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1800 442 4000 (Mexico)
+1 800 442 4000 (USA and Canada)
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+64 508 547 012 (New Zealand)
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+32 80 081 387 (Belgium)
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+45 80 601 814 (Denmark)
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Beats By DreDevice is not showing up on any bluetooth device I own.

The new earphones don't pair up with any bluetooth device. I have gone through the diagnostic on your website they don't connect. I have reset them, checked they are fully charged but they don't show up in the bluetooth device to connect. The product is faulty and I would like a replacement please.
When placing on charge the light go from red to white a couple of times and then stay white while charging. When I hold the power button down for 1 second, nothing happens with regard to connection. I have held down both the power button and volume down button for 10 seconds to reset them but this has no effect.

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    Beats By DreBeats headphone poor quality product

    I got my first Beats as a birthday present from my wife, once escaped and fell to the floor and broke, the soft parts are already peeling, this one was bought in October 2017, but for a $ 200 headphone I expected it to be a product of more quality.
    Just disappointed

    Beats headphone poor quality product
    Beats headphone poor quality product
    Beats headphone poor quality product
    Beats headphone poor quality product

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      May 14, 2020

      Beats By Dre — Beats studio 3 and apple support

      Beats By Dre Beats Studio 3 Terrible product Terrible support I am very disappointed in the Beats Studio 3...

      Beats By DreBeats ep headphones

      I bought a pair of beats ep headphones and the jack to the headphones cracked on the frame apparently and the metal piece broke off and now apple doesn't want to fix them unless I pay close to what I paid for them Originally. I only had them for 3 months and there is no reason the jack should just break off. I just want them fixed so I can use them for school and they are way too costly to be just thrown away and have the issue not addressed. This is the second pair of different model headphones that I have by beats that apple refused to fix without a huge fee attached.

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        Beats By DreStudio3 wireless

        I've had my studio3 for less then a year now using them a moderate amount. Recently when I took them off I heard a crack and the right hinge broke. I think that it's outrageous and down right insulting that beats are willing to sell a 350 dollar product that is this flimsy and broke so easily. If nothing can be done to help fix or replace these beats you definitely lost all my support of the company and I will tell everyone I can to not buy products that are so poorly made

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          Beats By DreBeats solo/ beats mixr / powerbeats 3

          Dear Sir/Madam,

          I am writing to complain about the quality of the materials you use on your products.

          I first bought your Beats Solo edition and after 2-3 years the headband started to falling off.

          Then I bought the MIXR edition, and after two years you could see the headband starting to crack, and one day it just broke in half.

          Last, I still risked and bout you PowerBeats 3 Wireless and after 2 years it also broke. One of the earplugs started separating from the rest until it was hanging from one of the sound wires.

          I honestly think you should be more considerate about the quality of the materials you use, or at least provide a better customer service to fix eventual problems that might happen for a price that is not 80-90% of the original price.


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            Nov 11, 2019

            Beats By Dre — Beats x

            I hope you will take this complaint in the helpful spirit in which it is meant. I like your product; however...

            Beats By DrePowerbeats pro

            I ordered online via apple store since Ivory White color isn't available in my country, Philippines. I was impressed it has arrived less than 2 weeks, got mine last Monday Sept 30, and inspected the item. It was in good condition. Well-wrapped. No defects. However, after 3 days, when I was about to try other ear tips, I noticed some sort of "dirt". Only to find out it isn't really a dirt. More like an opening and a wire is sort of exposed. I am so disappointed with Beats thinking this is brand new and this is actually the second time Beats has let me down. First was with my Studio 3, less than a year and the part where you can bend it is already broken. I think Beats can't guarantee our money's worth. Good quality sound no doubt but when it comes to their hardware, it's poor even with best care. I am usually keen on taking care of my gadgets and I clean them as well. I don't just leave them or throw them at some place. So it's kinda frustrating knowing it's much more expensive than other brands.

            Powerbeats pro

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              Sep 16, 2019

              Beats By Dre — beats solo 3 wireless

              I paid over 300 dollars for poorly constructed headphones, the hinge is broken my only solution was to use...

              Beats By Drebeatsx

              I have had my beats for 1.5 year and used them no more than 20 times. Recently they stopped charging with the red light blinking alternatively with white light. I was shocked to find out the cost of servicing them is 619 HKD while new ones cost 799 HKD.

              First I am disappointed with such poor quality product. Second I am disappointed with the cost of servicing the BeatsX. Third, what would compel me to buy this product again.

              Can you please look into this matter and perhaps provide replacement headphones in order to restore my confidence in your product and your customer service?

              My email address [protected]@yahoo.com. I look forward to receiving a response.

              Kind regards,


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                Beats By DreBeats studio wireless headphones

                had these headphones for maybe 14 months and the foam ear cuffs have been peeling and wearing off for the last few months. there should be no reason these expensive headphones should look like this. I have photos to follow however they are on my phone and I am ending this thru my work computer. if you contact me back I will gladly attach the photos from my phone. I spoke to someone on the phone who stated to fix them will be 120$!!?? absolutely not! these were such expensive headphone and this peeling and ripping issue is out of my control, for the price these are this issue should NOT be happening.

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                  Jun 19, 2019

                  Beats By Dre — Beats ep

                  Hi, I was given these products as a present which I have used on a few occasions. I went to use them...

                  Jun 11, 2019

                  Beats By Dre — headphones, beats solo 2 wired

                  We have been buying your headphones because they have the best sound quality, I'm on third pair now in...

