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extenze plus 5 day pack

I noticed I had the hiccups and didn't think much of it but they lasted an irritating 2 days. Later that week I took another EXTENZE Plus, again within an hour I had hiccups that lasted over 24 hours at that point my wife was trying to figure out what I had eaten or drank or done to cause the hiccupping. They EXTENZEPlus was the only thing that it could be. So several days later and after doing some research we were not convinced that it was the EXTENZEPlus, so I took another one and sure enough HICCUPS!!!

want to cancel subscription

I authorized a one time payment with my debit card for this product and have been receiving this and getting...

refund scam

I cancelled my subscription for enhancement pills a month ago and they are still taking out money from my account. I would appreciate a refund!

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    THALLIWELL Apr 10, 2010

    refussed 30 day money back because i got the seven day FREE promo that i paid $9.95 for S&H they then sent 30 day supply 3 days later$ 51.90 with S&H charged to my card. WHEN I CALLED THEM FOR REFUND WAS TOLD NO REFUND BECAUSE, OF THE 7 DAY PROMO. SCAM THEY WHERE FINED BY CALIF. $300, 000.00 FOR FALSE ADVERTISING . JIMMY JOHNSON PUSH THE PRODOCT MUST PULL IT TWO. signed [email protected]

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    charlie brown Apr 10, 2010

    Wise up stupid...YOU CAN BUY EXTENZE at WALMART...NO CREDIT CARD...NO SCAM...DUMB ###!!!

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    Mark Cates Feb 23, 2013

    This is such a scam! They do not work and the Refund!!! Of course you do not get it!! According to directions you have to wait the 60 for full effects... Guess what then the Trial is not valid after 60 days! Totally loss of money with NO RESULTS!

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medicines not received

The triple extenzen was booked (for me) under the tracking no. Ee543360234cn from china minhang at 17:41:00...

scam & a rip off

I order a free trial of extense the agent never mentioned it was i membership & said i had 7 days to try it...

no refund/doesn't work

First of all this product does not work. My husband ordered both the male and female products. Needless to say it was a total ripoff. I cannot believe reputable people actually promote this product i.e. Nascar. I contacted the company about getting a refund for unopened bottles. "Just return the unopened packages and we'll refund your money within 6 weeks." Ha! Quick to reply to inquires, but not so quick when it comes to refunding your money.

chills/fast heart rate

I purchased a 4 ct trial pack of this extenze, i took 1 when i got home, and gald it was only one, my heart...


Do not order the 7 day triail of extenze, without your permission they will continue to charge your bank account. If you don't close out your card at once your going to be continually chareged for more orders. I just got hit for $43.97 and today another $6.95. I just got off the phone with my bank representitive, there are measures you can take. Most of the info can be done over the phone however there is a form you can have sent to you or have printed out at your bank to sign. This is a verified scam. I canceled my card so bio extenze cannot bill me further, i'm going to the bank tomorrow to get a new card. My account will be credited within 10 days.

Don't bother to try and contact the company, call or go to your bank and speak with a representative.

I hope this was helpful, no one deserves to be scammed.


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    mentz Aug 04, 2009

    I work nights and one day my husband informed me that he had ordered this product off the TV. I consider us to be scam wary, so I of course got upset with him for using my account to order it. He specifically said that he answered no to all the other offers that were given. We all know about those other offers! So I figured we would try the product, seemed like fun. Then in about 3 weeks, another charge appeared on my account for about 50$. I called the company listed on the invoice, livid. Told them to cancel any further orders and asked why they were sending more when we just ordered the free trial. I can't remember exactly what they said, but again I told them to cancel any orders and that I wanted a refund. They said to send it back for a refund. It was to a different address than was on the invoice. So I did. Then we got 2 porn movies and another charge was on my account. I called them again, And told them to CANCEL ANY ORDERS. They then told me that I could not cancel the order because I was not the customer. Now I am really livid. So I told them that my husband was not an authorized user on the account and I was going to sue them. So to make a long story a little shorter, I had to go to my bank 3 times to fill out paperwork to block any further charges, I eventually did get refunded almost everything I was charged. We did keep the movies. I see it may have nasty side effects, glad he didn't take any pills. Hint- they will change their name to avoid blocks put on their charges. Thank gof my bank was willing to help me through this whole thing. Total they ried to get out of me was close to 200$ in less than 3 months. They refunded about $170 of it with my banks help. Now when I see the commercials I cringe. They do have the disclaimer that ordering enrolls you in automatic orders in such tiny print you can't read it. So be wary. Don't order from any telemarketers! You never know everything you are getting until the charges appear on your account.

