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We have been customers of Bell Canada for approximately 32 years. In the past we just had phone, so life was simple. Now with the addition of Internet and TV services they can not seem to get the bill straight. This has gone on for about 10 years!! I talk to them about 5 times a year to get things straightened out, and have all types of assurances that it will be taken care of, but...the same thing happens over and over. Do you know if you have "Bell One" billing you have to talk to three different people if you have three services. In todays tech age does that make sense? I wanted to write to a person on the Management Team. Do you think I can find a name anywhere? NO!! The most recent CEO has left, for greener pastures I am sure. I can see by this complaint page that I am not alone...We are way out in the boonies, so we are captive consumers. As soon as there is something else for us I am GONE from Bell Canada.


  • Ne
    neophyte58 Mar 15, 2009

    I got Internet Service for my retired mother at her apartment. All I insisted on was NO Contract, as my mother was hesitant to using in the first place! I repeatedly said NO Contract to girl on the phone, and she agreed, and said no problem. Great! No t so...

    A few months later my mother needed to move to an assisted living retirement home, and I canceled Internet Service. Guess what... $100 additional [early] cancellation fee, which they credited to the canceled account! Stupid is as stupid does!!! The phone person said, sorry, we have you signed up on a contract, so nothing we can do! Right up management line I got same story. Then my wife reminded me of something: "...this call will/may be recorded for quality assurance purposes...". So I got to a manager/supervisor and stated that my claims of asking for, and getting promised NO Contract would be corroborated by the phone recording, and I even was able to give them the date and approximate time of the call, as I had made notes the day I set it up.

    After 10 or so minutes of waiting on "ignore", the same person, not higher management, came on and told me they were authorized to send me a cheque for the $100 credit that had been put on the phone line I had canceled. It never came in the first 6 - 8 weeks, but another phone call or two, along with a legal threat, and I had a cheque in a couple of weeks. I firmly believe that "they" do intentionally avoid and ignore and hope you will just go away! And I'll bet a lot of Canadian [Sheep] do just that!

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  • Bo
    Bob Mar 30, 2009

    I am suing Bell in Small Claims court. It would help me greatly if people could contact me with their stories at [email protected]

    You can also use a contact form (or see a little about what this here:

    I have been in contact with someone else who successfully sued Bell and he, like me, found plenty of people grumbling about this stuff, but nobody actually doing anything. If you are serious about your complaint, at least provide some aid to someone who is doing something about it. This should likely help you as well. Whatever material the court will allow will be published to allow others an easier path to a successful suit, or at least something to point to when they complain and demand their money back.

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  • Ma
    mariamkhan Mar 08, 2010

    i googled this forum by entering "suing bell canada". I want to sue them because not 2 months ago i got a call from a bell agent describing this promotion for $26/month for one year, which included HD channels and 6 theme packs. I switched from rogers in order to get this deal. Little did i know, that when i got everything installed, i got a hugee bill of $112. i called them and they responded that i was "misinformed".

    I called them again and they offered me 20% off which i refused. Then i finally went online and somehow found that deal. That was a relief because that helped them shut up. But on the same month's bill, i found that they had billed me the same amount all over again.

    I am on the phone with them right now tryin to resolve this. I have been yelling and screaming for them to go into my recordings and get this resolved but they just keep repeating themselves. I think i am gonna sue them definitely. I need some advice on how to carry on with this. They have already informed me that there will be a $100 cancellation charge.

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  • Li
    Listra Manoo Sep 09, 2017

    @mariamkhan Please advise me how to sue them. It is ridiculous that this giant corporation could get away with abusing us like this!!

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  • Vi
    vivekdeep May 24, 2010

    these bell people are so cheep. they can't even get there bill strait. the bills that we get are so biases. and it takes like 2 hours to get there atention in the phone.

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  • Vi
    vivekdeep May 24, 2010

    bell is the cheapest company in the world!... i start my internet the end of a month and they sent the bill from the starting of the same month. when i fixed it by phone it took eproxmatly 2 hours to let them know about the mistake and the next month they sended a bill for the next month balance forward. before they gave us performance internet we realized we didn't need it for our needs so we cancel it and they gave the confermation number and after that without any notice they charged us internet fibe 16 and that is double the charges for the performance charge. they give more than wat v expected. i agree that u should sue them, they diserve it.

