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BMW Of Monrovia — dealership did not comply on what was agreed

I have been working out a deal with them since mid of July 2010. I am interested in getting a new 2011 BMW...

The complaint has been investigated and
resolved to the customer's satisfaction
BMW of Chattanoogadamage to my car while getting oil changed, then they tried to hide it

I have a black 2007 530i bmw and it had 17000 miles on it when I bought it in april 2010 from a local independent dealer in chattanooga.

Because maintenance is still covered on the vehicle, I took it to the bmw dealer (1st time i’ve had it serviced since I bought it). I was getting the oil changed and whatever routine maintenance comes along with that.

After being told it would be a couple hours, I got two phone calls from them asking if I needed to pick up the car today (Which was a friday, and yes I wanted my car for the weekend). So, I go out there at 6 right at closing time as instructed, and they were washing my car. So, I wait a little bit, and get in the car and drive to my sister’s house, about 10 minutes away.

Once I opened the door, I started looking to see if they did a good job washing my car and I noticed that the paint looked different on the bottom part of my door and the trim piece below it.In the sun, the difference in paint is really obvious. Once you rub the painted area, gray powder was coming off on my hand and the paint was a different texture that the rest of the door.

It basically looks like someone scratched my car and tried to half ### fix it and hoped I would not notice! I called the bmw dealer and left a message but they were closed all weekend.

I took it back to who I bought it from today and they confirmed what I thought & ndash; that someone had gotten overspray on the car and tried to hide it. He also confirmed that the car was certainly not like that when he sold it to me. I haven’t had it serviced at all except for the one time on friday.

So, then I took it back out to the bmw dealer this morning, and the manager said that they couldn’t possibly have done it because they don’t have a body shop. I explained to him that I wash the car all the time myself and I know for a fact it wasn’t like this prior to me dropping it off. Although he completely denied that it could have possibly been done there, he agreed to get the overspray off my car.

While I was waiting, I walked outside and wandered around the back of the building and came right upon a can of matte black spray paint that was sitting on a cardboard box outside near the rear garage doors.

The service manager said that they were done, but that they couldn’t get it all off. I showed him what we had found outside and although he looked shocked he still denied that it had been done there and got pretty hostile. I told him I believed that he didn’t know about it but that they guys in the back did know about it. It didn’t end well.

It’s just disappointing that the bmw dealer would take advantage of me, hoping that I would not notice so half ### repair on my car! Obviously the mechanic scratch the hell out of my car and then literally took a can of black spray paint, half ### taped it up, and then sprayed it, hoping I wouldn't notice.

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    BMW 320daveria

    Bien me queja es referente a un (Bmw 320d 177cv coupe e92) comprado nuevo en (Motor cadi—vic) el caso es que el coche siempre me ha funcionado con problemas.. A los 20000 kilometros el turbo fallaba una cosa malaa.. Perdida de potencia.. Y mucho humo por el tubo de escapee... Lo llebe al concesionario. Y me dijeron que ya estaba reparado.. Pues bien al dia siguiente.. Lo volvi a llebar porque estaba igual que cuando lo llebe.. Me lo volvieron ha dar y me dijeron quee me avian reparado la barilla del turbo... El coche no iva bien.. Pero humo no salia.. Pues al cavo de 3 dias. Volvio ah fallar... Lo volvi ha llebar.. Asta que decidieron poner un turbo nuevo (Biennnnnn bravoooo por fin an pensado) ) el coche fue genial... Pero ha los 30000 mil kilometros. Se rompio la caña de direccion... Porque en la pantalla salia errorr... Lo llebe lo cambiaron.. Y bien... El cinturon me fallaba... Me lo arreglaron y al cavo de 1 semana se volvio ha romper... El coche ya tenia mas de 2 años osea que no tenia garantia.. Pues me aguante... Y lo deje asi... Pero a los 3 años... Con 78000 kilometros.. Se me rompe la cadena de distribucion... Yo no daba credito a lo que veiaaaa.. Pues bien. Llame a iberica madrid. Para pedir una reclamacion.. Dado que era evidente que eso era fallo de fabricacion.. Incluso el mecanico de bmw (Vic) me lo garantizoo.. Porque la cadena no tiene mantenimiento y mucho menos con tan pocos kilometros.. Pues pedi la reclamacion.. Y mellamaron al cavo de 7 dias. Diciendome que no se hacian cargoo... Yo alucinee, , , , tan prestigiosa marcaa. Y segun ellosss cuidan a los clientesss.. Por diosssss.. Un coche pagado al pum pum 50.000 euros. Que no te den ningun tipo de solucionn.. Esto es increibleeeeeee... Verguenza me dannnnnn... Ahora solo me toka denunciarlosss... No me ire sin hacer un poco de ruidoo... Es penosoooooo.. Donde vamos ha llegar.. Te compras un buen (Coche) para que te dure 3 añoss... Muy fuerteeeeeeeee... Bmw bmw... Iria mas seguro con un kia que te dan 5 años de garantiaa... En fin.. Esta es mi quejaa... Creo que esta vastante claroo... No me deja poner fotos si alguno le interesa ver la cadena rota paso fotos... Un saludoo... [protected]

