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They promise finding a special someone
Only take your money for months and months. Then give excuses why the women don't want to pursue their empty promises. Do not use this site period. I will be filing a complaint everywhere possible. They say you have to write 10 letters before you get personal info. Then when you get personal information or not they fade out or ask to continue on site. The charge huge fees for letters and the women ask you to buy them gifts on site which are ridiculously expensive. Customer service has excuses for everything and you will never see the women or your money. There is no way to get a refund or sue their [censored].


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    Dec 11, 2020

    Asian Date — Overseas brides and dating

    In 2013 after my chinese wife of 12 and a half years decided to have an affair and destroy our relationship I...


    Asiandate has fraudulent business methods. Today October 7, 2020 it offered me free chatting but it actually charged me for it. If it was free for a few minues, there should have been a warning, but there was none. Asiandate is a money-grabbing enterprise, its offers as misleading if not fraudulent. There are misrepresentation about a number of products they offer, which they get away with because those of us the financially injured customers do not file a class lawsuit against Asiandate. I propose a class lawsuit, which needs only two people for a law firm to file it.

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      AsianDate.cominvasion of email, scammer sharing my account

      My site had been used with my name and the connection has not been me speaking with the ladies. I had one Girl run a scam with a person in the states using my account. I want to cancel or place on hold my account under [protected]@gmail.com I called 2 months ago with the prior account and was assured this would not be an issue. Please close my site until futher notice. PH# [protected]. Thank you!

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        • Martin Jobs Apr 07, 2020
          This comment was posted by
          a verified customer
          Verified customer

          There is another fake dating site called Lookvet. Please stay away from this scam site Lookvet.com

          1 Votes
        • Martin Jobs Apr 05, 2020
          This comment was posted by
          a verified customer
          Verified customer

          There is another fake dating site called Missingtalk. Please stay away from this scam site Missingtalk.com

          1 Votes
        Sep 08, 2019

        Asian Date — foreign bride service

        In 2014 following being blindsided by a divorce I was in shock, knew my ex would never reconcile, and Asian...

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        I agreed to buy credits so I can keep communicating with a lady. Supposedly $15 gets me 20 credits. One email takes ten credits. Next time I want to read a message from the same lady, I have to buy more credits. I have wasted half my money on credits that disappear. Except for this site to register a complaint, I have no way of correcting the problem so that the dating site delivers as it shows it should. Even this site does not have my info to contact me to offer a solution.

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          AsianDate.compurchase credits

          My debit card from BDO used to buy credits was not honored. Many times after I choose to contact a lady and purchase credits, I am told that payment was not approved. My card no. Is [protected] valid till 05/27. When I go to PayPal, they say my entries are incorrect altho I use correct password. Please resolve this problem as Its annoying and prevents me from enjoying the service of AsianDate.

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            • Updated by isidro borromeo · Aug 11, 2019

              I hope you can resolve my complaint ASAP.

            Jul 21, 2019

            Asian Date — fake site

            I been on asian date 2 years spending money and I talk to same girls but after we exchanged little info...

            Jul 09, 2019

            AsianDate.com — not in contact with the customer after the appointments calls, unprofessionally service, monthly fees service is not provided by the company!

            This site has not living up to its arrangement when I sign up! Especially when it comes to making a call to...


            So there is a cover-up within Asiandate.com, am I wrong? Asiandate.com, you have no idea how tough I am: if something terrible happens to Kun because Asiandate.com cheated me, you will have a major international public relations mess: I shall make sure to unleash it. Just for some 200 credits or less, any idea of how much it will cost in lost profit because of bad publicity? The situation is mature for a mess because I read lots of complaints against Asiandate.com. But, watch out, I know which one is the parent corporation: either courtesy credits are assigned to my account, as a matter of life or death for my fiancée, or the parent corporation will find out and there will be layoffs. Incidentally, there is hacking from a state actor tracking my life: the public would be shocked to find about it. Plus if the Chinese government gets a hold of my account, or Kun's, the mess will be even worse, just for a few miserable credits to my account, Asiandate.com? Have your attorneys read our messages? All true, have your attorneys report my case to the CIA abroad, and to the FBI here in the United States. And, for your own protection, Asiandate.com, take a look at the true proportion of what might be unleashed, God forbid, if I were to lose Kun. Did Asiandate.com notice that I changed my birthdate twice? The real one is September 27, 1959, my Social Security Number is [protected]. Thank you very much. Ricardo Oscar Martinez, Los Angeles, California, June 26, 2019. c.c.: Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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              • Ja
                james loftus Jul 18, 2019
                This comment was posted by
                a verified customer
                Verified customer