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  • Ke
    Keithx Jul 19, 2010

    I bought a laptop from Dell on February 2010 and after three months Bell sent an e-Bill with $107.67 balance. I called the customer service three weeks ago and she told me that the internet is part of the DELL and Bell promotion. She told me that she will send a returned address label for me to return the internet package in which I put it aside and forgot all about until I received a call from Bell early in June telling me to reconfigure my internet access. For 3 weeks, I did not receive any returned address label. As of today (July 19), I called Bell again but talking with the Tech support person. He told me that he will send the returned address label for me to return the package and asked me to call the customer service to cancel the internet. I told him that I have already spend a lot of time chasing them to resolve this issue and therefore will not spend more time follow up this issue. I told him that is Bell's problem and they should know what to do. I am really tired with all these issues and is seeking help in suing Bell.

    Does anyone know the procedure on how I can sue Bell for abusive conduct against customers.?

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  • Be
    bellstinks Oct 29, 2010

    I have had a problem with bell canada.I had asked for no contract.The woman did not speak proper english.She obviousely did not understand and gave me a contrct against my knowledge and understanding.I lived at the address for 3 months.I cancelled as soon as i knew i was moving .After i moved i kept getting disconnection notices a whole province away.No matter how many times i tried to resolve the issue i got people saying it will be corrected aND NOT TO WORRY.Low and behold i get a notice still five months later notifying me that the service has been cancelled .Five months later.The bill is a whopping 1170 dollars!!!that is ridiculous.I was only there for 3 months!!!Impossible!!!Now this is threatening my credit rating.Its not even my fault.

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  • Ja
    jazzygirl74 Jan 10, 2011

    when i first got my services with bell, i had three, dial up internet and tv, they told me it was suppose to be a low price for all three services, but when i got my bill, it was higher then they said, i called them alot to explain and they said they would give me credit, but when my next bill came in it was still high.they never keep their promises.i changed companies and i am happy now.

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  • Em
    emma77 Sep 15, 2011

    I'm so going to sue Bell...Going monday to small claims court...Year and few months ago they promise me " a great deal"...Free 2 HPV internet, satelite tv and home phone line for $110 plus tax...My bill came to $220 plus tax, I have called and complaine like zillion times, they give me some credit and next month the same...Once I got the bill of $250 plus tax, yet I haven't change nothing, didn't watch any ppv, same service like before.And when I called manager told me "that's interesting..."I want to cancelled my services with them and they told me that I will owe them $600 if I cancel .So I have no choice but take this to the judge.I know that justice goes to the highest bidder but I will take it on faith that there's still judges that do care about averige Joe...Also, I think we all should stop using bell services in every single possible way.When they don't care about customers and keep stilling our money they should be out of bussiness ASAP.As well I will send them email, letter and fax that if my lifetime they ever contact me with any promotios or "deals" I will sue them for harassment.I can be nasty too, Bell...

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  • _:/ Oct 06, 2012

    I think bell should have automated services as there is no customer service and these people are getting paid and are not doing their job! Their job is to answer any questions and instead the are impossible to have a simple conversation with. I use the self serve option and there information is not the same as it states on my bell self serve, so I believe they are tampering with my information and will not answer my call, they keep putting me on hold then hanging up on me, like I have time for that!

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  • Si
    SimonRosie Nov 15, 2012

    I am extremely upset and have spent the past four months trying to settle my closed account. I moved my services because where I was moving to did not offer internet so needless to say I cancelled my services. Moved June 22nd and on June 25th returned all of the equipment in the boxes provided and took them to the post office, got a tracking number/receipt and was on my way thinking everything would be done. Received a bill the following month with amount owing $790.00, called Bell right away and was told not to worry about it as it would be credited once everything was processed. Ok, so I've made several phone calls and put through to so many people and each time regurgitating the same privacy questions. This whole process of being put through to so many people and telling your story over and over again is enough to put you over the edge. Oh, and most times I was connected to the wrong department and couldn't even talk to someone as now my account is put through to selvedge, which is an internal department who you need to speak to regarding your account. I explained not once but at leat 6 or 7 times the whole story of returning the equipment and they are still sending me overdue bills. Each time, don't worry it will be credited. Well, it is now November 15th and I had to go higher and higher to get this resolved. I spent two hours and a half on the phone this afternoon at work on company time dealing with this same issue because now it has gone to CBV collections, an external company. Isn't that just great service, work your whole life doing the right thing, paying your bills on time and Bell Canada can't get their act together and now it's going to affect my credit rating. No wonder people are leaving Bell everyday. They should not be allowed to do this and if they take someone to Collections, at least let them know ahead of time. I have a good command of the english language and I'm educated but what about those individuals where english is their second language or they for whatever reason can't defend themselves. How can Bell take advantage of people this way. I can't even tell you how upset I am that my privacy and credit was compromised. I did eventually, well hopefully got things resolved today but the emotional upset, hours spent on the phone and wasted hours on company time does not make up for "I'm sorry" They need to come up with a better process where the consumer doesn't have to pay for their lack of competence and especially take more care before taking someone to Collections.