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      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
      BMWfelony theft pc 487

      Recently I took my vehicle to get it checked based on a recall to my local BMW dealer. Since the beginning everything seemed out of place, the wait was long, not a single rep asked me if I was being assisted already. The inspection took more than expected so I had to take their shutte to my school. All this to come back and find that MY iPOD WAS MISSING. Yes, immediately I went to my advisor, she stated that I had signed a waiver saying that all my items were removed out the car. The fact that my iPod was attached to the device that connects to the radio mean its part of the car not lose items laying around. In addition, by no means does that waiver give reason for workers to steal customer's items. To this point they have not returned any phone call. I plan on filing a police report, it's considered a felony burglary knowing the retail of the item which is $4oo+ with itunes songs added.

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        The complaint has been investigated and
        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
        The BMW Automobile Company — fraud

        I got this e-mail and I printed out a copy. Then I deleted and then wiped my ### With the copy. that's all...

        We are here to help

        • 16 years' experience in successful complaint resolution
        • Each complaint is handled individually by highly qualified experts
        • Honest and unbiased reviews
        • Last but not least, all our services are absolutely free

        The complaint has been investigated and
        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
        BMW Sweep Stake — fraud

        This is the lottery that I won. I printed It out and wiped my ### with it. that's All this ticket is good...


        BMW cargood well of the client

        Dear Sir:
        I have a 320i car (VC 81754) and I have experienced a situation which I would like to share it with your company.
        Let me start by asking Is it normal that the steering wheel lock is defected after 35, 000 km? I experienced this defect after exceeding the 2 year guarantee period with 2 months and I was asked to pay for replacing the entire steering Colum, which costs approximately EGP 5, 000, which took place at the Bavarian company lactation in Alexandria.
        Considering that this defect was not caused but customer misuse and is rather the responsibility of the manufacturer, I asked BMW Egypt to cover the cost and considered as client good will, which they rejected. It is not really the matter of money to get back rather than the principal and the trust of the system.
        I hereby ask you for your feedback regarding this incident, considering the expected worldwide “good will” of the client in such unexpected defects and situations; especially that my usage did not exceed 35, 000 km. Attached is a copy of the form I got for repairing and changing the part.
        Dr. Amr el halafawy
        Cairo - Egypt
        Email: [protected]

        good well of the client

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          • Mr
            Mr. Rajesh Gupta Aug 22, 2016
            This comment was posted by
            a verified customer
            Verified customer

            Dear Sir / Madam,

            Our Company Owner Mr. Rajesh Gupta has purchased one BMW car on 13th August, 2010. Booking date was 12th Aug. and delivery date was 13th Aug, 2010. Mr. Neeraj Ratti was the person who deals with Mr. Gupta. Yesterday (25th Aug), Mr. Gupta’s wife were going somewhere in the car and it’s just skipped from her mind to fill up the fuel tank and suddenly the car stops on the road due to the emptying fuel tank. As Mr. Neeraj Ratti was saying that they will provide their service between the areas of 100kms. Mr. Gupta’s wife then called up Mr. Neeraj Ratti, but they were not answering to her call. She tried many times, but Mr. Neeraj did not pick it up. Then Mr. Gupta and his driver called up Mr. Neeraj, but still he was not picking the phone. Then finally after all this they called a Lauri. At least 4 hours the car was on the road and Mr. Gupta and his wife was suffering. At last they called up Mr. Rohit (Salesman in Ludhiana), he then informed to Mr. Neeraj about all this. Mr. Neeraj said that they were busy with some customer. Now the car is in Chandigarh BMW service centre. But till now nobody had contacted Mr. Gupta about the updates. Mr. Gupta is very much angry from this type of behaviour and service. BMW is such is high brand but we are sorry to say that the service is that much poor.

