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Bloomex reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Feb 13, 2008. The latest review Paid for my flower delivery that was never received. was posted on Mar 23, 2021. The latest complaint Flower Delivery was resolved on Feb 19, 2021. Bloomex has an average consumer rating of 3 stars from 256 reviews. Bloomex has resolved 108 complaints.

Bloomex Customer Service Contacts

1800 905 147 (Australia)
4095 Belgreen Drive Unit 8
Gloucester, Ontario
Canada - K1G3N2

  • 20 Rosedale Dr., Dartmouth, NS, B3A 1L8
  • 5530 Rue St-Patrick, Montréal, QC, H4E 1A8
  • 8-4095 Belgreen Dr., Ottawa, ON, K1G 3N2
  • 902 Magnetic Dr., Toronto, ON, M3J 2C4
  • 1100 Main St., Winnipeg, MB, R2W3S2
  • 6067 88 Street, Edmonton, AB, T6E5T4
  • 6-3510 27th Street NE, Calgary, AB, T1Y 5E2
  • 108-366 Kent Ave., South East, Vancouver, BC, V5X4N6

United States
7068 NW 50 Street, Miami, FL, 33166
  • 12/18 Victoria St E, Lidcombe, NSW, 2141
  • 23/1 Lathe Street, Virginia, QLD, 4014

Bloomex Complaints & Reviews

Bloomex — flowers

Ordered Valentine's day roses, got them 2 days late and they were frozen solid. Purolator pretty much...


Bloomex — coffee sensation basket

I ordered the coffee sensation basket which included 9 items (large box of truffle, milk chocolate bar...


Bloomex — rose delivery

Ordered roses for my partner to be delivered on Valentine's Day. By the time it arrived, it was about 9PM...

Bloomexdelivery and service

January 16
Order 2159936
My mom ordered flowers for my birthday being in another country. She paid for the most expensive delivery 9am-12pm. The flowers never arrived on time, after long investigation they finally arrived at 3pm. Courier as rude. Moreover, the card had a message that was fine but the signature was ??????? Because their computer program didn't read another language properly.
They refunded only delivery difference which was $5 and gave $5 store credit. It was hard to communicate with them, there's no phone line, investigation took hours, staff is unprofessional, they have no care for customers and the happy moments they ruin!

delivery and service

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    Bloomexflowers ordered online

    Order 2135220 for delivery to Oakville. Bouquet should have been Holiday Snowflakes. Instead my sister received a bouquet of old daisies. Company could not rectify in time for Christmas. Customer service was terrible! To make it up, they sent a gift basket containing about 10 boxes of cookies, a few chocolates and a bottle of barbecue sauce. Wow! They sure care - NOT!!! What was supposed to be a thoughtful, well intentioned gesture turned into the joke of the holidays.

    I will NEVER order from Bloomex again. What a huge waste of money and they clearly don't know what type of product they are selling. Flowers are not a commodity. When people send flowers they put a lot of thought and love in their gesture. They sure ruined my intentions.

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      Bloomex.cadelivery 4 days late, flowers dead, resent, same thing dead flowers

      I ordered flowers for delivery on Dec 23 in Saskatoon. Order [protected]
      the order never came. I inquired on Dec 25 and was told they would be delivered Dec 27. I am not happy about that as it missed the intended celebration.

      The recipient was home all day Dec 27 with company coming and going. The flowers were left on the doorstep and the doorbell never rang. The flowers were dead.

      I submitted a complaint through livechat spoke with Stacey. I was told the order would be resent on the 29th. I said I was not accepting that as I would like a refund. She told me a manager would email me asap. I asked who I can expect to receive an email from and she said it was policy and she would not provide a name. That was on Dec 27. It's now Dec 29 no email.

      The second flowers were sent today. and again were left to die on the doorstep no doorbell rang.
      No response to my emails

      I want my money back as I have no faith in this companies ability to deliver anything.

      delivery 4 days late, flowers dead, resent, same thing dead flowers

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        Bloomex — different flowers

        Hi I ordered my Aunt and Uncle Flowers on October 10th 2017. (order date states 9/10/2017 on email) Order...