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  • Mo
    mo23 Feb 07, 2013

    the same thing happened to me. But wait. I am now dealing with a 16 dollars charge they have out on my bill because of a late fee. yes, they charged me a late fee for a charge that they were not supposed to have on my bill. yes, they cancelled the 790 dollar charge for the PVR, and now I have to fight to remove this. I have been on the phone 40 minutes, and my call has been dropped twice

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  • Li
    Lindshopewalsh Feb 13, 2013

    When I signed my contract in May 2012, I informed the rep that I would be moving to Dryden in February 2013 and that I would be traveling there all the time. He said 'no problem" bell canada offers service in that area. Well when I went to Dryden over Christmas imagine my surprise that not only was there no longer service available in Dryden but there was no longer service available from Sault Ste Maire TO Dryden. That is more than 12 hours on the transcanada highway with no service. They have told me that according to their contract they don't need to guarentee service anywhere, but I am required to pay my contract or my bill even if I am not being provided with service. They have also informed me that Bell reserves the right to charge any fees regardless of whether these fees are in the contract or not. So they don't have to guarentee service and they can charge any fee they like whether you have agreed to it or not. This confuses me because it's not on the terms I agreed to. How can it be legal to have someone sign something without giving them all the pricing information? Also, because I have posted about this on facebook, my comments have been deleted AND my ablity to comment has been disabled. Does this sound like something an honest company would do?

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  • Su
    Sue11 Oct 25, 2014

    I am not happy with Bell at all . Every month different bill . When you call them and they correct the balance next month they added as a balance . You have to talk to three persons at least and every time you have to explain over and over and the big problem the software of bell change any discount they give you when you sign the contract without any notice .NOT RECOMMEND

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  • Ol
    Olga1975 Mar 24, 2015

    Bell is the worse company in the world!! I've canceled my TV and internet with bell back in November of 2014, come December I get a bill for $288 saying I went over my usage ??? I haven't been using bell for a month, totally disconnected and joined Rogers, January comes I get another bill for $188 dollars, so I call them and keep trying to tell them I've canceled my services with bell two months ago ! They told me NO, you did not cancell, we have it on file ! I said "well I have a confirmation number and ID badge number of the lady I spoke to...put me on hold...he comes back and tells me : sorry she's no longer employee here ! I'm like so what ? I've canceled my services two months ago and where did you get $188 from ? Blah blah blah ...February another bill for $126 dollars ...I'm thinking " is this a joke" ? Called them again, oh sorry mam that's for cancelation fees and this and that and yesterday I get another bill for $90 dollars !!! Called them again " cancellation fees again" if I don't pay my last two bills they will send it to collections agency and I will get a bad credit !!! Treat ! Isn't it ? What should I do ? I've payed over $400 dollars to those lying Cun...s for something that I have not even used !!!

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  • Eu
    EugineK Aug 31, 2018

    @Olga1975 I have a similar issue with Bell... I wish I read this post a few years earlier! Nothing changes with Bell Canada! Class action?

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  • Jo
    Joel Verreault Jun 15, 2015

    Customer service is terrible. I don't understand why a new customer is treated better than an existing customer. Ridiculous business practices that require you to quit your service in order to be treated well.

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  • Ca
    CanadianJedi Nov 10, 2015

    BoycottBell. I have dealt with them and worked for them and am now in depression and anxiety for all the nonsense that they let not just customers go through but even employees. They as a big company think people are disposable.

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  • St
    StilesBC Feb 19, 2016

    I am exploring my recourse to sue Bell Mobility for fraudulent misrepresentation. I took out a dual phone plan, and subsequently wished to have the second phone separated from my account. Upon the other person failing a credit check, no notification was given to either party, so bills on both phones kept accumulating on my account (I hadn't built enough trust with them yet, to go on automatic billing). When I called to resolve the issue, I was told that if I paid the balance that was due to my line specifically ($396), the other party could pay the remaining balance of $216.96 and complete the "transfer of responsibility." Upon that person calling, despite passing the credit check this time around, they were told the opposite. That the entire bill had to be paid by me first, and no transfer could occur until that had happened. Effectively, I had been lied to in order to induce me to pay a large chunk of the balance. From my understanding of the law, that is fraud.

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  • Me
    Mel Dale Jan 06, 2020

    I do feel a class action suite should be charged against Bell. They keep changing the billing with out any authorization. I switched from Rogers and I am sorry because I didn't have to fight with them every time it comes to pay.
    I have 29 hours of tapes of all my problems with Bell that I maybe sending to the right DEPT>

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