            Mr. Gupta is saying that they do not want that car back. Now If Mr. Ratti will call him, they will not pick his phone.

            Please call Mr. Gupta at mob. no. is [protected]. Please contact him for your comments.

            Best Regards
            Mr. Rajesh Gupta / Ms Jyoti Parbhakar


            Tel: + [protected], 2497137, 2844136, 2845136
            Fax: + [protected], 2844236

            SAKSHI IMPEX
            Gurudwara Somasar Road,
            P.O.Sahnewal, Village Tibba,
            Distt. - Ludhiana-141120

            Mail: [email protected]

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          • Ne
            neerajbartwal Sep 18, 2012

            I have receive a SMS for my number and his says YOUR MOBILE NO HAS WON A BMW CAR WITH 500.000 POUNDS IN BMW INTL PROMO IN UK FOR INFO & TO CLAIM, YOUR COUNTRY, ADD, & PH NO TO US VIA EMAIL: [email protected]
            So, please confirm this SMS and my claim

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          • Vs
            Vs1985 Sep 10, 2012

            Tell how it works

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          • Ne
            Neha soni Aug 01, 2012
            This comment was posted by
            a verified customer
            Verified customer

            I have receive a SMS for my number and his says YOUR MOBILE NO HAS WON A BMW CAR WITH 500.000 POUNDS IN BMW INTL PROMO IN UK FOR INFO & TO CLAIM, YOUR COUNTRY, ADD, & PH NO TO US VIA EMAIL: [email protected]
            So, please confirm this SMS and my claim.

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          • Af
            affairs Apr 24, 2012

            Sir i have received an sms informing that i have WON 500, 000GBP AND A BMW CAR ON UK BMW MOBILE -my gmail is [email protected] -my mobile number [protected] -this message from mobile on 25/04/2012-to claim my prize. so i request to you immediately effect.

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          BMW + 500,000 Cash5 series & saloon car&

          I received this email:

          Dear winner,
          Your reference number bmw: [protected]/25. and drew to the lucky number: 29
          Congratulations, you have just won a brand new bmw 5 series, m sport
          Saloon car and cash prize of gb 500, 000. great british pounds (gbp)
          Contact our claims agent: barrister, mike
          Tel: +[protected]
          Email: [protected]
          Forward the following details to enable us clear your file for
          Immediate payment and delivery of your winnings:
          1. full names:
          2. address:
          3. age:
          4. sex:
          5. occupation:
          6. phone numbers:
          7. fax number:
          8. country:
          9. state:
          10. won before:
          11. annual income

          I did not respond. if you have more info please forward to [protected]

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            BMWmisrepresentation, poor service

            I bought my current 08, 335i Coupe back in November of '08, 3 months before the end of my lease on my '05 330 Cabriolet.

            I had the 330 in the dealership for a repair assessment for a leaky roof (multiple times in) and blistering paint on the front bumper when I talked to a salesman who convinced me that I could be in a new car for similar payments and without penalty. When a stone chip in the glass was noted, I was told I would be given the opportunity to have it fixed on my own. Of course, that never happened. Instead a month or so after I began driving the new care I got a bill for $600+ for the windshield, the damage to the bumper which was blistered paint, NOT an impact and a mark on the leather which, when I was sold the car was explained to me as "natural variation in the leather" and not a defect. After 16 months of ignored emails to the salesman and BMW financial I am being forced to pay or go to court. What a crock.

            Guess I won't be buying BWM number 4 after all.

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              • Ca
                catherinead Apr 08, 2011

                I bought a 2011 535i on March 5th 2011 and on March 11, 2011, I was rearended and my car needed parts
                Parts were ordered March 23rd and we still don't know where in the world they are ... Horrible service
                BEWARE of BMW they will trick you in to buying this vehicle but never follow threw on parts... everyone does nothing for the customer but talks about the current situation and nothing is resolved.
                Signed ~ April 8th 2011

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              BMW Automobile Awarenessfraud

              I thought this is going to be a live changing chance for me. I even called up the person and talked to him for quite some time. I had some enquiries. then he referred me to the delivery company "world courier delivery". I called the delivery company too for the procedures. after some time, I found that it's ridiculous for a bmw company to just give away great prizes. I decided to check on "google earth" the location that is stated in the mail. that's where I found out it's a fraud because it's a residential. it's not even bmw company. to reconfirm, I checked the webs regarding frauds and I found lots of sources. that is where I decided to play-out the fraud.

