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D Oct 11, 2019

I give bbva compass 💩💩💩💩💩 for being the worst bank that has ever existed. Customer service is rude, they hang up on you, they say that you are cursing at them when your not. just so they can say that's why they hung up on you. They post payments to the account then go and reverse the charges saying that is when the payment posted and reverse all the other payments that have already posted. Then reaply all the payments back cause you to be charge NSF after NSF. Leaving you to drown when other bills need to be paid but now cant pay them cause your in the negative. they say they post payments in real time but when it comes to deposits they will not post that in real time. WHY? so they can charge you more nsf fees. Why hasn't bbva been investigated after reading bad review after bad review. why isnt anyone looking after the small people like us who are being robbed. I have never dealt with a bank who is just self center on themselves and care about how much money they can rob from people like us. I will make sure more reviews get written and hopefully one day bbva Compass will go down for doing wrong to their customers. The only reason you are getting a star is cause I have to put one. But bbva compass you deserve 💩💩💩💩💩.

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