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Hello, my name is Baan Alhanoush and I tried to shop at Kmart today. I was purchasing 4 items and was going to use my 7 dollars on my freecash coupon. The cashier there asked what the name of the card was it. There are 2 names, my husband and me. I accidentally said my husband was the one with the 7 dollars freecash. The cashier told me there was not 7 dollars on it. I asked why and she explained to me why, I tried to tell them that it was on mine name but, then before, the supervisor standing next to her said sorry mam there is nothing we can do about it, in a rude tone. I was only trying to change the name. I was trying to get things straightened out. Then, she proceeds to tell the cashier not to sell it to me. She was so mean and rude. I was upset and called 911, a police officer William D. Gore of San Diego's Sheriff's department. This is the number that proves he came that I got from him. E5130682. He spoke with the lady and told me that I could try with my name. He told the supervisor to come to tell me that i could use a different cash register. She walked over to grab my items and hand them to me when, I said no. I told her i would never shop at this Kmart again. She was so rude, I could have solved things with the cashier r but, she came in and started refusing for me to purchase my items. I just needed for them to listen to me and I could explain. She was so rude and snarky and basically refused me to purchase. Her name is Patty and she is the supervisor of Kmart: Big Kmart Store 3076 935 sweetwater rd spring valley ca 91977. We have shopped at this Kmart for a long time now, this Kmart is in our neighborhood. Please do something about this, speak to the supervisor. I really need you guys to do something. She did something wrong to me and could it to other shoppers. You can contact me at my email: [protected]


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      Aug 02, 2018

    You called 911 because the cashier hurt your feelings? I am surprised you weren't charged with wasting police time. There was no need to call the police let alone call 911 over this matter. You were tying up the emergency lines. Imagine if at sometime in the future you needed to reach 911 for a life or death emergency but they were too busy dealing with frivolous calls like this one? I am sure you wouldn't be very pleased.

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      Aug 02, 2018

    You expect me to believe that the Sheriff of San Diego William D. Gore aka Bill Gore and not a deputy showed up to a minor tiff with a supervisor? No chance, only reason he would be there is to make your arrest for abuse of the 911 system. I guess if you are going to lie about a cop showing up to your party, you would have to name someone you know to be a cop incase someone looks it up, and hope they don't notice he is the sheriff.

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      Aug 02, 2018

    @Kmart 9459 Good catch!

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