              Bmw group bmw logo
              22 garden close, stamford,
              Lincs, pe9 2yp, london
              United kingdom

              Dear muhammad hafizi bin manan,

              We the officials of the international awareness promotion department of the bmw company united kingdom, congratulate you on your winnings. you can now begin the final step of the claims process, which is the delivery of your winnings prize to your destination. your winning prize has been verified and approved for payment by this department. your profile (form) has also been received and filed along with other winning documents for record purpose.

              Therefore, you have been approved for the cheque of & pound;750, 000.00 gbp (seven hundered and fifty thousand great british pounds) and a brand new bmw x6 35im, m sport saloon car. due to your location from the bmw promotion board claims office, your winning package has been sent to the world courier company which is a logistic courier company.

              Note: you must add the following below to the mail you are sending to the world courier company to speed up and authenticate the delivery of your winning prize to your destination:

              Ticket number: [protected]
              Serial number: bmwp/s-a-m-[protected]
              Winners secret code: ogg-506-zmq/40

              You are requested to contact registered afilliate world courier company with the contact information below for further instructions on how to delivered your winnings prize to your destination.

              World courier delivery service:
              World courier delivery international service
              General dispatch officer: mr. ken williams
              Email: [protected]
              Telephone: +44 [protected]

              I will require a regular update on your proceedings with the world courier company as soon as your package are completely delivered to your destination. finally, you are advise to keep your winnings details confidential so as to avoid double claims. have a nice day.

              Once again congratulations.


              Mr. david brown,
              Tell: +[protected]
              Bmw claims agent.
              The bmw automobile company, uk.

              The bmw international awareness promotion
              Copyright & copy;2010. all rights reserved

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                • Ke
                  kekehh9 Apr 21, 2010



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                The complaint has been investigated and
                resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                BMW — tires for my bmw

                Bought my bmw from this dealer in aug 2009... Eight mths ago... We had tire issues since we bought the car...

                BMW Automobile Corporation — cheating

                Dear sir I have been tempted & cheated by a company of few Individuals (the bmw automobile company. 22...

                BMW X5car sustained damage during repair

                Good Day.

                I have taken my BMW car for Hand breake issue, date 11/03/2010.
                The repair work take far longer than expected but i had no option other than waiting untill they finish the car.
                I have received my car on 25/03/2010 after long procedure of follow up by phones, and regardless the endless number of unkept promisses to get the job done by... and so on.
                Upon receival of the car I have found the passenger door has suffered a damage while the car was in the work shop, I went back and highlighted the problem to the service advisor, He agreed that the damage was done during the stay of the car in the show room, but He could no identified, how or by whom the car was damaged.
                I went to the work shop service manager, who suggested to give me an X3 lonar car while my car will be repaired, I have refused the offer because the car they are offering dose not match my car value. and the reason i have bought BMWX5 is to drive BMW x5 not X3.
                Then the service manager mentioned that they have an x5 lonar car, but at that time it was out with a customer, and once the car will be back that the car shall be given to me.
                That was on 13 march and today is 13 april, and I still have got nothing back from their side, and everytime I am calling them, they are telling me that the lonar car shall be back within one or two days,
                I have tried my level best to reach the managemnt in order to bring their attention to the customer service we are getting from such a big name dealer same as BMW, but i have been stopped by the working staff and all my attempts has failed.

                Now in this Email i request the reader to advise me what to do in my case.
                am only one customer and am driving one of their best cars, then what is happening with the others.
                please advise because am really out of ideas and i have nothing in mind in what to do next.
                what is my rights, and is their obligations, even I have no one from bmw management to complain to because they unreachable simply.
                am greatly disappointed by the poor way of treating customers.
                It was my last time with AGMC.
                my email is : [protected]

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                  resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                  BMWwindow trim falling off

                  The window trim of my BMW 335ci fell out. The trim was not glued properly at the factory. BMW has refused to repair it. I requested that BMW pay for the trim and I would pay for the proper installation. BMW refused.
                  This shows that the quality of BMW construction has declined. Worse, contrary to its advertising, BWM America refuses to take responsibility for its cars.

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                    The complaint has been investigated and
                    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                    BMW X3 2007 — loud annoying noise from drive train.

                    The 2007 BMW X3 recently purchased from Fort Lauderdale BMW creates a very annoying loud ringing noise at...

                    BMWpaintwork flaking on bmw 3 series

                    Here is a letter sent to BMW about my complaint that no-one seems to take seriously and for which I have still not had a reply.

