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Bell review: cheating case for home phone service

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HI, I was using the Roger's Home phone service and for long distance, I was using Call Select to call India.

Representative from Bell Canada called me and told me that, they will give 10$ off for a year and 100$ bonus amount. if I switch the home phone service provider from Roger to Bell. Also they told that, I don't have to have to do any thing and they will call Roger and give me the same number as well and my long distance call company will also remain same.There will be no change in that.

But, Once I joined Bell, they have started charging the long distance call to Bell itself and when I got the 1st month Bill, the Bill itself is almost 1000$. Can I do something...Please suggest...

Now when I call Bell they are saying, I have to call CALL SELECT if I want to keep my long distance provider and I have to pay all the Billing amount...

Please suggest me something...what can I do ?



The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Oct 24, 2015 5:24 pm EDT

Unfortunately my friend you are appealing a lost case... I was just told by a MANAGER " you shouldn't have believed the technicians or the agents ... You should have verified it yourself" ... I lost very close to $800 thanks to them and what is worse I made 3 of my families switch from Rogers to bell which I am regretting big time now ...

Feb 09, 2013 2:33 am EST

I was offered free installation for Bell TV set up, 3 moths select Tv package free, 2 months movie free, no contract, no receiver rental fee, he also told me after 3 months if I change to good package it's going to be 33 dollars. but I got charged for Tv installation fee 150, got charged half price for movie, got charged for digital fee and second standard receiver rental fee, I called them many times stayed on the line for hours talked to different people finally talked to the manager, got the money back for installation fee and movie, but that hidden fee (digital fee and second receiver rental fee can't get money back and they are gong to keep charge me even though employee didn't mention that at all ), then I was going to switch to good package after 3 months, they told me they are going to charge me 47 minus 9( I have internet with them so bundle ) which is 38, I called them they said nothing much they can do, so I canceled Tv, after that I got about 20 phone calls from loyalty department, finally I talked to them, one employee offered me if I stay he offer me 22.85(digital fee and second standard receiver rental fee is included, no PVR rental fee)for Tv good packages, I asked him to send me email, when I saw the email, he only stated 10 dollars off didn't mention 22.85, I called them right away they said it is going to be 30.79, not 22.85, he said there must be misunderstanding, I asked him to check the phone record, he said he can't.I said that's not right, I really need to cancel, they said you either take this offer or we need 30 days notice which I have to pay a fee .then talked to their supervisor, he offered me something else, I asked him to send me all that in writing he said he can't..i am just waiting for another surprise... I can't trust them anymore

Jul 30, 2010 11:19 pm EDT

i has same problem with bell canada, i switch to for home phone internet and long distance. i am really happy at least no more cheating,

Apr 12, 2010 9:10 pm EDT
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Bell is a horrible company. I was a customer for over thirty years, became tired of my bill increasing all the time. I switched to Cogeco but prior to doing this called Bell to make sure I could do so without any additional charges. They assured me that I was not in a contract so it would be okay, however even though I made several calls to them not once did anyone mention that I had to give thirty days notice. So they nailed me for an extra month in charges and charged disconnection fees. When I called to complain they said they could not look up and correspondence I had with them and that I had to pay. I have never been so angry this adds up to almost $200.00, is unfair and dirty business. I will never deal with them ever again. Customer service people are useless and I am just so tired of fighting with them, never again. Please beware, you cannot believe anything they tell you.

Apr 06, 2010 2:53 am EDT

Bell Mobility

This is to inform the bell is cheating the customers for overcharging the mobile phone bills I was billed for $1113.14. for the month of March 2010. I have got long distance phone line with startek for last three years and I have been charged more than $500.00 by bell I have got only basic cell phone with bell and it cost me 35.70 every month even though as I have land line and cell line for long distance through Startek and Telus never charged me for long distance. If the company is making(BEll )losses that does not mean the innocent customers should be charged. If this the way innocent customers are cheated than this company should reported and charges should be laid. I had t v connection contract with them and they started charging me @35 per month at the end of the contract they were charging me $55 per month after three years I cancel the contract and they offered me free tv connection and I told I don’t your connection as I know how you cheat the customers. Bell is the worst and reputed company for cheating the customers. I was told all incoming calls are free and they charged $600 for that and I have contract with long distance with Startek. I have three year contract with bell which be completed in May 2010 for mobile local calls and I have already told I dont want to extend the contract as I am not interested with your service.Bell is worst company I have seen my life that cheats the customers if you visit the website bell cheating the customers you can see how innocent customers are cheated by bell.


Rajesh Pachha

Mar 29, 2010 12:06 am EDT

bell is a most cheating company and there is no government in Canada to stop their cheating, Bell is steeling money from all its customers with different tact's they send me a bill of $262.00 and when i called they reduce to $ 95.00 i don't know how many others get rip off by bell the CEO should be charge for fraud but the minister have closed his eyes on Bell they can do what they want to loots the canadian


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