                yes i agree with you

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              I am an Asiandate.com customer, ID [protected]. I am very frustrated because my future wife in China faces a life or death situation and I must be in constant contact with her. My problem? I am financially broke, on top of which Asiandate.com has been unduly charging me for services it should not have charged me. It makes me wonder whether or not there is a Wells Fargo-like cover-up within Asiandate.com, as it is almost beyond belief that the web page-dating site designed could have missed the fact that one is charged each and every times one, for instance by mistake, opens a letter one has already read: it sounds as misrepresentation or even fraud to me as a non-lawyer. Additionally, in a life or death situation my girlfriend Kun has not been able to send me her telephone number because Asiandate.com erases all numbers. I have warned Asiandate that if something terrible happened to Kun there will be litigation, even a class lawsuit: it will be a public relations nightmare for Asiandate. All I am asking is Asiandate to give me some courtesy credits right away, there is urgency to Kun's case, and Kun's telephone number, please, be compassionate, she is in great danger. Thank you very much. Ricardo Oscar Martinez, [protected], Los Angeles, California, June 25, 2019.

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                AsianDate.com — phone call to a lady

                Good day, My name is Paul from Nigeria, I place a call to a Lady on 6th of September which network was very...

                AsianDate.com — emails

                I have sent numerous emails trying to cancel my subscription, l have no intention of answering them so it i...


                AsianDate.com — Asiandate.com

                Dear sir, I have make my monthly subscription payment on 22 June 2018, but my network ...

                AsianDate.com — had contact with a girl but now nothing. think it is more than just a scam!

                I was communicating with a a lady by the name of Mei profile number 1342041. She stated that all her family...

                AsianDate.com — membership fees and fraudulent business practices

                Beware of AsianDate.com because they are scamming people by taking their money and not delivering what they...

                AsianDate.com — free chats

                I was talking to a pretty Asian on asiandate.com but it ended so fast.The website only give you 3 minutes to...

                AsianDate.com — Customer service

                Please do not delete this complaint of mine or move it into another complaint of mine. There is a 23 year...

