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Complaints & Reviews

Resolved auto loan misinformation

We are trying to buy a car from a private owner which is financed through Compass Bank. The bank has now told...

nsf fees

I with anyone who thinks Conmpass bank is a ripoff, I just got charde 240 dollars when i deposited 3000...

excessive inactivity fee

Unbelievable fees. I had used this account to manage my travel expenses for work related travel. Being...

Resolved system keeps going down


Resolved lost $10,000 of my money

This happened several years ago but it still steams me to this day! I agreed to transferr $10, 000 from an IRA to an Annuity in December 2004 at the Crestline Branch. I completed all the paper work and the branch manager, Grant Lauderdale, gave me a copy of the paperwork and told me I'd get confirmation in the mail from the annuity company... Well, I'm not a rich man, but I trusted Compass with this money... and I sort of forgot about it... I never did get a statement and a couple of years went by and I thought "I'd better check on this money"... so I went back to the Crestline Branch in late 2007 (3 years.. I know!) - the Lauderdale guy was long gone.. so I spoke with the branch manager and told them I wanted to confirm the annuity was in force... they looked and looked and told me they had no record of the transaction and gave me a number to call in their brokerage dept... I called and they looked and looked and said sorry... no record or an annuity OR you old IRA... "sorry, sir - you'll have to prove to us that we processed this transaction"... I felt like a fool! I could not remember where that carbon copy was... so I dug through old boxes of stuff (thank God I keep everything) and finally found it. So I took it back to Crestline and they said... we'll look into it... I heard nothing from them for over a week so i called again and they acted like they knew nothing about it... and another guy told me "we have no idea where this money is"... Well it turns out that Grant Lauderdale never submitted the annuity paperwork and he left the bank shortly thereafter... and the money was finally traced to a "unknown" account. TO THINK... if I had not kept that piece of carbon copy paper I would have been out over $10, 000... Anyway, what made me so mad was that the bank offered me no apology... Forest Suber in brokerage acted like I was just bothering him... I will never do business with them again... they lose your money and then act like it was my fault. THERE...I got it off my chest! Oh, and I continue to get a bank account statement showing I have 9 cents in the account - and I closed the account in 2003 and have asked then numerous times to just keep the 9 cents and stop mailing me a statement every month... but I keep getting it.

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Resolved online outage 5 days already

BBVA Compass have their online access down since Friday 1/15/10 supposedly for some upgrade. The message said it will be up by Monday 1/18/10. I tried Monday 1/18/10 to no avail. I tried again on Tuesday 1/19/10, still to no avail. I called the local branch, no explanations. There are federal laws that prohibit banks from closing 4 consecutive calendar days. I don't think it applies to online access. However, Compass seems to be abusing the lack of regulation on this. I am contemplating on closing down my account. Have to take care of outstanding checks written and then ADIOS. I don't have to be a victim of banks that think they're TOO BIG TO FAIL. If this is how they do business in Spain, it's not what I expect here.

  • So
    SourKraut Jan 19, 2010

    Just think of all the NSF fees this "outage" will help them generate.

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  • Ja
    James J. Jan 19, 2010

    Yeah, they really need to issue some kind of official appology when this is resolved. If one of my higher profile customer's website's went down for 4 days, there would be hell to pay for sure.

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  • Ba
    bankerintel01 Oct 12, 2010

    Ok, honestly? Online banking is NOT the only way to determine your balance! How about...keeping a register? Thats what normal people do. If you go overdrawn, its not the banks fault; its yours! Also, there is 24/7 automated phone banking as well as customer service, and you can always go into the bank or use the ATM to get your balance. This is why people irrate me. Use your brain. Don't spend money you don't have, and don't blame your bad bookeeping on the bank.

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Resolved hidden fees

I have had numerous problems with BBVA Compass and today the nail was placed in the coffin. I have had a small savings account (x-mas account) for about a year and a half. I noticed that on 12/31/09, I had 2 service charges ($3 & $12), I placed a called and was told that they have changed their policy in October with savings and you are now required to have $500 minimum balance. Keep in mind the charges didn't hit my account until December. I said "excuse me" when I opened up the account I signed a contract and I was never notified of this change. I never keep much in this account b/c it just for left over x-mas gifts. If I was notified I would have immediately closed the account before October. Or if I would have received the charges in October I would have flagged the issue then and saved $ on the other charges for Nov & Dec. I said “I would like a credit of these charges and I would like to close my account. I was told they "can't" give me a credit b/c they added a sentence about it on the August statement *at the bottom about the change. Keep in mind I do all on-line banking and there was never a single notification. Not only did I not receive notification my account wasn’t deducted until December so I racked up more charges.

I am closing both of my account with them effective immediately! I have never had issues with a bank as much as this one. I am a firm believer they are not out for the customer just the bank!

