oct 14, 2018

Hello. I want to cancel my subscription, but all your webpages on our wifi are blocked! I can`t cancel my subscription the normal way. My e-mail is [protected] Please help! I`m paying a buttload of money for your services but can`t watch. How do I cancel now??? Is there another way too cancel via non-pornografic brazzer sites? Remco

Brazzers / unauthorised charges

Oct 14, 2018

Hi, i want to lodge a complain against the authority for unauthorized charges applied on my bank account. At first i wanted to try out the brazzers by accessing the website using trial account for 3 days with 1$. It is said in the t&c that monthly charges will be applied automatically...

Brazzers / unclear mention from 2 day free trial to 365 day $119 subscription

Oct 09, 2018

I demand a refund as i was made to thinkas if i am taking a 2 day free trial and was instead charged $119 and given a years subscription instead which i did not want it has not even been one day yet This is clearly a scam as i clearly did not intend on taking the yearly subscription and i...

Brazzers / brazzers 3 day subscription

Oct 08, 2018

I would like to cancel my 3 day subscription. Please guide me on further steps to cancel this subscription so that I am no longer further charge. It does not allow me to cancel my account in the webpage so I would really like to cancel this account before a monthly pay comes by. Also, i...

Brazzers / porn site

Oct 05, 2018

these guys are theives, I purchased brazzers premium this morning (18$) after paying for the 2 day membership (1$), now I forgot my password to my account (my fault) and now brazzers is no where to be found when I need a simple link to reset my password, i've gone through their password...

Brazzers / I would like to cancel my two day $1 membership

Oct 02, 2018

I joined for 2 days at the price of $1 and would like to cancel my subscription early. I do not want to continue using this site. If this complaint isn't resolved I will further complain until all my money is returned. I do not wish to be billed again and this is my formal way of canceling...

Brazzers / 2 day subscription

Oct 02, 2018

I did the two day subscription to see one video that I couldn't see otherwise but want to cancel I try to call and every time it claims my account isn't validated I don't see this as fair that there is no way to cancel on my own that you'd have so many loopholes as to why I have to contact...

Brazzers / refunds

Sep 27, 2018

27/09/2018 [protected] I have received a billing for Brazzers even though I do not go on the website and have no intentions of purchasing anything from that website. I would like to get a refund as this has clearly been done by accident and it has decreased my bank balance without my...

Brazzers / pornhub

Sep 21, 2018

I enlisted for a 2 day trial for pornhub premium and it stayed that I would get a 2 day subscription to brazzers as well, once I tried it I found it unsatisfactory so I cancelled it but the instructions were very very unclear, now I have been charged over $42 for a subscription that I...

Brazzers / about brazzers porn clips

Sep 14, 2018

Hey there luv ur site most of the time. I love babes in sexy patent heels that are left on the whole clip. Also love full body shots where u can see the babes full body and heels whilst getting [censored]ed in the standing position. Whai I really [censored]ing hate is when the cokksukker...

Brazzers / random charge to my account

Sep 10, 2018

So I decided to submit to a 3 day membership for just $1 a day, I recently got charged for $39.99 when the subscription should have ended after the 3rd day . I got charged $1 a day for 3 days then about a week or so later they charged my account for $39.99. I would like a refund. Please...

Brazzers / unauthorized billing

Aug 25, 2018

I cancelled my account back in April of 2018. I have the email to confirm that it has been cancelled and states it will run active through "2018-04-05." It is now August 2018 and I'm still being charged. This is outrageous. I trusted that the email was telling the truth about the final...

Brazzers / membership

Aug 17, 2018

I ordered a 12 month subscription and it charged me all at once (which I didn't know would happen) so I go to customer service and went to live chat with a women named cheyenne to cancel my memebership and she said she couldn't refund me my money and so I said okay and got over it but then they cancelled my membership and didn't give me my money back.

Brazzers / mg billing company

Aug 16, 2018

I've been charged twice. Once for $40 and once for $30. I got a 3 day free trial and it didn't live up to my expectations so I wanted to cancel it so I wouldn't be charged for a whole month. I couldn't cancel and I was charged $40. I was very upset but I let it slide. But now Ive been...

Brazzers / brazzers network

Aug 06, 2018

I haven't enjoyed a good video since I first started watching Brazzers all the videos are boring there's no fun in watching them Brazzers Network is a lot less entertaining than what I thought it would be. If I was to asked will I recommend this site to any friends or family I would...

Brazzers / upgrade

Jul 16, 2018

You see i tried to cancel my account and this is what they said to me in the help chat. They said they would rebill me for 40 but i uncheked the continue after 2 day trial so im kinda scared if any one has encountered this too can you say what you did because i aint gonna pay 40 bucks when...

Brazzers / brazzers billing

Jul 13, 2018

Hi. Recently I bought a two day membership/trial thong at brazzers. I got billed like 2€ or somethint. I then cancelled my subscription because I decided this wasn't for me. I then lost all my accesebility to the site which was fair because i cancelled. Today however, I recieved a 43$ bill...

Brazzers / entertainment

Jun 22, 2018

Was online saw a deal for 2 days and it was 1$ so with tax was 1.32$ and I click on a tab that says that I will only pay for the 2 day and not a full membership, and I look in my bank account account to see that I was charged a total of $34.99 which over drafted me to $72 because of...

Brazzers / salvo italian male

Jun 11, 2018

I m italian i have 43 age my name salvo Contact me interessed my fotos. sono italiano ho 43 anni se siete interessati al mio profilo per scene etero contattatemi, il mio profilo su Facebook è salvo db sono dotato di bella presenza, fisico atletico frequento palestra e mi occupo di mediazione...

Brazzers / charged for a full trial when only paid for 2 day 1$ deal

May 31, 2018

Was online saw a deal for 2 days and it was 1$ so with tax was 1.32$ and I click on a tab that says that I will only pay for the 2 day and not a full membership, and I look in my bank account account to see that I was charged a total of 53.95$. Not only am I mad because I did make the...

Brazzers / my debit card

May 23, 2018

This is the third time your charging me on my card I need my refund fast bc I aint using my account anymore I need to pay important stuff more than your website. I literally need my momey back im done of losing momey to this website that I domt even use anymore, I literally want to get...