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Blizzard Entertainment - Blizzard customer support, account and personal data management

Hello, My name is George and I have an issue with my Blizzard account. Due to inactivity and not having need of it, my old phone number, attached to the account, was deactivated and given to...

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Blizzard Entertainment - Diablo II: Resurrected

I received this game as a gift on 10/08/2021. As per the gamemaster's admission, I have 9 hours 57 minutes of activity on the game. Since the game's release, it has been riddled with bugs and server downtime which has made the game unplayable. In one case, my game crashed resulting in 20 minutes of progress undone. Others have had hours of progress undone due to character rollbacks, and most importantly, the servers are down so often as to question whether they're down more often than they're up.

I sent in a support ticket asking for a refund of the game, which was answered in a few hours with a rather firm rejection of a refund due to the amount of activity on the game. I responded in more detail and explained why a refund is not out of the question given the activity on the game is not at an unreasonable amount. They responded with another rejection on the same grounds. This has continued for 4 responses now, and I thoroughly expect the fourth response to be a firm rejection of my refund request.

I am not asking for anything unreasonable here. By Blizzard's own admission, their server status is not working properly since release, and tens of thousands of players, if not more, do not have access to the game. To any reasonable person, and through any other retailer, this would justify a refund of the product without much hassle. I have had to spend considerable time responding to these vague rejections on grounds that, frankly, are ridiculous.

I will add that the fact that they have no means to call and speak to a customer service representative is shady and designed to reduce legitimate complaints against them as support tickets are easily dismissed, whereas a call from a customer complaining about their purchase is not as easily ignored. Finally, what little customer service this company provides is horrendous as the ticket is handed off to different CSR's each time, so they can't even be bothered to assign a specific person to a specific ticket.

Desired outcome: A full refund of the game.

Blizzard Entertainment - Warzone

Stop — with these ridiculous oversized updates... Please hire a German or smth. I am a programmer and there is 0 justification for these oversized updates, this just screams inefficiency. Again... Hire a German to replace whoever is in charge now of this BS... He really is [censored]ting you to make you think these updates need to be that big for some BS reason you don't understand because you have 0 knowledge of the details of how game dev works. He/she is just hiding their own incompetence of coming up with a system that doesn't rip ppl bandwidth!!! I compared the bytes!!! Really, no freaking reason!!! You force ppl to download [censored] they already have... Why???

Desired outcome: FIX IT !

Blizzard Entertainment - World of Warcraft

Issue ID: #[protected]

A Game Master resolved your ticket, and left the following response:

Hello, Alexander.

This is the cutest marsupial from Down Under: GM Quokkamocha! (◕ܫ◕)/


After reviewing your ID, I have detached the authenticator on the account as your request.

Please log in and set up your SMS number first.

For the best account safety, please download the authenticator on your mobile device and attach it onto your account.

It was a second request still the authenicator is there and I can't use my account

Desired outcome: Full refund of all blizzard purchases and account deletion

Blizzard Entertainment - Diablo 3

Blizzard is demonstrably racist in their game configuration.
Diablo 3, had one of their six characters. The one Black character is by far the weakest build, and when a new build for the one Black character, Mundunugu had abilities on first launch it was downgraded three different times. What is the ultimate worse during team play it is blamed for internet lag and routinely routinely booted off as players believe it is the reason for jittery game play. No one chooses to play with the one Black character. In addition the abilities of like angry chicken 🐔 is insulting as a strength feature, when chickens are known for fearfullness and being someone's dinner. Plus in the new Diablo 4, the are NO Black characters.

Desired outcome: Improve the Witch Doctor character

Blizzard Entertainment - Blizzard refund policy & ethics, 2021

I've personally been playing this game for around 14 of the last 16 years, a break here and there, but consistently been playing it. Back around 5 years ago the GM team was a bit more forgiving and...

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Blizzard Entertainment - Hearthstone

I have been playing this game for a long time and obviously many people are already unhappy with how you run this game. Never giving gold and charging unrealistic prices for packs. The point is you need to fix paladin. You may have may changes but it is still far better than any class. Fix your game so people like me a long time player can enjoy it.

Suck it

Desired outcome: Fix your game

Blizzard Entertainment - Hacked account

I submitted 2 tickets on my account being hacked and all I got was a "open" status on it but no other info. I've supplied my id and other needed info to them about 3 times and still nothing and it's been 3 days! How am I suppose to know what's going?! I'm very frustrated because I spent so much money on blizzard! I bought call of duty twice!!! Just to play on my pc but I can't seem to get any response. There's no phone number to call, there's nothing. We rely on customer support but there is none.
My email is [protected] feel free to reach out because this ridiculous

Blizzard Entertainment - Overwatch

I was in a game of open queue, my internet broke down, I rejoined in time and we still won. now I got an hour suspension, AND lost 50 sr WHILE WE WON?! I want compensation for this poor quality service. I want my SR restored, and now I cant play competitive for an hour because of YOUR FLAW. I'm getting really tilted by this as you can imagine, now I'm locked out because of this non sense. I would like a compensation in whatever way, because I'm about to just delete Overwatch and post my experience on social media.


