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Big Fish Games Complaints & Reviews

Big Fish Games / game club

Ellecaley on Sep 15, 2017
I found a charge on my account for a reoccurring monthly charge. I haven't used big fish games for several years. I felt so stupid for not reading a contract or missing some detail and agreeing to this membership by mistake. I just wanted to cancel it and stop future charges. I wasn't even...

Big Fish Games / So sad I dealt with them

Andohno on Sep 12, 2017
Don't think of buying from them, you'll be more than disappointed. They take your money for nothing because they provide bad working games. And when you try to reach their customer service, you start regretting you actually called them. They say if you want a normal answer you better to...

Big Fish Games / membership

Ellecaley on Aug 12, 2017
I noticed a reoccurring charge on my credit card that has been going on for at least a year. I don't know what account this is for and have no idea how to log in to cancel the membership. I have not logged into it for several years. I think it's greedy and unethical to continually charge an...

Big Fish Games / big fish games (cooking craze)

Lynnise Hicks on Aug 11, 2017
I find it so unprofessional & idiotic that you have to wait 30 minutes just to regain 1 life on the game and to continue to play a level you have to spend 35 spoons. The wait limit to regain a life is completely unacceptable and 35 spoons is entirely to much to spend. I will appreciate if...

Big Fish Games / nancy drew game

Ed Sala on Aug 6, 2017
On 7/31/17 I clicked on a popup for a new Nancy Drew game offered by Big Fish Games. After the click, the information said it would cost $2.99, so I clicked that I would purchase it for that price. I provided my payment information (Discovercard 6001 0058 7587 5505) and clicked to the next...

Big Fish Games / big fish casino 777

Flossingsin on Jul 26, 2017
Hey big fish I have been a loyal customer to your games for years now and only had this problem once I've noticed a minimum of 360 Million chips taken from my account I didn't spend them otherwise I wouldn't be here asking you for them back. I've taken a very big blow since this happened...

Big Fish Games / the more I buy the less I accomplish

Someone 34800725 on Jul 14, 2017
My name is fancy ID34800725 I been a player for 2 yes maybe more i love the game times were I spend 300 but this month I made a small purchase anyway I was banned from Facebook lobby I can't participate in nothing I can't change my photos I can't do [censor] I also notice some...

Big Fish Games / chips removed from my account

Breezy711 on Jul 14, 2017
I have two complaints, I emailed and sumbittef a complaint about mad mouse and I did not receive the pot money or the 5 scatter I put in. My second complaint is I won a jackpot yesterday 7/13 and had 243 million. I did spend some and had over 200 million when I went to bed. I woke up with...

Big Fish Games / unauthorised payments

Roren Chan on Jul 1, 2017
I have recently noticed small amounts of money coming out of my account and going to this company, even though I don't own a computer or use any of the products. Every transaction is $7.27 AUD and there are payments dating back to 2014. As much as I would like to recoup those losses, I know it...

Big Fish Games / fairway solitaire from ipad 4 to ipad air

Adriana Mihalus on Jun 27, 2017
Hallo, My Big Fish ID is: ID: 237115 I bought the game for my Ipad4. The display glass is broken so I purchased an IPad Air. When I opened the game I had a shock. My whole progress was gone. I played for 4 years and gained 3665255 golf bucks. Now the game starts from zero and I have to...

Big Fish Games / my credit card is still being billed monthly after all gaming software has been removed so I can't cancel the membership

Anthony Merchant on Jun 23, 2017
My wife played only one Bigfish game and to allow her to play it on her PC I entered my credit card information. I was not aware of the $6.99 billing monthly when she got the game and it was a free game to play. I have been billed for several months now and my wife's HDD crashed so the...

Big Fish Games / taking a monthly fee that I can't use

Lynette Benford on Jun 22, 2017
I joined up over 12 months ago and then noticed last month that you have been taking 6.47 from my bank account each month. I was not aware of this... I have now stopped you from being able to do this, but we have a problem. I. Have a ipad and have 13 credits still to use up and your app...

Big Fish Games / the game the heir and the game stray souls

Yeasmendia on May 31, 2017
I've purchased the game the heir and can not play it. I also already purchased stray souls long time ago tried to ply it again and was charged again. Please refund. This is my second request for the heir to be refunded. I also think it's unfair to have to go through all of this to get...

Big Fish Games / casino

Disgruntled007 on May 25, 2017
This game is a scam!!! They never let you win, and if you are foolish enough to buy chip you lose even more. All they care about is getting your hard earned money. When you are low on chips and try to go to a scatter room to get some help, you get put in the vicious loop of dead tables and...

Big Fish Games / ipad game: awakening, the free version

Kasiel on May 13, 2017
I had to play one scene over 30 f*ing times/3 stages worth for 5 of the same items and still has not given me more than 3. Wasted my energy bar and all the coins I had to spend refilling over and over to try finishing that lame quest. That plus, for one quest I kept losing an item I had to...

Big Fish Games / big fish games took $7.27 out of my account for no reason

celeste123!!! on May 10, 2017
Hi my names celeste claydon and about 3 months or most likely more ago, i emailed someone and told them about how money got took out off my account and all it said was from 'bigfishgames' and long story short they found the promblem and refunded my money and canceled the game i was playing...

Big Fish Games / Big fish casino

Hadenough101 on May 3, 2017
I have had 3 accounts now and each one i have spent a minimum of 1, 000.00 on. The first account they bann me for reasons unknown. The second account disappeared for no reason and they said they counldnt find it. The third account the bann me for sending a gift that they let you buy and...

Big Fish Games / Game does not work so i emailed support and they ignoring it

fefeshadow on Apr 18, 2017
I brought a game off bigfish and it was working fine until april 14th 2017 and i put in a support ticket which i stated the problem and i stated my system info how it had not changed and it worked fine until that 14th and i received a email back saying how sorry they was about how i can...

Big Fish Games / There equipment and blames players

Brian4343 on Mar 22, 2017
Rip Off... This game is a complete Rip Off. When you win or start winning you are kicked completely out of app. Then they say it's your faught. Bull shi!. This company should have a class action lawsuit against them. I've tested the connection and monitored it and it's there equipment that...

Big Fish Games / Poor business practice

mikemanny on Mar 18, 2017
Normally when I sign up to a website they send me lots of emails, messages, etc. Big fish games, on the other hand, sent me nothing at all, not even an email confirmation confirming my on line purchace, so imagine my surprise when I notice that they've been billing me for months for...

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