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Bookit.combilling issues

I am a former employee of and I am so sorry to keep reading all of these complaints and how many people are still getting ripped off by this company. I use to work in their billing department. I was with them for apx. 9 months and found several system issues.
1st. reoccurring issue that I found several times in a week: You booked a package or hotel or just flight you took your trip 3-6 months ago and you see on your credit card statement that you are now being billed again for a trip you have already taken and paid for 3-6 months earlier. As an employee I was only allowed to relay messages from upper management to the consumers. Managements official response was to "tell consumers/guest to contact their banks". Management will take care of the rest. Well just imagine how "HAPPY" the consumer/guest was on the other end of the phone. NOT SO HAPPY
2nd reoccurring issue You booked your trip and your on their "payment plan" your 1st payment is just 100.00 your second and third payment should only be 250.00 each. So your total trip should cost you $600.00 right? Well guess what after your final payment is deducted and shortly after you have already left for your trip and in many cases on your trip you see that there is another charge on your card from for $300.00 exactly half of what your total trip cost was "the trip your now on and have already paid for in full". Again I was only the messenger. Expressed the consumers complaints to management and asked management for a response/solution to give to consumers or "guest" is what they liked to call you. Again I was told management would take care of the discrepancy and "have the guest contact their banks upon return from their trip".
3rd Issue this only happened on the holidays. The night before a federal holiday IE: 4th of July. Their systems would go and "randomly" charge guest who booked a trip with in the last 16 months and bill your credit cards for the entire trip again. This happened on 3 separate holidays.
On the 3rd holiday this 3rd issue had occurred I was out in the parking lot smoking in my car with my windows cracked and over heard a member of senior management talking on her phone stating "that it looks like we are not going to be able to keep this up more and more people are checking their credit card statements we are going to have to change the system to charge 100/10000." I understood exactly what she was talking about only because of a pissed off "guest" who called me every name in the ugly book and even threatened to come up to the building and kill us I took it upon my self to look at the last holiday this happened and advised management it appears as though the system is charging 1/100 prior guest. Just randomly charging them. There were no consistencies on who got charged or the amounts. Just the ratio's. I am not the brightest bulb but I am not stupid. After this incident and receiving the brunt end of the stick from upset consumers and than being brought in to "human resources" and told that I was using the systems to look at things that did not pertain to my job and trying to write me up for it. I decided to leave the company. My best advise to all who use 3 party travel sites is to use a prepaid visa or a card that offers fraud reimbursement. Print out your billing/receipt after you press the "bookit" button and keep this for your records for at least 2 years. They will try and trick you into thinking your trip was more expensive than what you paid the first time. I hope this information helps and was easy to understand good luck.


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    scoutdad Aug 27, 2010

    Thank you for taking the time to tell the world about what you experienced! They are definitely an "evil" company.

    Glad you're no longer with them, and I hope that you've found a (better) deserve it!

    Folks like that will definitely get what they deserve...

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    FactsOnly Aug 27, 2010

    If the accusations here were based in reality there is no way that this company would be able to remain in business. These comments are slanderous and libelous, which potentially could result in a lawsuit against the accuser. If one could prove any of this to be true it would make for a huge news story, perhaps even in the national news.

    And for the record, 100/10, 000 is the same as 1/100, so the alleged phone conversation that this person overheard the executive having would not have changed things based on the data that was allegedly discovered by this person's searches.

    Beyond that, I don't think a company that was stealing from its customers would have data so easily accessible to those who are not the brightest bulbs. Any company that wishes to remain in business must service their customers to the best of their abilities and certainly would not be caught stealing from their customers, especially not by someone who is self-proclaimed, "not the brightest bulb."

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    Luv2Trav3l Sep 02, 2010

    If what you say is true, have you contacted an attorney & the authorities? From last I heard stealing is a crime. I have a hard time believing a company with an A+ BBB rating would knowingly be stealing from their customers. Just because a company has a programming error or a glitch in their system doesn't mean they are fraudulent. Just my two cents worth!!

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    travelgal101 Oct 01, 2010

    Obviously you are not the "brightest bulb" if you choose to post a story like this. is a relatively new online travel agency and with any new website there will be system glitches. has some of the best deals that I have ever seen and I have booked through them at least 5 times. This being said, I have never had an issue with them. You sound more like a disgruntled ex-employee who probably got fired because you aren't the "brightest bulb". I'd find something better to do than spread around stories that are definitely not true.

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    lipsmaked Feb 10, 2011

    She was just posting her experience as an ex-employee. She may or may not have hard edvidence but obviously ther is somthing odd going on, and to be honest you dont need to be the brightest person to know when there is something fishy going on... Besides everyone has a different experience and based on all of the complaints on this site about I will not be using them.

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    unionhater Mar 12, 2011

    Take any BBB rating with a "grain of salt" The highest ratings are given to the companies that are members. John Stossel did a big expose of them last year. hey called my business to say that there was a complaint and wanted me to join before they would tell me the info. They are a franchise and do whatever they can do to pay to join them. BTW there wasn't any complaint against me. Check with your states attorney general office to investigate a company.

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  • Sp
    Speakyourmind80 Mar 31, 2011

    Hello everyone! I have to strongly disagree with the author of this story, yes I said story because frankly that's all this is. Whom ever this person might be, I am sure they are no longer with the company because they didn't do their job and was most likely fired. I have worked for this company for many years and in several different departments. Not once have I ever heard of any issues with customers being overcharged on purpose, if there are any issues with billing I am sure it is simply a computer error. In the world of computers they are not always as perfect as we would like them to be. If this story had any relevance then he/she wouldn't have posted this on a blog they would have gone to a lawyer. It is truly sad that someone would speak so negatively about a company that I love so much. This company is the best company I have ever worked for, they really do believe in customer elation. is not perfect but who is... the bottom line is, this is just a typical ex-employee ranting and raving about something that is clearly false.

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