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doesn't stand by their products

I waqnted to really speak my mind in detail but this is not the first letter i have written...i have at this point washed my hands with bobs discount furniture *in farmingdale) besides the runaround rude behavior and broken furniture, ...that they push you to get the goof proof case something goes wrong you are covered the only goof was the fact i reached into my pockrt for another 100 dollars...thinking it was a good idea 1yr and a half later i sit on broken furniture with springs coming out and threads coming a part...they should have paid me to take the furniture, , , , i was the goof...scammed from day one and treated like a criminal...for wanted my furniture replaced..u see i wrk hard for my money, , heartfelt dissapointment we know they dont!

poor service and delivery

Our experience at Bob's was the worst buying experience I have had in 25 years as an adult consumer. The salesman was wonderful when we went to the showroom to view the products we had already selected online. It took trips to 3 different computer terminals and a total of 4 times to enter the order and take my deposit. I felt bad for the guy but I left feeling excited about the new bedroom set my 3 year old would receive in a few weeks.
They had a problem over the phone when I called to make my final payment and schedule delivery. They left me on hold for 27 minutes and disconnected me 3 times. I would never have believed it if I did not witness them doing the same thing to others when I drove there in person to straighten out the payment. After an hour in the store and help from 5 people, the manager assured me that I would receive my order the following Saturday.
I received a call 2 hours after my scheduled delivery time to have someone tell me that our order did not get loaded on the truck. They would come Tuesday. On Tuesday, they delivered the mattress and not the bedroom. We refused and they assured us after 4 phone calls that we would get the complete delivery on Saturday.
On Saturday, they delivered the bedroom set and not the mattress. My husband went to the store to pick up the mattress and cancel the Goof Proof protection ... if you think we want to deal with Bob's on repairs, you need to think again.
Shame on you, Bob, for advertising state of the art computers and delivery tracking. Spend more money on training your staff on how to use the computer system and stop spending money on so many obnoxious commercials!!!

terrible service, poor quality

I purchased a complete bedroom set(PATRIOT-MAHOGANY SLEIGH BED) from the Stoughton, MA location on October 10, 2010 and it was delivered on October 13th. When I got home I noticed that the 6 drawer chest was broken and the slack that the boxspring lays on was also broken, so on October 14th I called the Customer Care Department, they were no help-POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE.

I was told that I would have to wait until October 25-30th for replacement furniture-UNACCEPTABLE.This means that I am forced to sleep on the floor.I am in pain after just one night of sleeping on the floor and can't imagine how this will affect me for an entire week or more.

bob's tells consumer to drop dead

Bob’s Discount Furniture tell consumer to DROP DEAD!!!

Well here's another of Bob's Discount HORROR STORIES. I bought the Eldorado wall unit along with 2 end tables. Total sale was $1750 system from the Yonkers store approx. 1 month ago. This is after previously buy a dinning room table, which took 6 deliveries before they got it right. Well the first 3 delivery attempts of the 3 wall unit pieces were damaged goods. Scratches, knife gouges, dark stains and blotches and doors that wouldn't close were among some of the various damages to this unit. Even the delivery drivers said don't accept it. Last Sunday, yes Sunday, I get a call from the warehouse from a guy named Paul. He tells me in no uncertain terms that Bob's will not deliver the furniture to us any longer. He said "I'm messing up his deliveries to other customers because I keep refusing delivery. He tells me that I should have accepted the pieces and they would fix them eventually. All this mind with a very condescending attitude. So I go the phone route, which I'm sure all of you other frustrated customers know about, speak to the General Manager Jeff in the Yonkers who assures me that I will get another delivery attempt. Last night, 10/21/10, Jeff calls me at 9:30 PM to tell me that Bob's will NOT deliver again. This is after a received e Mail confirming delivery this coming Saturday. Jeff tells me that no delivery will happen. He as well as the condescending warehouse man Paul tell me that Bob's wants to cut ties with. In other words DROP DEAD to the customer, go away and never come back. Now some of you readers may think we're very picky when it comes to purchases like this. Not true at all. All I want is a delivery that's not damaged. Little nicks, pin holes etc is acceptable but not like I described earlier. Rest assured that I will make Bob's and those who are involved in the fiasco miserable. I plan on sitting in front of the Yonkers store with signs reading "Don't buy from Bob's" "Bob's UNFAIR" and "Bob's Sells JUNK" in addition to some condescending, there's that word again, customer service. I guess Bob's sell so many damaged pieces that they can afford to throw away business. Bob's - Why in the name of the good Lord can't you get it right? WHY?????

