Bob Evanshostess service at checkout

S Aug 03, 2019

My waitress Ariel was great. I noticed there was a discrepancy with what I ordered and what I was charged. The hostess just looked at me and said well you must have gotten this. I said well I ordered something different so can you just ask the waitress. She just stared at me. When we first arrived the customer she was helping said he had a coupon and she said well you should print that off and not bring it on your phone. She was very rude and always had blank stares and kind of acted dumb. She was a redhead and was not nice. We come here often because we stay at the state campground but you have lost a customer. It's too bad. The food and waitress was good, but I will never put up with poor customer service like the hostess possessed. We often times go with a large part after church or for an evening out. It is too bad we will no longer come to the tc location. I have seen this hostess not be helpful and not listen to the customers too many times. Server Ariel 740p take 25. 3/30130 on 8/3

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