                    My BMW 3i SE Convertible was bought on 21 September 2007 at Broad Oak Canterbury. At the time of purchase I was asked what colour the car was to be finished with at an extra cost of approximately £500.
                    In September 2009, I noted some paint had come off the bonnet of my car and assumed a stone or some other small object had caused the damage. However, in November after washing the car, I started to notice other areas on the bonnet also had small areas of paint loss. On careful further examination of the cars’ paintwork there were also losses of paint on the wings and more disturbingly on the rear of the car. In total there are at least 31 areas of loss of paint on the car ranging from 2- 15 mm in diameter or length. Despite having a BMW before this one and a further 10 cars in my lifetime I have never witnessed this amount of paint loss in multiple areas of a car like this including cars like Mazda, Nissan and Honda even when they have been up to 9 years old.
                    The tyres required being replaced in January 2010 and whilst in the BMW Center at Broad Oak Canterbury I asked the technicians to look at the paintwork. I was told that all the areas of paint loss were caused by chips from stones even the ones at the back where being hit by a stone is unlikely. I then requested a further inspection and I was told to make an appointment at Barretts Repair Centre in Canterbury. Darren inspected the car stated it did not come under the corrosive warranty and said that they were all due to stone chips and with the one at the back something had to have hit it somehow . I told him I was not happy with this explanation as this sort of paintwork damage had never occurred on any of my previous cars that I had possessed. He suggested then that an Inspector from BMW could look at this at some time. A further appointment was made to get this seen by the BMW Inspector in Ashford and the car was left at Barretts Canterbury. The car was picked up the following day but no explanation was given to me of the findings at the time of pick-up. The lady behind the desk just stated that I had no cause for complaint. I asked for a more detailed explanation and was told to ring back later that day. On returning the call I was told they were all chip marks and that was that. I requested then a written report from the BMW Inspector and was told I would receive this shortly. Two weeks later I still have not seen this report and still have the ever increasing number of defects on the paintwork of the car.

                    My complaints are as follows:
                    This car is the most expensive car I have ever bought and yet the paintwork is obviously defective or not in keeping with the cost of purchase of the car. What is even more disturbing is the fact I had to pay an extra amount of money for the metallic finish. I can understand stones causing marks of maybe 1mm but when areas surrounding the chip flake off in larger areas it makes me wonder whether the paint used or its application was defective in some way. This point has some truth in it as I have never witnessed this type of defective paintwork on any other car I have owned including the BMW Estate which I gave to my son and is currently 6 years old.
                    Although I have requested it to date I have not received a technical report explaining why the paintwork is defective despite the car being examined on 3 separate occasions. To be told they are just chip marks is not from my point of view an adequate explanation.
                    Looking on the internet it would appear other BMW car owners are experiencing a similar problem and are being fobbed off with the same explanation.
                    Unless a satisfactory explanation is forthcoming it would seem that my only course for redress would appear to report my experiences to someone like BBC Watchdog or highlight the problem in the local press so that other potential purchasers of these cars are made aware of this problem. The watchdog programme are also likely to undertake a more extensive investigation of the problem.
                    I chose to buy my car from BMW as you advertise the fact that you make a point of having a reputation for looking after your customers and sorting out their complaints but at the present time this does not seem to be my experience. In the future it certainly will make me look at other cars when I exchange this car in the next 2 years unless I get some recompense for this problem.
                    I look forward to your response before I consider taking further action on this matter.

                    A Stellon

                    paintwork flaking on bmw 3 series
                    paintwork flaking on bmw 3 series
                    paintwork flaking on bmw 3 series

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                      • Ra
                        Rak.G Jun 19, 2014
                        This comment was posted by
                        a verified customer
                        Verified customer

                        My new car has problems with the iDrive system. It randomly goes off. This causes safety problems as this often happens when I am reversing the car, wherein the sensors don't display any information on the iDrive system when it switches off.

                        The dealer and BMW have not addressed the issue since over a month and a half.

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                      The complaint has been investigated and
                      resolved to the customer's satisfaction

                      The following is a copy of an email I sent to the gm of ft myers bmw. I copied bmw of north america.
                      To date the dealership acknowledged that they had over charged $120.00 for the 60000 mile service but have not acknowledged any wrong doing regarding the water pump problem.
                      Bmw of na called and bascially said there is nothing they can or want to do regarding the situation.
                      Has anyone else had similar problems?
                      The ultimate driving machine or the ultimate rip off machine?