        Bloomexflower delivery

        We ordered 3 items for our friend's bday. Only 2 delivered. The third one is $75.

        Horrible, indifferent customer service.

        They refuse to acknowledge that the flowers weren't delivered.

        Their livechat customer service is unprofessional, shows zero empathy, and their emails provide no information.

        Had we first googled them, we would have seen that they have a bad reputation internationally.

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          Bloomexitem not received

          The floral company did not send out my floral arrangement. I have tried to contact them multiple times at this point and nothing. They keep telling me the order is under investigation, although it was never received. It is sad that they cannot operate to send flowers to my aunt for my uncle's death. HORRIBLE COMPANY, HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! DO NOT USE!!!

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            Bloomex — order not what was shown on picture

            July 12 Order 2084714 I ordered from the United states to send to someone in Canada. All prices shown in CAD...

            Bloomex — substitute and substandard arrangement delivered

            I ordered a 'Dignified Lillies' floral arrangement (see below in photos) I spent 2 hours trying to contact...

            Bloomexno delivery, no refund

            I have ordered successfully with Bloomex before, so I don't know what's happened to them. I ordered flower's for Mother's Day, paying the high extra charge for delivery that day. NO FLOWERS. I contacted them the following day and they told me a manager would contact me. 2 days later just an automatic email saying they were busy and would get back to me. 3 days following that, I received an email saying my flowers had been delivered on Mother's Day. Now I'm waiting again for a Manager to contact me, to demand a refund.. WILL NEVER USE THEM AGAIN.

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              • Xt
                XTN Jun 02, 2017

                I have the same issue on the Mother's Day May 14th, 2017. Ordered made and no delivery, but still charging high extra charge. Chatting with customer service and waiting for Manager to reply... 3 weeks later...still nothing. Let see how long they will take to resolve this matter.

                0 Votes

              Bloomexflower delivery - horrible service

              I paid for same day delivery of a wonderful lush bouquet of flowers and received neither.
              I requested a refund on my same day delivery charge and never received a response. I just received an image of the bouquet that was delivered and i'm stunned and furious!! This company has now done a horrid job not once...but TWICE!
              I will write as many reviews about this shoddy business as I have to, to make sure it doesn't pull this crap on anyone else. I paid $120 for sparse weeds.

              flower delivery - horrible service
              flower delivery - horrible service

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                Bloomexabsolutely devastated!

                I placed an order for my grandmother for Mother's Day! Bloomex guarantee she delivery at ofbcourse a rate of 20.00plus tax. I was devistated when the next day my grandmother still had not received her flowers! I called customer service and they said they would follow up with the florets and see what happened. They never got back to me. I called again at 5:00 pm and I was told I would have to go on a call back list. I asked to speak to a manager and the agent ignore do mee point blank and when I asked for his name he hung up on me. My grandma received her flowers more thn 24 hours late... and on top of it they were he wrong flowers!!! On top of this I paid extra for a large card to be sent and they sent a blank card despite me filling out a long and heartfelt message. So I paid 20 dollars for flowers guaranteed delivered before 17 that were delivered 24 hours late ... 50 dollars for flowers that Were the wrong ones!! I paid extra for a card that was sent blank and then when I wasn't upset about it was told. Y agent said I have to understand it's the busiest day of the year... Then don't guarantee it!! And don't hang up on me and Don't put me on a list and never call me back! This is outrageous disgusting service!! I have had a good delivery from them before but it's not worth it!! My grandma has depression and was left to feel like I forgot her and ordered it a day late then sent white funeral flowers! And the way they have responded to all of this not worth it! I would be understanding if they showed any care post receiving my money. But the don't .. try bloomsnroses... at least they care enough to ensure your order is correct! Can you believe after 5 called STILL no callback?!?!!