                AsianDate.comtime thieves

                Please do not at all delete this complaint of mine.
                I do have the right to express my anger, frustration, tears and cries here.
                I am just so very upset and really angry towards the website operators of asiandate.com for stealing and taken away both the non-replaceable time and communication between me and my 23 years old girlfriend and future wife for over 14 days.
                In november 2001 is when I was 18 years old is my so very 1st ever girlfriend crystal was deliberately and intentionally murdered at her age of 18 years old by so very selfish, extremely greedy and really narcissistic people who really did requested, demanded, ordered and instructed me to pay thousands or millions of dollars to live together with crystal and to raise children together with her in my home.
                Money did killed and murdered my beloved crystal and also did stole and take away over 60 years of time between her and me permanently and forever in my life.
                Her death has caused me to learn so very many valuable lessens about time, life and love in this world.
                I do have high functioning autism and asperger syndrome, and I am so very much more mature than my actual age and also I do have a so very high intelligence level in my life.
                I can see and understand things about time, life and love that most other people or nearly all other people do not see and understand at all.
                My time is never ever worth any amount of money, material items and replaceable things in this world.
                My time is only worth any non-material item and non-replaceable thing in my life.
                What asiandate.com is doing to the people in this world is completely wrong, totally bad and extremely incorrect ways in this reality.
                Asiandate.com is scamming, conning and ripping-off this world and all the suffering and grieving people in it.
                The operators of that website is stealing and taking away both the non-replaceable time and replaceable money of the people in this world.
                The most valuable lessen of life is to evolve, experience, learn, teach, care and love in this one reality.
                My heart and my mind is at an evolution level that is so very much higher than most or nearly anyone else in this world.
                I am using much more of my heart, mind and brian in my life than everyone else is using in their lives.
                I do have understanding, learning and problem solving abilities that no other person does have at all in this world.
                I am 1 of the so very few super geniuses in this world because I am so very smart, extremely brilliant and really extremely so very intelligent in my life.
                My intelligence, knowledge, memory, non-physical heart is the most valuable non-replaceable things of me in my life.
                Also please never ever insult my intelligence in this world.
                I am a intellectual in my life and I do always make plans for the future in my life.
                When people is interfering, stuffing and messing things up in my plans is they are ruining, breaking, shattering, destroying and completely devastating the time, steps and things in my lifetime goals, ambitions and aspirations in my life.
                So very many of my plans, lifetime goals, ambitions and aspirations has been completely destroyed and totally devastated in the last 17 years of my 34 years old life permanently and forever in the future of my life.
                What asiandate.com did to my life and time for over 14 days can never ever be resolved, repaired, replaced, recovered and fixed with material and replaceable money and things in this world.
                The incident between me and asiandate.com is they did refunded and chargeback all and every one of my payments totally without my permission and consent, and then after doing that is they are instructing, requesting, ordering and demanding me to pay all of those refunds and chargebacks to them.
                2 or more wrongs do never ever make it right in this world and asiandate.com has committed 2 wrongs against and towards me for over 3 weeks.
                When or if any problems does happens to my payments on my dating account in asiandate.com is they really should contact me 1st before refunding and charging back those payments to anyone else and me.
                The only things that can resolve, repair and fix the incident between me and asiandate.com is for them to follow my instructions, requests, orders and demands.
                Where I do come from is the customer is always right and is the boss between the transactions between the service provider and customer.
                Plus about me is I am a humanitarian, samaritan and spiritual person in this world.
                All my plans, lifetime goals, aspirations and ambitions is only based around helping, supporting and assisting other people with their problems, situations and issues in their lives.
                I am a really so very generous and extremely selfless person who does always chooses the lives of other people over my so very own life.
                Everything that I do in my life is to gain and obtain knowledge and experience to help, support and assist the lives of other people in this world.
                There is nothing really at all that I do only for myself and no one else at all in my life.
                All the traveling that I have done all by myself and all the computer and video games that I have played all by myself has taught me so very many valuable lessens that I do need to have to pass on my knowledge and experience to people who is less fortunate and less lucky than me.

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                  AsianDate.comlive support

                  I have been treated as #, trash, rubbish and garbage by the website operators of asiandate.com for over the last 2 weeks.
                  They have banned and not allowed me to communicate with my beloved 23 years old future wife.
                  They have locked and blocked my dating account on their website.
                  I can not log onto my dating account because it is saying incorrect password.
                  Nearly all of my e-mail correspondence is in my dating account.

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                    • Updated by Krogoth Zane Kent · Apr 26, 2017

                      All of my Payments has been Refunded and Chargeback to Me from Asiandate.com without my Permission and Consent.
                      That Website is Treating Me as a Scammer and has Set-Up and Framed for the Offences and Crimes that they Committed Against Me.
                      Please Stay the Blasting Hell Away from this Website because the Operators on this Website is Con-People and Criminals in this World.
                      They did really Tried to get Me to Pay back all of the Refunds and Chargebacks at they did given back to Me for myself to Make More Purchases on their Website.
                      I am so very Fortunate and Lucky that All of my Payments on my Dating Account on their Website has All be Refunded and Chargeback to Me.
                      I did ended up Using over 3, 000 Credits for Totally Free in their Website.
                      Also I am so very Lucky and Fortunate that I have Lost No Money what so ever on that Website.
                      But the Live Support and Customer Service on that Website is just Plain Horrible and Terrible to Deal and Cope with in Life.