                      Good morning mr. Shepherd,

                      I recently had some service work performed at your dealership. On thursday, february 25th I dropped off my 2000 z3 for a 60, 000 mile service which had been quoted to me by cindy, your service advisor, to cost $499.00. Thursday afternoon cindy called me to inform that I needed a new alternator and that is would cost $959.00. My initial reaction was shock as I never heard of an alternator costing so much money; cindy said she would ask the service manager for a reduction. I authorized the work to be done. Cindy then told me that the alternator had to overnighted from bmw/na’s warehouse in jacksonville, fl and would probably arrive monday or maybe tuesday.

                      Cindy then asked me is she could close out the 60, 000 mile service order and I agreed thinking that my credit card on file would be charged something in the low $500.00 range for the work performed.

                      I did not hear from cindy again until late wednesday afternoon, march 3rd she called to tell me that my car was ready. I told her I would pick it up thursday the 4th.

                      I arrived at your dealership on the 4th at about 1:30 in the afternoon and was told that cindy was not available but that all I had to do was pay the cashier and be on my way. When the cashier presented me with an invoice of some $1100.00 I asked why it was so much more than the estimate and asked to see the service manager. I was told that the service manager was not available either. I reluctantly paid the bill. I now realize I should have asked if you were on site.

                      I then asked for a copy of the original invoice for the 60, 000 service work that had been performed the previous week as cindy never bothered to send me a copy. After some trouble finding in your computer system the cashier finally produced an invoice for over $600.00. To say I was shocked cannot really describe my reaction.

                      Why does your dealership promote false estimating and then present the client with an invoice that far exceeds the quoted amount? Not once but twice.

                      I had received an email asking for my feedback on the quality of my experience with the original service work preformed and filled it out and sent my remarks back requesting to hear from a representative from both the dealership as well as from bmw of na. To date I have nothing from your organization but I did receive an email from bmw of na requesting additional information.

                      While waiting to hear from someone I decided to drive my z3, a car which had never caused me any concern, from cape coral, fl back to my home in ma, a trip of some 1500 miles. I had perhaps put 15 or 20 miles on the car since I had picked it from your dealership.

                      Well, I made it as far as 20 miles from lakeland, fl when I noticed my battery light appeared indicating that my alternator was no longer working and I was draining the battery life. I then noticed the temperature gauge and was shocked to see it in the red zone. I pulled off interstate 4 and called bmw roadside assistance. I was informed that for $120.00 my car could be flat bedded to field’s bmw in lakeland, fl which is where I ended sometime late monday afternoon. I was informed that the water pump froze and broke some belts which caused damage to the radiator housing and possibly the fan as well. Estimated cost was going to be some $1900.00 and probably more when everything was known. I received a loner rental car ad drove to a nearby motel to stay the night. On tuesday morning I realized I no longer had any faith in the performance of my z3 for any long trips so I made arrangements to fly back to ma and have the z3, when it was finished, transported back to ma at a cost of some $700.00. My plane ticket cost $165.00.

                      I am at present seeking a fl attorney to represent me as I plan to take action against your dealership for poorly preformed service work. I am of the belief that the alternator and new belts were improperly installed and adjusted which caused the damage. It seems there is some agreement to my theory from the service folks at field’s bmw. I will have the parts inspected by an expert to assist my case.

                      Mr. Shepherd, I am a retired employee of bmw of na and must tell you that I am ashamed of the work performed and the disparity of the rates quoted and charged on the part of your dealership.

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                        • Al
                          alterior Apr 13, 2010

                          Good luck, the BMW dealerships in FL are very crooked. Ferman down here are the worst. It's best if you're an BMW owner to do the maintenance yourself, since cost would be significantly reduced and there is some fun in the manner. :)

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                        • Ra
                          rage613 Mar 19, 2010

