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continuos charges on my applied card bank

I am wondering if someone can assist me concerning unauthorized charges on my applied card bank, I believe my credit card company *applied card bank has something to do with these unauthorized charges. In this case, I should of noticed the charges sooner, with work and being a single mother, I just want to make sure my payments are made. I should of realized these inaccuracies earlier.
To start the new year right, I decided to go through each credit I own and ensure all charges were correct. Soon to find out, on my applied card bank statements, I have different charges and dates from CE Credit manager [protected]). The following on the charges made onto my account on different dates every month and notice how the charge went up in January: On 10.23.2009 I was charged 11.95, on 11.29.2009 I was charged 11.95, on 12.30 I was charged 11.95, and on 1.29.2010 I was charged 14.95. How can the fee go up without any consent from me, how are the dates I am being charged different every month and get this, I never signed up for this credit manager. I always use to obtain a free report every year, and I certainly know how to navigate through that site to ensure I do not pay for anything at all. How did CE Manager obtain any of my information? The phone number I called above is not legit. When I spoke to a representative at applied card bank he said just call the number to fix the problem. I have also been paying interest on these ridiculous charges! This is why I believe applied card bank has something to do with these questionable charges, I feel they are a corrupt credit card company which I will file a complaint with the attorney general regarding their practices. However at this time, I need direction on how to file a complaint and get my money back from CE Manager, which actually does not seem to exist?