                  Beats By Drebeats bluetooth headphones

                  My complaint is but these things are hundreds of dollars and yet all you give is a 1 year limited warranty seriously hardly even use these and they broke and then I call in give them the serial number out of warranty thank you bye like seriously I just paid 100s of dollars just for them to break was not even normal use more like occasional use they literally broke as I'm wearing them sitting on the couch and you guys literally offered no help whatsoever anyting you rather rude I didn't even know he was made by Apple but I guess that explains why they're garbage I literally have never heard anything good about an Apple product I'm seriously pissed that was a waste of $200 I hope you guys are happy I'm going to tell every person I know to never buy Beats equipment or apple for that fact my wife is about to get an Apple phone when she told her she was dumb so now it's just literally not going to get one I know why you wouldn't just make it one solid piece anything the rather flimsy these are supposed to be for active users yet I have never been active while wearing these and yet they broke

                  beats bluetooth headphones

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                    Beats By Dreproduct support and service

                    11 months ago I purchased black Beats by Dre, Beats X Wireless headphones at an Apple retailer. I was hesitant to pay the $150 price tag, but assured by the sales rep they would fit my needs as a marathon runner and firefighter that has mandatory physical fitness hours. They worked great at first, and then suddenly, without warning or trauma, stopped connecting to my phone or any device. I took them into the Apple store where the young lady at the Genius Bar stated I was still within warranty (ending April 28th, 2019), and that a requote may be issued in the event of liquid damages or modifications. Two days later I was issued a requote stating that there were hairline cracks around the charging port, not visible to the naked eye by my observation and caused by normal usage in my opinion, and that a fee of $80 would be charged to fix it unless I declined and had it sent back. I called the service line where I asked if this was an optional repair, and if they were able to resolve the issue I had sent it in for I did not want to pay it. She was of the assumption that the issue was corrected, so I declined the service to replace the casing at that time. Two days later I received my headphones with the initial problem unresolved. Upon returning to the Apple Store, I was informed that it was most likely a flat rate and that they would not address my initial complaint unless I paid to fix the casing, despite still being under warranty. I feel duped into paying that amount of money for a "high quality sound" item, and am disgusted at the level of service Apple and Beats by Dre offers for such a high priced item. While a replacement would be ideal, I do not consider myself a greedy person, and simply wish that Apple repairs an item under warranty that I paid for and treated with great care. Optionally, I would also consider a refund of the product so I may conduct my business with someone other than Apple and Beats by Dre and have confidence that the money I spend on high-priced accessory item with be met with the same amount of support and service.

                    Date of service: April 7th, 2019 @ Apple Oakbrook, IL
                    Repair number: R419646384
                    Apple Support Case: [protected]

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                      Beats By Drewireless headset

                      Bought Beats for my son as a Christmas/ Birthday gift. He had them a couple of weeks and a piece fell out- maybe a button, but from that piece falling out, the headset started to crack. We took it up to Apple to get it fixed or replaced. They shipped it out to repair, who came back and said it was a chargeable fee of TWO HUNDRED dollars!

                      It took me months just to get the money together to pay for headset! They said it was no under warranty to fix crack even though I explained that the reason it cracked was due to a fault in the headset. Poor quality, poor customer service and a scam to charge that much for a repair.

                      I have reached out to numerous people with a lot of run around and no resolution.

                      I will never again recommend BEATS to anyone and will be filing a complaint to the BBB. It is ridiculous that a multi million company cannot honor a warranty and replace a product. You should be proud to take advantage of people due to poor project output.

                      a very dissatisfied customer-

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                        Beats By Dreearphones and headphones

                        I am so outraged by these products! Earphones my son wore maybe 3xs, left ear goes silent! My other son has headphones wore maybe 5xs and completely silent!
                        Both my boys serve in the army so wasnt convenient for them to get to an apple store for the warranty! We took them to a repair shop and were told they weren't able to be fixed! How is this possible for only wearing a few times??? These products are expensive with a name that boosts "the best"... What a lie!!! Over $300 wasted on what? A name? A good product? Negative! [censored] product! Totally disgusted! Will be sure to persuade anyone not to purchase!

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                          • An
                            Andrew AMG Gardner Apr 26, 2019
                            This comment was posted by
                            a verified customer
                            Verified customer

                            I'm very sorry that happened to you but I completely agree for the price your pain you're literally getting garbage you spend hundreds of dollars and they give you a 1 year limited warranty and even if you are able to use the warranty they don't do anything for you if anything they want you to pay to get it fixed I had no idea that Apple made Beats but when I found that out makes complete sense I've never heard anyone say how much they love the Apple products I'm definitely not going to let anyone I know by any Apple product

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                          Beats By Drebeats solo hd 3

                          These were the second pair of beat solo's that I bought and they are the second pair that has broken on me. The right ear stopped working within a year of me getting the pair with my MacBook Air student package. Quite frankly im fed up with beats and even when I treat them with care and always put them back in the case somehow they always break down on me. I believe I deserve a new pair due to my two pairs both breaking on me and stop functioning within a year.

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                            Feb 15, 2019

                            Beats By Dre — wireless studio 2

                            Hi. I purchased a pair of beats studio wireless 2 for $470 because they are marketed for sport as weather and...

                            Jan 29, 2019

                            Beats By Dre — beats studio 3

                            My beats are not connecting to my phone through Bluetooth and they are fully charged. I don't know if it i...

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