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                  Bloomex Australiasympathy bouquet

                  On 6th May 2016, I purchased a Bloomex 'Beautiful in Blue' sympathy bouquet for a friend who had just lost her mother. Once I'd placed the order, I noticed that I'd made a mistake in my message for the card and I immediately e-mailed Bloomex to request to have it changed.

                  I didn't receive a response from Bloomex about this. Instead, I received an e-mail stating that because it was Mother's Day and there had been a lot of orders placed, my order would be delivered later than the specified time. I was not too bothered about this delay, however, I did want the correction made to my message so I responded to the e-mail to ask if my message had been corrected. I didn't receive a response to my second e-mail either. To this day, I don't know whether the card my friend received with the flowers had a mistake in it or not. As it's a delicate matter, I don't wish to ask her this either.

                  A few days ago, on the anniversary of her mother's death, my friend sent me a picture of the flowers I'd sent, which I have also attached. I was very disappointed to see that the bouquet she received did not resemble the picture of the one I had purchased at all. There were fewer flowers, and rather than a selection of flowers it was only a few white roses with a cheap looking bunch of daisy-like flowers. There also weren't any blue flowers included. Although I'd paid $84.80 for the flowers it looked like I'd spent very little and I'm now embarrassed as my friend probably thinks that I scrimped on the flowers.

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                    Bloomexdelivery charges and general lack of response to my concerns

                    Please refer to order #2040130 placed online April 13 around 230pm Ontario EST
                    I had some issues with delivery and when I tried to get clarity all I could do was communicate through a live chat with representatives who were not helpful and gave incorrect information. For example one argued with me that my order was not submitted in time to be delivered the same day yet she was looking at the attempted delivery time, not my order time (ordered in Ontario to be delivered in British Columbia)
                    The order was eventually delivered two days later but I paid a premium for same day service.
                    I have sent two emails to the site to which I had been directed
                    The only responses I have received were order updates, not actual responses to my concerns or requests to speak with someone.
                    I have spoken with six live chat customer service individuals who have been not helpful (Grace April 13, Tina April 14, Kelly April 15, Matt April 15 afternoon, Anna April 17, Steve April 18th).
                    I have no problem paying for the flowers but would like my $20 back for same day delivery service.

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                      On April 12th, I ordered and paid for a bouquet to be sent to my daughter. I was told the flowers would be delivered the following day, as advertised on website. When the flowers had not been delivered, I called and was told my only way to communicate was via live chat. I finally received a message on Saturday, April 15th, that the flowers would be delivered on Tuesday, April 18th, nearly one week after the order had been placed. In communication today, I was told that my money would be refunded after 48 hrs. No apology, nor offer to send anything. I will never use this company again and will make sure my friends, family and associates are aware of the poor service I received.

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                        Bloomexfresh flowers and delivery

                        My sister ordered some flowers from NZ for me from Bloomex. The flowers were not delivered as scheduled, Bloomex were subsequently contacted by my sister and told very rudely they would deliver them the following week. No option to cancel the order and no refund available. The flowers, geberas, arrived in a disappointing condition, crushed and damaged. They lasted three days and had to be thrown out.

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                          Bloomex.ca — floral arrangement

                          Paid by my Master Card, 68.95$ . Flowers were delivered a day late, were not the arrangement I had ordered...

                          Bloomex.casympathy flowers

                          Ordered a funeral arrangement from bloomex.ca and recieved white flowers shoved in a vase. There was absolutely no effort made to create an arrangement. It looked sloppy. Some flowers were already browning and other were just buds. I ordered an arrangement with lilies and every lily in the vase was in its budding state. This is not what one would expect when ordering flowers for a funeral. No one orders a vase full of buds and brown flowers to sit in a funeral home beside a deceased loved one. I also paid for the deluxe version and there was nothing deluxe about this, other then the price. I attached 2 photos. The first is what I received. The second is what I paid for (except I upgraded so mine should have actually been even bigger with more flowers)

                          sympathy flowers
                          sympathy flowers

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