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The Big Bazaar outlet has managed to convince me never to shop at a big bazaar ever again and not recommend it to anyone.

let me cite my experience at the Thane branch where I go religiously. Since the last 4 months that I have been going there, there has never been any air conditioning inside making the entire experience a pathetic and sweaty one.

The first time I enquired a few months back I was told that it was because of electricity cuts in Thane. The second time someone told me there was a compressor problem and today when I went there they had no excuse.

I personally feel that the person running it (if its a franchisee) is saving huge money on electricity by not running the a/c however what he is not realizing is that in this age where we have a D Mart and a Reliance just some distance away, the experience inside the store is what will count.

I took the number of the customer care but nobody answers the phone. I will try to get in touch with Mr Biyanis office and recommend a surprise visit by him to experience what Im talking about but I thought others reading this should BAN big bazaar.


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May 29, 2010 8:45 am EDT
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On 28th May'2017(7:16 pm) my wife purchased the item of Rs.499.50 from the Big Bazaar, Bagha Jatin' kolkata with her debit card(RRN. [protected]). But we found there was another transaction(POS purchase) taken place of Rs.948.30 from her account with the same debit card for some other bill(RRN.[protected]) in the same day.

When we went back to that Big Bazaar and checked the merchant copy, we found the second bill was not even signed properly(just one circle drawn instead of the full sign). However, though we have explained and requested again and again, but they refused to cooperate.
I really didn't understand how is it possible to make two transaction with one debit card, where as they swapped the card once and it has been signed by the proper person(my wife) once. They didn’t want to accept this neither as a technical fault nor their own fault and they started blaming us, which is a big harassment. Also they started arguing that - its not the responsibility of the cashier to check the signature of the debit card with the merchant copy (which is against the banking law).
So, I complain against the Big Bazaar, Bagha Jatin'Kolkata and the cashier (Somenath Paul) as it was his duty to verify the signature of merchant copy as well as maintain the proper responsibility of a cashier.
There has been an illegal monitory withdrawal from our account, for which I seek your cooperation.

---- Yours faithfully
Subhajit Pal

Jul 27, 2010 8:23 am EDT

As mentioned in thier advertisement that if we purchase more then Rs 7999 then we are entitled for juicer, mixer, grinder as free gift just after showing the bill.i shop for Rs 8600 and they are giving false promises since 3 days and giving all non sense reasons for not providing the gift.this is very sad and no manager is coming forward to talk and resolve this. i do not know why they are cheating people like this.

Aug 09, 2010 6:59 am EDT

On 25th Jan 09 I had purchased cot, mattress, Sofa set and centre table totally worth ~25K. Date of delivery was 10 days from date of purchase as was committed by them during purchase. But on the DC it was mentioned 15th Feb 09. Finally after repeated followup 3 out of the 4 items were delivered ~20th Feb 2017. The centre table is not yet delivered. Each time I call up I am being given a new date of delivery. Currently they have told it as 15th March 2017. The tax invoice has not been provided to me at all for the 3 items which have been delivered as well.

Dec 06, 2007 12:00 am EST

Big Bazaar has a lot of discount schemes and one of them was buy 2 get one free. I had purchased 3 baby clothes for Rs 129, 199 and 199. Along with this a item of Rs 69. The bill shows the item of 129 discount and priced at Rs 0. However the total bill show includes an amount of 129. So the bill does show the item as being discounted however in the total bill, the value gets added. Now have to beaware of such frauds that this company does in the name of buy x get y free.

Bill no T27/6159 at J P Nagar, Bangalore.

Aug 17, 2007 12:00 am EDT

BIG BAZAAR SELLING GOODS AT A HIGHER RATE THAN THE ORIGINAL SUPPLIER. Ridiculous as it may seem. I was a die hard believer o big bazaar but this has really shocked me. Maybe this is what you do with other products also as people are not aware.

And this also fakes your challenge thing. i have written a mail to them. I hope they keep their promise of paying me the double amount.

Raj Koul (Just a consumer who has spend lacs at big bazaar and now feels cheated)

Sep 05, 2007 12:00 am EDT

This is a complaint about staff in Big Bazaar (ameerpeth, hyderbad).

We selected a computer table for 6000/- at Big Bazaar after evaluating for 1/2 hour.
When we did the final selection and asked him to book it, he says 'there is no stock'.
But then he goes to his fellow staff and comes back saying 'there is stock' and to our shock asks for 250 Rs extra as delivery charges and fitting charges.

We argued with them saying, why should we pay fitting charges, we selected the product assembled product so we will pay only that price.

No use of argument, they said it is Big Bazaar’s policy to charge extra for delivery and fitting! (note this point). Tired of argument, we said OK and went to counter to pay. Again to our shock, they said the bill will be made only of the amount on display (6000rs) and the 250 rs will have to be paid in cash to the delivery guys and the fitting mechanic. We found it fishy. This extra money is going to those employee’s pockets and not to big bazaar. We asked for their manager, they didn’t call him citing stupid reasons.
Seeing that we may not buy the table, the staff immediately reduced the delivery charges from 200 to 100!