                    • Updated by Krogoth Zane Kent · Apr 26, 2017

                      The Website Operators on Asiandate.com is Totally Ignoring Me and is Not at all Replying back to my Personal E-mails to them at all.
                      They did Blasting Framed and Set-Up Me as a Scammer on their Con Dating Website.
                      I have Sent Dozens and Dozens of E-mails, Letters and Messages to their E-mail Address, Customer Service and Live Support.
                      Their Help, Support and Assistance Systems is just Blasting Useless and their 24/7 Live Support is Not a 24/7 Service at all.
                      My Complaint Towards Asiandate.com is about they did Deliberate Set-Up and Framed Me as a Scammer on there Website.
                      Now because I am Refusing to Pay back the Refunds and Chargebacks to Them that They did Deliberate given to Me Without my Consent and Permission is They is Now Totally Ignoring Me.
                      Because I do have a Speech Disability that it is just Way Too Difficult for Me to Communicate with People on Phone Calls.
                      Really so very Please can Someone from Asiandate.com Contact Me as soon as Possible on the E-mail Address that I did Given to Them.
                      I do really Need and Want a really Clear Explanation and Reason of Why they did Deliberate Victimized Me on their Website for around 3 Weeks.
                      I did Never ever Asked anyone at all to Give those Refunds and Chargebacks to Me in those 3 Weeks.
                      I am a Disabled Victim of the really Immature Games from the Website Operators on Asiandate.com
                      They is just Time Wasters that did Deliberate Wasted my Non-Replaceable Time in those 3 Weeks.
                      If my 23 Years Old Girlfriend and Future Wife does Not Meets Me in Real Life in my Country and City too in the Next 2 Weeks and 14 Days is I will Promise and Commit to do Anything to Shut down Asiandate.com Permanently and Forever in this World.
                      I will Become the so very Worst Nightmare to Asiandate.com if they do Deliberate and Intentionally Steal, Ruin, Shatter, Break, Destroy and Completely Devastate the Relationship between Me and my 23 Years Old GF and Future Wife.
                      They have Already Deliberate and Intentionally Stole and Totally Devastated the Communication between Me and my 23 Years Old GF.
                      All what They do Blasting Care About is Causing Hell, Pain, Grief and Torture in the Lives of Me and my GF.
                      Asiandate.com does now have the Next 1 Week and 7 Days to Reply back to Me and Fix the Stupid Mistakes and Silly Errors that they did Deliberate Done Towards Me.
                      I will Create a Movement that will Shut Down Asiandate.com if they will Deliberate Steal and Take Away my GF out of my Life.
                      Them Stealing my Non-Replaceable Time is so very much Worst than being Scammed, Ripped-Off and Losing Replaceable Money in Life.
                      Time Stealers and Thieves is just so very Worst than Money Stealers and Thieves.
                      Asiandate.com has Committed really so very Serious Crimes, Offences and Sins Towards and Against Me in under 3 Weeks.
                      They will Pay for all of their Crimes, Sins and Offences Against Me.
                      They will Suffer the Consequences of their Offences, Crimes and Sins Towards.
                      They will be Punished for all of their Offences, Sins and Crimes Against and Towards Me.
                      My Time is Non-Replaceable and can Never ever be Replaced in the Future of my Life.
                      Me Being a Disabled Victim who has had my Non-Replaceable Time Stolen and Taken Away Permanently and Forever out of my Life is so very much more Worst than having any Replaceable Thing Stolen and Taken Away from Me in my Life.
                      I will Shut Down their Business on their Website if they do Not Follow my Instructions, Requests and Demands to Them.
                      They did Deliberate and Intentionally Conned, Scammed and Ripped-Off Me by Stealing my Non-Replaceable Time Away from Me Forever and Permanently Out of my Life.
                      Time is Always much more Important than Money because Time is Non-Replaceable and can Never ever be Replaced in the Future in Life.
                      It is Time for them to Pay the Ultimate Price for their Mistakes, Errors, Faults, Flaws, Offences, Crimes and Sins Towards and Against Me.

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