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I took my Mac G4 to Best Buy Geek Squad when I had a crash that shut me out completely. Paid $228 for them to reinstall my system software as well as first preforming a data backup.

Once the computer was returned the administrator password system wasn't working so I was unable to reload any other software essentially rendering my system unusable. I called the 800 number and asked if they would send a tech to my house to fix. Told I would have to take it back in to store if I wanted help.

After dragging it back in and spending an hour waiting the tech said he couldn't do any troubleshooting because they didn't have a Mac keyboard. I asked how they'd managed to reinstall my system software without a keyboard and they said one of the tech's brought his from home.

At this point it was clear they had little experience with Macintosh computers so I asked for a refund so I could take it to a real Mac tech to fix the password problem. They said since they did what I asked and installed the OS, they were not liable for my problem.

I've now called 6 different "supervisors/managers" local and corporate, all pretty hostile and unhelpful and clearly aiming to do anything to not refund my money. The fact is, they did something that has made it impossible to use my computer, can't troubleshoot it 'cause they don't even have a $20 Mac keyboard, and won't refund my money so I can pay someone else who knows what they're doing fix it.

Never ever take a repair to Best Buy, they do not stand behind their work.


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      Jun 27, 2009

    I worked at Bestbuy (Canada, Ontario) and while I know that nearly all complaints are subjective, and downright 'wrong' - this one is totally realistic! Avoid Bestbuy for any and all work/repairs/cleaning of any apple related computer hardware! I remember that time and time again, the Geeks were confused, baffled and ill-prepared to deal with relatively simple issues with Macs. They know their stuff, with Windows based hardware, but the company as a whole does little to prepare them to work with macs. If you bought an apple computer there, only deal with them if you absolutely must - and even then, don't be shy and meek about asking them to explain to you exactly what they plan to do with your product! Remember, it is your money, so you have every right to hassle them for quality service. If you can, bring someone who knows something about computers to confirm that you're being told the truth. You should, of course, remember that quality work doesn't always take 10 minutes, so be patient and cooperative, but know your rights, and insist on quality customer service. They took your money with a smile . . . Good luck! Oh and another tip - if you are not happy with something, don't be rude with the Geeks - I know first hand that they want to give you the right service, but their managers hiding behind doors while you are yelling at the front-line workers are the ones making all the wrong decisions, so ask for a manager, and if you can, ask for the General Manager! They are paid good money to deal with difficult situations, so don't vent on the Geeks!!! Let the mangers and General Manager earn their pay cheques!

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      Jul 04, 2009

    Personally I think you're lucky to get the work done in the first place because from what I understand, the MAC manufacturer is extremely picky about what Best Buy can do on their products. But they should've explained that to you when they did it the first time. It woudve saved you a lot of breath. The only reason I could see them forgetting to explain it to you would be that they were extremely busy which I know they are 90% of the time. The best time to get them is first thing in the morning or about an hour before they close. No lines!! Haha.

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