                          On the 24th of Feb. I took my M3 to BMW for repair, an oil leak and the hooter, after 2 weeks of it will be 'done Friday' I was finally able to pick up my car on the 10th of March.
                          Much to my horror, the steering wheel was on crooked, I phoned to say I would be right back to correct the problem, as I got on the freeway to go back the car started to cough and sputter, I finally got there and they took the car in. They admitted that there was WATER in the electrical from the bath that they gave the motor, I then asked WHY the hooter was not fixed (even though it was charged for AND already paid) I was told that it was NOT on the ticket, when I showed them the receipt they tried to tell me that the part in question was for the transmission. I then went to the service manager who confirmed that the 'slip ring' was indeed for the hooter.
                          Upon getting word that the car was repaired as specified AND PAID FOR, I was told that the 'slip ring' quoted was incorrect and that the new one was going to be an additional R1900
                          I have a receipt that is marked paid NOWHERE on this receipt does it state that I am responsible for their incompetence.
                          Water in the electrical components promotes corrosion, the electrical components under the hood have been written a death sentence, forever compromising the integrity of my car. The steering wheel on crooked, it obviously was not marked correctly by the technician before it was removed, this was an abomination of everything that BMW stands for.
                          The car was not road tested.
                          A technician was swearing someone in front of my wife.
                          Now I am being forced to pay the R1900 for the “correct” part, or go without the repair that I have already paid for.
                          Upon picking my car up on March 19, 2010 I was again horrified, not only was the steering wheel STILL crooked (after they had assured me it was straight) the turn signals no longer cancel. AND the horn/hooter is still not repaired!
                          Is this what BMW has become? BMW customer care South has a 1 in 10 response to customer complaints!:

                [email protected]&SupplierName=BMW%20SA%20BMW&SupplierID=484&ComplaintID=29604&authkey=3dfad15e3d6feb941e5cfa857e5715f3&redirect=redirect

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                        • An
                          angry600 Jan 29, 2010

                          so did you say that you owned this x5 for 3 months and you are 3 months behind on payments? so basically you picked up a car and drove it for 3 months without paying? you don't expect them to try to get a hold of you? your driving they're $50, 000 around!! you obviously didn't keep in contact with them to keep them updated on why you can't make the payments you just agreed on. if you owed me $50, 000 and i hadn't heard from you in 3 months, your darn right i would call everyone to find you. i wish people would stop whining about they're hurt feelings and use some common freakin sense!

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                        • Bm
                          bmw-sucks Aug 22, 2009

                          If you are considering terminating your lease early from BMW here is what they will tell you:

                          You can either hand in the vehicle early and they will auction it and you will owe the difference, or

                          You can terminate immediately, owe all the payments for the rest of the lease term and penalties.

                          If you Fall Behind in your payments due to financial difficulty,
                          They Will:
                          - Call every known person that they can find linked to you and inform them you are late on your payments
                          - Call your employer and tell them you are late on your payments

                          I WILL NEVER EVER BUY A BMW AGAIN. I don't expect pity from any of you for falling behind on my payments and getting into financial difficulty, but this company takes it to a whole different level.

                          I owned 3 BMWs over 7 years and I would have thought they would be willing to give me at least a little more time than 3 months before they come after me like a criminal.

                          This company and I don't care if it is BMW or the finance company, is the ### of the earth, in my opinion.

                          If you feel proud about owning a BMW, think very carefully. This co will stab you in the back the first chance it gets.

                          I truly regret falling for the marketing and advertising and slick commercials.

                          After 3 months of owning an X5 I did not appreciate it. In fact, i was embarassed that little Mitsubishi's would out accelerate my $50, 000 car.

                          The only thing going for this car is it is a comfortable ride. I am done with BMWs forever.

                          ###. They are German. After all.

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                        The complaint has been investigated and
                        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                        BMWnew 320 d with problems

