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Extenze Complaints & Reviews

Extenze / want to cancel subscription

Scott Standage on May 6, 2014

I authorized a one time payment with my debit card for this product and have been receiving this and getting billed for this since. I want to cancel this subscription and not receive any more of their product. I have submitted this request to them before and have still continued to receive their product and to get billed. I just want this cancelled.

Extenze / refund scam

EX on Nov 21, 2011

I cancelled my subscription for enhancement pills a month ago and they are still taking out money from my account. I would appreciate a refund!

Triple Extenzen / medicines not received

Mehmood Ahmed on Apr 22, 2011

The triple extenzen was booked (for me) under the tracking no. Ee543360234cn from china minhang at 17:41:00 on 2011-03-29. but still have not been received in pakistan. my email address is I may please be informed at my email address. Thanks & best regards.

Extenze / scam & a rip off

sandra l. rodriguez on Feb 26, 2011

I order a free trial of extense the agent never mentioned it was i membership & said i had 7 days to try it until they charged it to my bank card 3 days after i ordered the product i was charged four different times 2x for the man & woman extense & two other times for shipping & handling...

Extenze / no refund/doesn't work

First of all this product does not work. My husband ordered both the male and female products. Needless to say it was a total ripoff. I cannot believe reputable people actually promote this product i.e. Nascar. I contacted the company about getting a refund for unopened bottles. "Just...

Extenze / chills/fast heart rate


I purchased a 4 ct trial pack of this extenze, i took 1 when i got home, and gald it was only one, my heart stared to race, i started to sweat profusly, and thouight i was getting a heart attack next, i junpoed in the shower, to try and stop the sweating, but soon as io got out and towel...

Extenze / scam

Do not order the 7 day triail of extenze, without your permission they will continue to charge your bank account. If you don't close out your card at once your going to be continually chareged for more orders. I just got hit for $43.97 and today another $6.95. I just got off the phone with...

Bio Extenze / unauthorized charge

I called to get their offer of $.99 and told them I was not interested in anything else. I was charged $43.95 then again $6.95. I have tried to call and cancel but there is only a recording they were unable to take my call. To cancel I could go online. I have tried only to find this to be...

Bioextenze / Ddivideo / unauthorized withdrawl from my account

I had previously placed an order with extenze and canceled my order because i was not satisfied with the product, i sent the material back and they gave me one return on my debit card. Now ddi video is charging unauthorized transactions to my account.

Extenze - Free - Trial / take-moneywitout-artoriseation

i-joseph-green-never-made-no-arrangement-for-no-money-to-take-from-my-bank-account-i-saw-a-email-in-my-mailbox-saying-seven-days-trial-and-you-say-it-required-my-credit-card-number-for-the-trial-without-noticeing-me-u-guys-go-ahead-and-take-4300-95-cent-from-my-account-i-tell-my-bank-its-anorterize-so-they-already-filing-claims-on-my-behaf-i-receive-the-first-package-yesterday-the-12-ofseptember-i-never-receive-a-package-before-u-guys-say-it-will-cost-195-for-shipping-my-number-is-754-422-5349-please-call-me-to-quarry-this-i-am-sending-back-this-package-if-i-dont-anderstand-the-cost, a2728

Extenze / bluff

I used the extenze for 8 months. After 2 months I called them and told them that I can't see any changes and minimum effects of what the extenze suppose to do. They told me you need to take it after food and keep massaging it... Use it to lose it... Anyway I used it for additional few...

Extenze / free supply

I ordered a free supply, and I gave my credit card number.I saw the side effects, and they said may have hair loss, and acne, and other side effects the same as using steroids.They also sent porn tapes. They sent like five packs of pills for a week. I never used them. I thought that would...

Extenze / use credit card without authorization

I order a sample for free But I had to pay .97 for shipping, I put in my credit card number, I call them to cancel another shipment that they were going to send and they said that they will cancel the order instead they charge my debit card, I didnt have any funds in the bank so now...

Biotab Neutricuticals Extenze / scam and fraud extenze


Do not order the trial of extenze!! You will get ripped off!!! Ordered the trial for 7 days. Trial was $0.97. Recieved package on 21st of january. Sent email to the support@biotab address on the 23rd saying not to charge me for anything else. On 2-5-2010 was charged $50.90 for a month...

Extenze / my bank account was wiped out...


I singed up for this product and got all of funds withdraw from my account, . Now I do not know what kind of company you are runnig but someone need to know that this not the way to do business .. Why would you mislead people to believe you are the real deal when it is clear That you are...

Extenze 7 Day Free Trial / charges


This company sends out email offering a (7day) free trial of sexual men enhancement pills. The trial is 7 days with a shipping cost of .97cent, although i canceled and got a conformation number 13 hours after placing my 97cents order I was charged $100.00. two different times with 24hours i wa...

Bio*extenze / fraud

this company is unbelievable!! my 18 year old son got a fraudulant charge of $49.41 on his bank account. after much searching, we finally were able to contact the company. the "first-time job" customer service rep told my son that since it was all his account information, of course he HAD to be...

Extenze / lifetime subscription

I got curious by all the extenze advertisement, so I searched the web and saw their 2-weeks free sampler of Extenze which we the consumer will only have to pay shipping cost less than $10. Beware if you click yes on any of their terms and agreement. What I paid for was only the shipping...

Extenze For Women / failure to cancel account/multiple return with no refunds

I have cancelled my account over the phone and attempted to e-mail this company four times. The e-mail address they give is bogus. I have disputed the charges with the credit card company, because at the direction of the customer service department at Bio Extenze - they said, send it back...

Bio - Extenze / bad customer sevice and a scam

I wanted to participate in the offer i got in an email for a 7 day trial. i never received a trial, but the company charged me over 53.00 dollars. I am a women first off all i dont need extenze of any sort. they said they already mailed my order so im beeing charged no matter what and if im...