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Hello I am an employee at Bob Evans and am a little concerned about how well our location is doing. I am a hostess in Lancaster Ohio 43130 Bob evens, I have had several coustomers Complain to me about how the managers run things and servers not tending to their tables like they should. Food over cooked or undercooked. We have had scream matches between employee and manager to where customers heard it in the dining room. I actually have had several instances where customers walked out with their children because of uncalled for language, cursing, waiting for their sever to come over to their table after waiting 20 minutes. There other employees there that have a few complaints as well. If someone could please send someone in that would be awesome. Thank you for your time.

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  •   Jul 15, 2019


    That was essentially tantamount to career suicide. I realize we are speaking in orders of magnitude here so I wouldn't exactly lament the loss of a position at a Bob Evans. You just identified yourself on a third party independent complaints forum with the express intention of bad mouthing your management. Bob Evans has an open door policy to where you could have raised your concern with any member of management up to and including the President of the company. Upon further review I did notice your location is in Ohio and I immediately dropped my expectations of a measured and intelligent response. As such, you might want to try with local/district/regional management before identifying yourself as the employee that will no doubt have some malicious feelings coming from your management structure. Use the conflict resolution tools that the company intrinsically provides. If that doesn't work and you are that unhappy there, seek employment elsewhere. It's not complicated.

    Hope that helps!

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