  • Po
    pobarjenkins Oct 28, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Unless someone says the exact words "drop dead", then they didn't say drop dead. Nice way to try and get yourself attention, though.

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  • Jo
    Joe426 Feb 04, 2019

    What do you expect from a criminal convict like Bob Kaufman?

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non-delivery/poor customer service


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damaged sofa

To all who are thinking of buying furniture at Bob's Discount Furniture. Caution! before you buy...


On June 27th, 2010 I went with my two cousins and my niece to get furniture for them because they recenty moved here to NY. Going to the Bob's discount furniture store, spent over $2, 000 and I was told that it would be delivered to my house Friday July 2nd, 2010. They told me there was no specfic time and I had to pretty much wait all day for them to arrive. While we were waiting for them at 10 a.m., the shipment arrived about 2 p.m. Out of the 12 items I purchased, only 4 came. I called the office and all I was told repeatedly by a woman named Diane that the delivery was sent and to just sit and wait. I asked them if there was anyway they could find out or give me any information and she told me once again "All day, All day!" I had a feeling something was wrong because I didn't understand why my shipment would come at different times and not all at once. I then called around 5 and once again "All Day" was told to me. Finally I called at 9 p.m. and spoke with someone named Will and they told me the warehouse was closed and that they will take care of it first thing in the morning and they will call back tomorrow. It was very bitter for me because I had an empty condo with nothing in it!!! Also, I didn't want to leave my condo because I was afraid I'd miss them! I wasted my whole day waiting for them to call and now I'm being forced to wait for them to call me the next day!! I called them today (July 3rd, 2010) because they didn't get back to me and they told me to call back because they were in a meeting. I asked if the store manager named Andre Rodriguez can personally call me. It is now 3:30 p.m. and I still havent gotten a call back from anybody especially from the store manager.

I DO NOT recommend going to Bob's because their Customer Service is Horrible. I am waiting for them to call back just so I can return the items!! Maybe if they read this I'll get a call!!!

Two thousand bucks worth of furniture!

false claim and customer information

I purchased a sofa from bob's furniture about two months ago and the gentleman who attended me in the Paramus store informed me that the sofa came in three sizes therefore i assumed that the sofa that i was buying was an 84 inch not a 91 inch sofa. I also purchased the goof proof plan because he claimed it was the best idea to do so just in case of an accident happening to the sofa. I decided to pick up the sofa myself to save delivery charges and when i arrived to my building the sofa wouldnt fit in the elevator which i found it to be unusual since it was supposed to be 84 inches long well i thought nothing of it and lugged it six flights up with the help of some friend finally when we bought it into apartment i had a bit of a problem getting into a turn in my hallway, but we did. The next day the springs started popping out and i reported it to customer service. They sent out technician in about a week and he claimed it was not a manufacture problem. After explaning to him what we encounter bringing the sofa in he took it upon himself to write in the report that we dropped the sofa on the stairs in hallway; which was not true. I found this out when I called customer service upon his request when sofa was inspected. Bob's refused to fix the sofa, they transfered me to Guardsman Protection Plan. It took two weeks to finally have a technician from Guardsman to come to my home after filling out claim papers and speaking to two customer representatives. It took approximately 3 customer representatives from bob's to help me with the situation and me explaining to them that the sofa was not dropped in stairs, and all of them gave me a different story and advice. Well after guardsman reviewed my claim they denied it because they claim that furniture damaged during transportating into apartment was not covered by plan. I then called to have my goof proof refunded, and I have the feeling that this will be another adventure with them to return my money . All i wanted was my sofa to be fixed. I did'nt ask for a new one or a refund, and this is what they put me through. Now im stuck with a cracked frame and springs popping out. My next step will be the Better Business Bureau.

bed bugs

This Spring I purchased a bedroom set from Bob’s Discount Furniture. After a week and a half later I noticed that my daughter and I were getting bitten by an insect. It never occurred to me that these bites were being caused by bed bug and that soon my apartment would be infested with them.

