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Resolved scam and fraudlent

On 1 July 2010 I joined Be2 for a 6 mths membership, after not being able to access any real information from...

Resolved fraud

I am so happy i have found this page as iv been worried sick since 5th April 2010, when they threatened me...

Resolved fraud

Be very careful these people have agreed my cancelleation of account during the trial and 14 days later took...

Resolved rip off

I signed up for the £5 one month trial. I did not get on with the site, met no one and received very few messages or replies. The trial goes on for a month and then is automatically extended to six months membership - cost £98.97 if you don't cancel. I sent a fax cancelling (which is how you have to cancel - who has a fax in their house?!) today and received an e mail stating that my membership would still be extended to six months even though I had cencellled as the Ts and Cs state you have to cancel within 2 weeks - my argument is that therefore this is a TWO WEEK trial, not a month's trial and that the Ts and Cs (if you read them) tend to insinsuate that this cancellation policy applies generally across all memberships and not the trial - it does not clearly state that it also applies to the trial. I do not wish to continue with the site, I now doubt their integrity and I do not want my personal details on it anymore. I do not wish them to debit my credit card for the amounts above (I have now had to cancel my credit card). I think these people are deliberately making it difficutl for people to leave the site and are effectively missellers. Note thateven though you have to send them a fax to cancel they can reply to you be e mail in 2 minutes flat if they want to!

Resolved money and upgrade

in july i paid for a trial of 5pounds for the dating site but for some reason i never filled out my profile and never used it..but as they took my card details they decieded on 24th august i wanted to pay 119.94 for a 3 months upgrade of account without even asking me they took the money i had to wait 2 days for it to show who took the money and then i emailed then yesturday to say im very disgusted that they can assume i want to pay that amount when im a single parent i could not afford that amount...i had a reply saying they will get back in touch in 24 hours to which i have not yet in the mean time i looked at the site again last night and found in faqs that u can delete your file to which i did last night as i tried my id for the site today and i can not access the site today but it says to cancel ur premium membership ( too which i didnt want ) u have to fax them which takes 48 hours but i dont have a fax machine...but i certainally want my money back to which i told them in a email ...and to find the pages to delete my payments i had to tick all questions anying thing just to get my account open to see the help and other pages its phone number so u can contact them what a fraud place it is ...

  • Mi
    Michaela be2 Aug 31, 2009

    Dear Ms Smith,

    I´m Michaela from be2 and just read your comment. I´m sorry to hear you had problems with your cancellation process. This is important feedback to us and we take it very seriously. You are welcome to send us your story to [email protected] Please share your username with us so that we can investigate what happened.

    Best wishes,

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  • Pa
    Paul_noer_roe Apr 15, 2011

    I agree, this is a fraud place, thay advertise with a sertain amount pr month, but the take the amont for the whole year from your account. This give you no option than to stay there or whatever deal you went for. If you want out your money is lost. My advise is to stay clear of this site, they are just scammming us all. And by the way, fellows, there are thousands of woman there that just want money from you.

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Resolved charged me even though I cancelled

I had cancelled membership and registration with be2 and they charged me anyway. I demand to have my money...

Resolved crooks

I have requested this comapny to cancel my account once I had finished a 6 months subscription whcih is basically totally overpriced for a lousy website. They tried to charge my credit card which was no longer valid. They are threatening to press collection for a service I hade not used for quite a while. Apparently they have MANY complaints against them for dishonest practices. They do not even answer emails. They are registered in Luxembourg, no phone lsited. I contacted the town administration and a person there told me there was suspicious activity. But it is not their jursidiction. People who run a legit business are reachable and answer. Stay away from those crooks.

Ich habe diese Firmen auf mein Konto, wenn ich fertig war ein 6 Monate-Abo, die ist im Grunde völlig überteuert für ein lausiger Website. Sie versuchten, meine Kreditkarte, die nicht länger gültig war. Sie drohen zu drücken Sammlung für einen Service, den ich hade nicht für eine ganze Weile. Anscheinend haben sie viele Beschwerden gegen sie für unlautere Praktiken. Sie haben nicht einmal E-Mails beantworten. Sie sind in Luxemburg, Nr. Telefon lsited. Ich habe die Stadtverwaltung und eine Person dort sagte mir, es verdächtige Aktivitäten. Aber es ist nicht ihre jursidiction. Menschen, die ein legit Business erreichbar sind und die Antwort. Bleiben Sie weg von den Gauner.

J'ai demandé ce Comapny annuler mon compte une fois que j'ai eu terminé 6 mois d'abonnement qui est au fond totalement trop moche pour un site web. Ils ont essayé de débiter ma carte de crédit qui n'est plus valide. Ils menacent de faire pression pour un service de collecte que je pas utilisé depuis belle lurette. Apparemment, ils ont de nombreuses plaintes à leur encontre pour pratiques malhonnêtes. Ils ne réponde pas à des emails. Ils sont enregistrés au Luxembourg, pas de téléphone énumérées. J'ai contacté la municipalité et une personne m'a dit, il y avait une activité suspecte. Mais ce n'est pas de leur juridiction. Les personnes qui dirigent une entreprise légitime et sont accessibles réponse. Restez à l'écart de ces escrocs.

Resolved continued spamming

Dit bedrijf, be2 doet aan partner vinden, een soort huwelijks buro en dating service. als GMBH gevestigd in Luxemburg.
Zij maken absoluut niet waar wat ze beloven, ze liegen over het aantal ingecshrevenen, je krijgt geen zicht op wie er allemmaal rondloopt, ze zijn veel en veel duurder dan andere bedrijven, waarvan we weten dat ze wel kwaliteit in huis hebben.

maar het ergste is dat, als je besluit er niet aan deel te nemen dat je er niet meer vanaf komt. Ze blijven botweg iedere dag mails an je sturen en willen dat je allemaal protocols doorloopt. Wat je ook verzoekt het spammen, bekend van andere internet ongedierte gaat gewoon door.

  • Lo
    Loni Apr 20, 2009

    I agree fully with the comments regarding the Be2 dating site. I am also concerned that they are fraudulent but am in the process of trying to communicate with them. Although they respond they are mostly automated and do not address ones actual concern. I have tried to get the contact number but got a response that that they are currently upgrading their contact centre and is therefore not able to communicate to me via phone. Strange if you think how they advertise themselves.

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  • Mi
    mick Apr 26, 2009


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  • Ca
    Carroll May 01, 2009

    Hi Im a 45 year old lady who thought this looked like a more detailed & confidential way to meet a guy than other websites.
    I have just paid 140 dollars & now realise that the whole thing is a scam. Im lucky if i can see 20 matches for men age 39 - 50 throughout the world! Most have no photos, and few have much detail. Judging from the amount they spend on advertising you get impression its a legitimate company with hundreds of clients. I wish this company could be closed down for false advertising.
    I am dreading trying to stop the automatic payment from my credit card, it sounds like a nightmare!!!

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  • Ye
    yegdav May 26, 2009

    You are matched with the members registered in your country. Photo is optional and you can ask the person whose psychological portrait suits to you to attach photo and open to u. There is 14 millions of members registered!

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  • Mi
    michaeld1 Aug 20, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This company needs to be investigated, closed down and money refunded to customers. I have had £149.94 taken out of my account without my permission and have had to stop my debit card.

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Resolved fraudulent activity

They Claim you can join free but take credit card details when you cancel within free trial period they dont...