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    melinda82 Nov 29, 2010

    I have one, and absolutely LOVE it! I have extremely curly and frizzy hair. It straightens it and calms the frizzies with no additional products.

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unauthorized charge

I called to get their offer of $.99 and told them I was not interested in anything else. I was charged $43.95...

unauthorized withdrawl from my account

I had previously placed an order with extenze and canceled my order because i was not satisfied with the...


I used the extenze for 8 months. After 2 months I called them and told them that I can't see any changes and minimum effects of what the extenze suppose to do. They told me you need to take it after food and keep massaging it... Use it to lose it... Anyway I used it for additional few months. I noticed that I had to pee many tiems a day after using the extenze, alomst 10 times a day and maybe more.
I stopped taking the last shipment and called and canceled it. Customer services comes online and ask me why I want' to cancel it, and I told her why. Then she says you know you should had called us earlier and we could have shipped you the maximum strenght instead... Then I got angry with her and I told her read the package which says new and maximum strenght on it.
I am not sure maybe it works on some people but what I could find out later was that, there is no way the piles could work, it just in your mind... And it's better to use viagra in case you have that issues otherwise don't buy the bluff from these guys.

free supply

I ordered a free supply, and I gave my credit card number.I saw the side effects, and they said may have hair loss, and acne, and other side effects the same as using steroids.They also sent porn tapes. They sent like five packs of pills for a week. I never used them. I thought that would be it. Just the free trial. I later noticed on my banking statements charges for 43.00 77.00, 63.00.These people lied to me and tried to steal money from me.I know that I asked only for the free trial. They just want your account number. I changed my credit card number.I will make sure they don't get anyone else.They are like the devil.I'll pray for them thou, no hard feelings.

use credit card without authorization

I order a sample for free But I had to pay .97 for shipping, I put in my credit card number, I call them to...

scam and fraud extenze

Do not order the trial of extenze!! You will get ripped off!!! Ordered the trial for 7 days. Trial was $0.97. Recieved package on 21st of january. Sent email to the [protected]@biotab address on the 23rd saying not to charge me for anything else. On 2-5-2010 was charged $50.90 for a month supply. Called and asked why I was sent this after I had told them I didn't want it and they said to send it back and will be refunded. Sent package back on [protected] unopened. They said they recieved it on [protected]. Was then told I would be credited back on my account in 3-5 days. It is now [protected] and I still have not received nuttin'!! Called today and was told it was credited on 3-2-2010 and may not show on my account for 30 days!! 30 days to get your money back when they took your money off before your 7 day trial is even gone!! Then they tried to charge me for another supply!! Luckily I had changed credit cards or they would have more of my money in limbo!!! Don't get the trial!!! The $0.97 will be a lot more by the time they are thru!!!

my bank account was wiped out...

I singed up for this product and got all of funds withdraw from my account, . Now I do not know what kind of company you are runnig but someone need to know that this not the way to do business .. Why would you mislead people to believe you are the real deal when it is clear That you are not .. This is not the way to do business.. I will contact the proprer people about this matter..


This company sends out email offering a (7day) free trial of sexual men enhancement pills. The trial is 7...


this company is unbelievable!! my 18 year old son got a fraudulant charge of $49.41 on his bank...

lifetime subscription

I got curious by all the extenze advertisement, so I searched the web and saw their 2-weeks free sampler of...

bad customer sevice and a scam

I wanted to participate in the offer i got in an email for a 7 day trial. i never received a trial, but the...