After 3 week of getting bitten and two visits to the pediatrician I was informed by my daughter’s doctor that the bites were most likely due to bedbugs.

I then proceeded to visit a hardware store and purchased
$50 worth of products. After using the products the bed bug problem was confirmed. I never had this problem before, a family member requested I do some online research on other customers who had the same problem after purchasing from Bob’s. I then proceeded to do online research on bed bugs and on customers who had similar problems and I found the following same complaints;
• ( Review Dated May 16, 2008, Titled BOBS REVERE)
[protected], 12:12 PM By Jenna 45)

After my research I was stunned to know that my hard earned money went to such a cruel scam. I contacted Bob’s and they informed me that the insurance I had purchased does not cover bedbugs. (Of course it does not, if it did, no one would purchase a thing from them)
After contacting Bob’s Customer Service, the Better Business Bureau and Bob’s cooperate office I received the following statement:
From Tiffany Long, Bob’s Corporate Liaison: Bed bugs are a nationwide problem that affects retailers, hotels, colleges, multiple dwelling units and many other public domains. Bob's Discount Furniture takes scheduled drastic measurements to ensure that our trucks, warehouses and merchandise are not infested with any type of bugs, rodents etc. For this reason as well as, the length of time between delivery of the furniture and the day the bugs were reported they are unable to exchange or provide a refund. They are not accepting my claim.

This is Bull, if this was true why so many others have similar stories. I have spent hundreds of dollars on an exterminator, extermination products, cleaners, laundry etc. I have had to get rid of my daughter’s favorite toys, memorable belongings, furniture etc.

I’m emotionally drained, my daughter has developed migraine headaches and has been seen by a physician numerous of times due to this condition. It has been determined that the headaches are due to the products I am obligated to use in my apartment and on our daily clothing.

At this time I would like to continue to stay in contact with other customers who have had the same experience. I there is a lawyer out there that is willing to provide free advise or free representation please email me. We should work on filing a CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT ON BOB's.


  • La
    laty Mar 24, 2013

    horrible warranty bobs came here took pic and then told me it was covered they will get back to me after 3 months not hearing for nobody i called n then tell me call goof proof who then told me i was suppose to report to them when incident happen, when bbobs took pic n told me they would get back to me warranty is horrible n i paid for 5 yrs

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never buy a bobopedic lite

I bought a bobopedic lite from bobs discount furiture almost 2yrs back hurts more now then ever i cant even walk standing straight taking this matter further...maybe to the press if i have to i spent alot of money on my low in come..i relied on this bed.. i think i deserve a replace ment or a better bed wife nd i r very upset..action needs to be taken..i was looking for a bed of good quaity nd to help fix what could be fixed by a comforable bed but didnt happen just made it 110% wores very pissed customer

crappy furniture

I purchased a bedroom set from Bob's in North Plainfield, NJ, they were recommended by a friend who had ordered from them (Wayne, NJ store) but had not yet received his furniture. Last week he told me his furniture was delivered and 5 of the 7 pieces were not just damaged, they were smashed. I was a little nervous about my delivery but hopeful that it was an isolated incident...IT WASN'T.

My bedroom set was delivered today and there were two broken pieces. They originally wanted me to wait 2 weeks for a technician to come out to repair the, didn't I pay for new stu[censored]

After much ranting on my part, they agreed to bring new pieces on Tuesday...let's see how that works out.

Lesson learned, Bob's Furniture is cheap because it is CHEAP!!!

replacment ottoman


don't buy this cr*p

I purchased a couch and love seat for $999.99 + delivery, tax & goof proof. Well it was damanaged, they creditied my account and I got more expensive furniture delivered and that was broken, so they took away the 1st set, and I refused the 2nd set. I have not furniture now as it was all Junk, but they will only refund me the price of the furniture, Not The Delivery Fee. OMG it is costing me $99.99 for this *** mistate.

Please Please Do Not Buy From Them. It is all from Over Sea's, they don't inspect it prior to delivery and it is not solid furniture, it is Crap.

horrible customer service

Horrible!!! Don't ever buy from Bobs! Its been 2 months since I bought my sofa and still no due date for delivery. Seriously how long does it take to deliver a sofa! Customer service is horrible!!! When the sofa was first purchased I was told it would take a few weeks and it was never mentioned that it would take beyond a month. You call back to ask why and the receptionist can't even answer any of your questions. Its definitely worth paying a little extra for better customer service elsewhere...really its not worth paying less for a headache.