                        Report on BMW 320D YTB 409 GP 15 February 2010

                        I took delivery of the vehicle on the 12th of November 2009 from Leo Haese Hatfield South Africa
                        About a week after that a friend pointed out the light spot on the back right hand side door. I realized I have never seen this as the car was parked in a darkish show room where I took it from at 5 PM. From there I drove to my house and parked in the garage, where for the next 2 weeks it was to work and back and at work inside the under roof parking.
                        I phone BMW and told them about the mark on the back door, it is a circle in the middle of the door with a ± 30 cm radius that is much lighter then the rest of the car and door. I was asked to bring the car in and they will have a look, this was about 2 to 3 weeks before Christmas in December 2009.
                        The Sales person had a look and said he will have to launch a factory warranty call for them to sort out the problem, but this will however only happen in 2010 as BMW is closed until then. At this stage my car had ± 2500 km on the clock.
                        I took the car back the first week in January for the factory representative to come and have a look. I was asked to come fetch my car the next day, and it was reported to me that they can see there is something wrong and they will come back to us with a solution. A week or 2 went past and I phoned them to ask what would be done about the problem, I also told them that I was going on honeymoon from the 23d of January to the 1st of February, and would like the car to be fixed before that.
                        I was then asked to bring my car back in on the 18th to 22nd of January, they then told me they are going to fit a new door to see if the colours matched, but for this it has to go to the panel beater to strip the trimmings on the door. I told them I cannot understand why the car needs to go to the panel beater as they can fit the blank door at the dealer, to see if the colours matched. They then said ok they will have the door fitted at the dealer (I am not sure if this actually happened ). I got my car back and was told they are going to re-paint the door, I told them I wasn’t happy as it is a brand new car and I cant not see how they want to re-paint it. If I ever want to sell it, it will lose value but they assured me the car will be 100 % when I get it back.
                        I took the car back to them on the 9th of February to do what that said they will do, I got the car back on the 11th of February and was not happy.
                        The car was dirty and full of polish marks, even the dash board was full of polish marks and my car has a disgusting smell of thinners, on close inspection I have seen that they did not even remove the door when they re-painted it as there is tape marks all over the entire door, as well as paint dripping on the door handle, there is also still polish on the drive side door handle.
                        The paint was polished at the back door that they re-painted, to such an extent that on some places the paint was polished off and only the undercoat is visible. This is also visible at the back light of the car, and there was not a paint problem there at all.
                        I phoned BMW once again to say I wasn’t happy and they must do something. The response I got was that they did what they could and if I have any more problems I must take it up with BMW South-Africa.
                        This then made me think if they ever did launch a factory warranty claim, as I was told they did, or if they as a dealer just wanted to sort out the problem internally.
                        On Friday the 12th of February 2010 i phone BMW South-Arfrica to find out what they say about the problem i am having according to them there was not Factory claim against my car
                        The second problem with the car is there is allot of wind noise coming from the doors and the windows, when the car went in the first time for them to look at the paint problem they assured me they will also then look at the window / door problem. I was told the door railing was bend and this happened when they put the smash and grab on the car, and BMW will replace it as they had the smash and grab put on the car. Since then the story has changed to the windows not closing properly and the mirrors making a noise, they also said they will fix the windows, this never happened the car is still making the same noise. I know it is a problem as the car they gave me on loan is also a 320 D and did not have this noise.
                        On Tuesday the 22nd of February the car had to go for a service, and once again go back to BMW to fix the wind noise as well as fix the bad spray job.(spray job no 2)
                        On that morning to make things worse my car did not want to start, after the 3d try i got the car to start but the engine warring light came on. I switched the car off and started it again and the light was gone, as i booked the car in i asked them to look at this problem, i was phoned back late that afternoon to say they are still looking for the problem.
                        The next morning the booking lady phoned me and said ok. They have replaced power steering brackets as it was leaking and was loose ( this on a car with now 15 000 km on the clock), they then also reset the door latches for the door to close better ( read all about the wind noise problem above ) then they charged the battery and rest the computer to fix the engine problem, i said to them it does not make any sense to me i want the workshop manager to phone me. He phone me in about an hour’s time and told me the following, because the car was driven hard and the brakes got hot ( the previous day) the computer protected the car and that’s why it did not start. Now i know a bit about cars and this is not possible, i told him i do not believe this, in response they then said ok they will put the car back on the computer and show me.
                        I phone BMW Melyn and spoke to Niel, a technical person, he then advised me that firstly BMW does not have such a system built into any care, if the car finds the brakes hot or a engine problem it will warn you straight away, not the next day. And it WILL NOT cause the car NOT to start.
                        The car has now gone for the 3d spray job, this decision was made by the dealer principal (ROELF), as they were not happy with the second spray job
                        I still don’t have my car back, and frankly i don’t want it back, it is a brand new car that did not want to start, and has 3 layers of paint on the back door of my car.
                        The story they told me about the engine has changed 3 times now, the last one is that the spark plugs was dirty and they had to replace them, now a Diesel car does not have spark plugs, it has Glow plugs..

                        I spent ± R380 000 on a new car as I had problems with my second hand 120 I BMW, and this car was with them at least 3 times a month to get fixed. This was the reason for buying a brand new car. Now I still have a car with problems, a bad paint job and it has been back at least 6 times since I got it 3 months ago.
                        The bottom line is I paid for a new car and that is what I want.

                        Emil Henrico

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                          The complaint has been investigated and
                          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                          BMW — rear coil spring failure

                          I can't believe that the rear coil springs of the X3 are subject to premature failure. My local mechanic...

                          The complaint has been investigated and
                          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                          United BMW — certified pre-owned warranty

                          We purchased an X5 from United BMW last year. It was a Certified Pre-Owned BMW. When we were talking to the...

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