OP i know this is late but this is not a fluke. its a anti cheat mechanic that is in about 99% of MMO games that have pvp matches. some people in the past have disconnected their network to evade loosing, rejoin the same game and move on to win cause the system reset their health. Though i will say it does need tweaks. in WOW when you DC, get kicked out of a group for unknown reasons, or leave a toxic group you immediately get a debuff preventing you from joining a new que for a new group. i have had that debuff way to many times for something as simple as being booted from a group just cause i pressed need on armor i needed as a upgrade to current gear. they should have a pop up window made for when something like this happens so you can explain your self then the program checks that vs the reason you left the group [DCED or kicked out.] if i left cause we were loosing then debuff. if i left cause it was toxic no debuff. in your case it would be you DCed so the system should have been more forgiving.

Blizzard Entertainment - Unjustified revocation of service

I have been a Blizzard customer for 12 years, and am well aware that people frequently swear in-game. Swearing is not against the EULA, as there are not one, but TWO ways to avoid seeing someone...

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Blizzard Entertainment - This last update

I want to start out by saying for the last 8-1/2 year I have enjoy the content of blizzard however... This corruption was the worst by far it out did legion by miles is it because your running out of ideas or just lacking in which cast I want my full refund for my last 6 month sub because its so outrageous it had so much potential and you killed it like an unborn child going through abortion my biggest question is not why but what gave you the thought of n'zoth the corrupter being a good idea... I mean come on you dont even get more then one chance for distorting reality and you have the gull to make the cost of vessel of horrific visions 10k... I am still so upset with the change of level 100 to now 120 that im not even going to go there. The point of this is please think about the next update very carefully because my heart cant take anymore disappointment from my own life I would hate to have even more from the game I love ive been playing almost a hole decade please please dont let me down and I thank you for the content up to legion.

Blizzard Entertainment - account

I am wanting to post a complaint about a company that I have loved, and been a loyal patron of for years, that seems to be going downhill quickly as of late... Blizzard Entertainment was recently...

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Blizzard Entertainment - online web ticket system

What you get from this system is just a copy-pasted template answers regarding to topic of your choice.

No one actually reads what you asked for and just tells you 'this can not be done and if you ask more question we will ban you permanently'

Appeal system is a joke because they never ever compromise even if its their mistake. It is good to follow the code of conduct, but if you aren't going to compromise or trying to get some solution for the customers you might as well delete the 'make an appeal' or 'make a suggestion' systems.

Blizzard Entertainment - overwatch

when will the exclusive Reinhardt mug be available to public purchase... i would drop 500 for it, it looks soo great or what ever price it was labeled for, it just seams like a waste to have it for a one time buy when their are so many fans that love over watch to the skys limit, i started on the ps4 and now im on pc loving every minute of Reinhardt and other characters. seams disappointing to be honest... that mug is like a trophy for being in the game for so long, a monument to popa jeff.

Blizzard Entertainment - world of warcraft

This company, since January 2018, has screwed me out of 2 account and somewhere around $1500. I am a 70 yr old, disabled, Vietnam Vet. My son introduced me to the game in 2007. Except for an extended...

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Blizzard Entertainment - overwatch character

For Brigitte, She NEEDS a damage nerf, everything else is fine, except the amount of damage she gives off. She can practically combo you to death in 5 seconds. She runs up to you, blocks your attack with ease then bashes you, then left shifts you which ends up doing around 200+ health to the other person while healing herself. Also, make tracers little left shift boosts take a second or two longer to replenish.

Blizzard Entertainment - world of warcraft

I have been trying to get access to my old account to my current account and most of your gms (except for gm Brianna she was amazing) have been giving me a run around if I could I would redo all my...

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Aug 31, 2017

Blizzard Entertainment - out of money

Is there any sign of phone support, huh? Once you call they redirect you to their site with recordings, no real human voice, nothing like that. Unfortunately, their online support sucks as well and...

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Blizzard Entertainment - gaming

I have never have heard of this company ever -iblizzard ent*onl store.
Attempted a pull from my debigt card $60 charge on my account! [censor].
I filed a fraud claim against them via my bank. I had to cancel all my banking!!!
any criminal charges i will gladly go forward with
you stole $60 from a hard working person, i want my money back you thieves- get a job like i have.

Blizzard Entertainment - unauthorized credit card charges

I don't know what happened. I got SMS from my bank they are telling, I purchased USD 10, then next day which is today I noticed that another 3 SMS each one purchasing USD 50 games. I didn't buy...

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