  • La
    Laurey Apr 26, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Bobs does not care at all about there customers.I bought a bunk bed in the beginning of Feb for my kids.I just got it about a week ago.I couldn't believe how long I had to wait for this bed.When they delivered it a headboard was damaged so I had to wait another week in a half.When they finally assembled the bed they had screws missing and they assembled it wrong.I couldn't believe all the trouble this purchase has brought me horrible.So now I have to wait till the 13th to get the problem fixed.I'm so disappointed.In other stores they would apologize and offer you a discount for inconvenience they've caused you.

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damaged furniture delivered 4 times in a row. unbelievably bad!

Sales persons at store were okay, but the experience after that is absolutely horrible. My wife and I purchased 2 kids bedroom sets, and a living room set from bob's furniture on 2/11/10. After 4 deliveries of damaged furniture, we are still waiting for our son's bed.

A customer service representative even had the nerve to ask us 'why we were returning the furniture because of a broken piece of wood?'Incidentally it was the piece that held the bed together! Unbelievable!!! One of the dining room chairs is already beginning to fall apart. We're just praying and hoping that we'll be able to get our son's bed on the 5th try. Who knew that delivering a bed is rocket science. We do not plan to ever shop at Bob's again. The discount is just not worth the aggravation. It Would of been better to spend a little extra and have piece of mind.

poor everything

I will NEVER buy from this company ever again! Such poor customer service. My bedroom set was back-ordered and they didn't even call to tell me. When I called to ask when it would be delivered, they told me that it would be another FOUR weeks!!! When I threatened to cancel the order, somehow they found the furniture and delivered it four days later. And on delivery day, we told them we would not be home during the day, they told us there was nothing they could do because the computer made the delivery times. When I asked why they couldn't go into their computer and change the delivery time to the late afternoon...they refused. NEVER AGAIN!

product & customer service

I purchased a "leather living room set" complete with lamps and tables. The sofa sleeper collapsed and broke...

huge delay

Whats the delay? I purchased some furniture in the beginning of Feb from Bobs and called today becuse I havent recieved any updates or calls. So I called. They told me they would call once it got to the warehouse. I asked wheres the warehouse? In Conneticut. Not even in the state I purchased it in..(which was in NY) They dont even know the delay! I dont blame the service rep behind the counter. They will tell u 85% of inventory is in stock..Thats a lie! The furinture is made in China. I guess my bed has to be shipped from China. Its the last thing im buying from China. We need to support American made companies and buy American made products. And one more thing..ask a hundred questions if u have too. If u dont ask, they wont tell u. I would never buy anything from Bobs furniture again.

bad delivery service

Bob's discount furniture has the worst delivery service and its expensive for the terrible service you get. They deoivered my bedroom set and not only did they drag the boxes across my new floor but my headboard was broken. The delivery guy came upstairs and said he had good news for me and then he said your headboard is smashed. I asked how is that good news for me? and he answered well i guess its not good for you but its good for me. I could not believe he said that. How rude. When I called Bobs back to explain the problem that were not very helpful and did not apologize for the rude service. I explained that I needed to be at work by a certain time and that since it was their mistake that the should make sure it was delivered before I had to go to work. I was assured that it would be. The did not come in time and I was late for work. The furniture is not that bad for the price but I suggest picking it up yourself save money and spare yourself the rudeness.

  • Ma
    ManD81 Dec 25, 2009

    Bob's sales associate told me yes we can deliever to your homeThis was goings to cost $199.00 and that will be set up for Monday 12/21/2009.I then was contacted by the delievery people and they set up a appointment for 6:30 to 9:00 woke up at was called at 11:00, sorry the team could not find your house they will put it to the rear and deliever at about 3:30 i'ts know4:30 and they have 2or 3 stops left.I hung up on the a-hole.I'm pissed.

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  • My experience is almost identical - two bedroom sets ordered (kids) - both delivered broken. I am still awaiting delivery of the items purchased. they promised a delivery date then canceled the delivery with no good explanation. They were quick to take my money, but very slow in delivery. It is like they do not care.

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In November we ordered a livingroom set. It was due to come in within 6-8 weeks. Went to the store 5 week...

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