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I ordered online via apple store since Ivory White color isn't available in my country, Philippines. I was impressed it has arrived less than 2 weeks, got mine last Monday Sept 30, and inspected the item. It was in good condition. Well-wrapped. No defects. However, after 3 days, when I was about to try other ear tips, I noticed some sort of "dirt". Only to find out it isn't really a dirt. More like an opening and a wire is sort of exposed. I am so disappointed with Beats thinking this is brand new and this is actually the second time Beats has let me down. First was with my Studio 3, less than a year and the part where you can bend it is already broken. I think Beats can't guarantee our money's worth. Good quality sound no doubt but when it comes to their hardware, it's poor even with best care. I am usually keen on taking care of my gadgets and I clean them as well. I don't just leave them or throw them at some place. So it's kinda frustrating knowing it's much more expensive than other brands.

Beats By Dre

Oct 04, 2019

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