Boston Market Corporationmac/cheese

N Sep 15, 2018

I experienced the worse service ever.i spent $100 in fall river store my mac &cheese was forgotten so I was told by a Male employee I needed a recipt.went back to my car went back with the receipt and Tara gave the mac &cheese as I was leaving Tara said good night and I kept walking and she said have a great night and I didnt reply to her and once again continued to say have a royal freaking night as there were little kids in the dining I was entering my car she was staring at me and going on with hand movements.i am a server and do retail never would I treat any guest that way and as for the management he stood on the side of her a so d didnt say anything.She definitely shouldn't be working with the family and I will not be returning there.Thank You for your time.

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