It is very obvious that this money is going to his pocket. We didn’t buy the table! At that time I wasn’t aware of this website. I thought of writing a complaint e-mail to Big Bazaar manager! After searching on net for any contact number of customer care of Big bazaar, I came to know of this site. And we really feel lucky that we didn’t buy that computer table that day, after reading all these stories.

Jan 27, 2012 11:28 am EST
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May 21, 2009 1:13 am EDT

Very true said, in this era of tough competition Big Bazaar will definately loose customers because of its staff attitude.The staff at Big Bazzar are very rude and arrogant especially of Nasik region.I do have same experience while buying T-shirts for myself.whenever u try some T-shirts 1 staff of lady section of Big Bazaar will come running to you not to try the similar color if you have alrady tried the same in different color.Then he will make rude faces and will try to push u out of the shop by his staring eyes.really a bad experience.I would never visit that department of BIG Bazaar nashik in my future life.

May 18, 2009 7:39 am EDT

I think big bazar hjas worst service.Even though i had complaint on thursday till today18th may2009 in 5 days my problem not solved no one has called me.Big bazar helpdesk is worst except Mr.Tarun and Jai whose more good and helping attitude neither Mrs.Rupa responsible in working.She has to improve her attitude cust helping desk. I don't want she will loose her job bcoz of me. so its my feedback.As a cust i will not in future visit wazirpur bcoz don't want to face insult. i willl attach my complaint.Every month i buy more than 3000rs items including food and other groceeryies.
Poor services big bazar

M-[protected](new Delhi)

Feb 09, 2009 1:12 am EST

BigBazaar - Thane, Near Lake city mall has such worst staff that they will misplace your goods at counter, and if you ask, they will say "you should identify ur goods and tell us while packing" which is rude. Service staff will always chat with themselves and will not help customers. It is very much crowded during weekends and nobody bothers to help customers..

Oct 11, 2008 4:18 am EDT

I very well agree but normal consumers are not habbituated of complaining thus these companies keep on practicing.

May 11, 2008 11:33 pm EDT

I have purchased monthly grossery from Big Bazaar on 6/5/2017 of the Amt 2033.50/-. when i went at home & another day when i cheaked the goods i was shockedthat oneproduct i.e. SAFFOLA SUNFLOWER OIL costing 599.01 was missing. When they packed the goods then did'nt packed the OIL CAN.when i left the shop the time was 10.30PM. This is happaning second time with me from the same branch of big bazar (Wardhaman Nagar, Nagpur) the sales persons are doing these type of things with the customer regularly last time i didn't complaint but after such issue i did so. If i don't get the OIL CAN quickly them i will take serious action against it.I am your regular customer from last 4 years but from few months this is happaing . You also be serious otherwise big thing will happen.

May 04, 2008 7:32 am EDT

i purchsed 2 ton ac from EDM MALL big bazar, kaushambi- Ghaziabad on bazar's anniversary i.e on 13-04-2017 vide reciept no. 2578, with an assurance to install free of cost ac with in day. 22 days has passed, not recieved all items till day. contacted every level, personnly but all in vain, , when i told my identity "magistrate". even after no positive responce, ,
today is 39 deg. temp. & no responce from the manager of EDM.

Mar 10, 2008 10:38 pm EDT

God only knows what you guys are upto...

I paid in full and bought a washing machine and fridge on 22nd Feb 08... after 9 days I got the washing machine, no owners booklet with it ( Nothing ), that too I had to beg for delivery and call many times... There is no one to pick the call even. Just nonsense. Today is the 11th of March, no fridge yet... you guys got all the money and no service... no one to call and tell me what’s going on too... All your managers are waste, spoke to 2 of them a week back; they kept on telling sweet nonsense, nothing else.

Am so helpless that am going to the press... I bought the things from Big Bazaar near KR Puram - Bangalore.

Feb 21, 2008 11:38 pm EST

Hello ,

I bought a set Nokia set from BIG bazaar's Mobile bazaar section. On purchasing they provided me the set its was noticed that one accessory was less. They promised to spot deliver it to me at my office or home.

I purchased it on 17/01/08 but till now they have not delivered it to me. On calling up the service person and the section head , i had to face the bitter experience of hearing abusive words from their part.

I have by now contacted them over phone more than 20 times till as of date, yet no positive response have been got,.
They keep tellingme that they have got the product with them from the company and that they have no time for delivering it due to their extended hours of work. The were also arrogant and rude and kept on saying that being a part of such a big shop they cant spare time for all the customers.
Which i don't feel is right on their part, for them to say after commiting to the customer to deliver it to
him or her.

The people i spoke to on phone were one

Mr Netto (he claimed him self to the the section head )
Mr Sandeep (contact no:[protected]
(who was the staff who provided me with the mobile on time of purchase.

And some others,who claimed to be big bazzar staffs ,& who kept attending some of the calls i made to sandeep , saying that he is at Mumbai, Ernakulam etc for business related purchasing and cannot be reached.

I have not experienced such rudeness and irresponsibility from any ohter place.

Please do make the corrective steps.

This complaint i have raised against the
Mobile bazaar section
at the Big Bazaar Platoon retail
Malabar castle,
Trivandrum 695036


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