Resolved atm machine ate my business debit card

To start Compass ATM machine ate my business debit card. I asked teller to look into it and she denied it. She flat out said there is no card in the ATM machine. The next day they called me and said they found a card because a customer turned it in from the ATM machine. I asked them to cancel it. Two weeks went by but I didn't get the new card. When I called them, they said they never cancelled it. I asked them again to cancel it. After a week I got (not one) personal (not business) debit cards in mail. I went to the bank and they told they made a mistake. Now I had three debit cards (one that I've been using) and two new ones. They cancelled two of the personal checking account cards and I kept one of the new cards. They told me I will get the new business debit card in a week. Finally my new business debit card arrived. A week later I started getting these over draft charges in mail from my business account. I called compass and they said they had screwed up my debit cards and that they have to look into it.. Now my personal debit card was taking money out of my business account and the balance had gone to negative and they were hitting me with $38 over draft fees every time I made a purchase with my personal debit card. No one ever called me back so after couple of days I went to the branch. This is almost a month ongoing now. I went to the bank and asked them to look into it. I got interrogated and felt like as if they are trying to blame it on me. Finally they said they will look into it and will call me back. Three days went by and they finally called me back and said they had voided all the overdraft fees so I didn’t have to pay it. But now my balance was negative because I couldn’t transfer any money to my business account due to the whole mess they put me in. She demanded that I come to the bank right away to put money back in that account or they would not cover me if there is any charges coming in against that account. I was at work and I couldn’t make it to the bank that day. Next day I went to the bank and she has the audacity to tell me that since she called me the day before, there has been to charges on that account from my automatic withdraw accounts and now I have to pay over draft fees no matter what. They made me wait over a month to fix this mess but now they punish me for behind a day late. DO NOT open an account with Compass Bank. Half of my fiends have left that bank due to similar reasons.

Resolved freezing account

I had a business checking account with compass in 2008 and they overcharged my account numerous times with overdraft fees and I was not over drawn. When I went in and tried to pay them anyway just to get my business account in the clear they refused to open the account. I had a savings account with them and had continued to use the savings and in oct 2009 I went to open another checking account and let them know what had happened with the previous account and they opened my checking account and said it was fine. When I went to deposit some money a couple of weeks later I WAS TOLD THE ACCOUNT HAD BEEN FROZEN BECAUSE I OWED THEM MONEY. THEY KEPT MY DEPOSIT MADE TO OPEN ACCOUNT AND HAVE RUINED MY AVON BUSINESS. COMPASS BANK IS THE WORST.

Resolved stay away

Applied a new checking account 1wk ago from BBVA Compass bank. Called three times to be able to set up online login. Initial deposit was withdrew from another bank on Nov. 23. Money is gone from another account but didn't show up in this new Compass checking account. I'm transferred to 2 reps and both of them didn't give any useful info and told me they don't where is the money go. Customer service is extremely slow.

The Compass Online Banking is worst one I've used. It's not fully automatic online banking. You have to call in to setup everything. The application form is also delayed.

Resolved excessive nsf charges

I have been charged NSF fees on a few occasions for reasons that make absolutely no sense. I have now opted...

Idyllwild Banks

Resolved piece of crap

Eeded to purchase a plant. Greenouse did ot take VISA. Sent me to BBVA/Compass. Entered my information. ATM said, "do you really only want $0.01? Tried to change it. Again and again. ATM repeated. I went into Bank. They said, "sorry ATM ate your card." You are up S__t creek. A Thousand miles from home. No gas, no food, ATM ate Card, and they say, "ATM is not ours. Someone else services it." They would not give me name or phone number. In effect, it was "Eat s__t. We're too big to mess with you!"

Really made my trip to the southwest a piece of crap!

Resolved holding deposits and transacting debits to generate nsf fees

I made the mistake of opening a checking account with Compass Bank 6 months ago. It generally takes them 24 hours to process an automatic deposit. Deposit goes into the bank electronically at midnight, shows as pending and if you use your debit card the next day they will process the debit before they post the deposit IF the debit creates a negative balance so they can charge you an NSF fee.

I had 300 in my account. Used my debit card four times on Tuesday and had the funds to cover the debits, wrote a check on Thursday and had an automatic deposit made on Thursday night. They held the deposit until Saturday. Processed all four of the debit and the check on Friday BEFORE processing the deposit and then charged me four NSF fees in the amount of $38.00.

I will be closing the account. Their customer service is poor and they obviously don't care they have a low customer base.

  • De
    DeannaM Dec 30, 2009

    Dealing with the same issues. I am in the process of fighting 8 NSF fees and going to switch banks. I can't afford to bank with them. How crazy is that?!?!?!?!

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Resolved nsf fees

I deposited $1000 CASH at 12 noon. My bank told me the fees were available immediately. I went and used my card three times later that day. A week later I check my account and find they charged me three $38 NSF fees for those charges. Even though my statement shows the deposit that day. Then three days later, with still plenty of funds in the bank, they charged me another 4 $38 NSF fees. I asked them why I got the first three, and they said the charges took place the same day, but the deposit hadn't been recorded till after. Bull. They submit the deposit immediately and you get a computer printed deposit receipt back. Then for the four additional charges three days later, they explained, using terms I have never heard in my college educated life, that the first three fees three days prior caused the charges when additional charges went through after my deposit. Didn't make any sense, but they still didn't refund them. I deposited $1000, had five charges after I deposited it totaling $60 over three days and paid $266 dollars in NSF Fees. Nice way to stick it to your customer.

  • Tx
    txsunshine Dec 15, 2009

    I opened a checking account with Guaranty Bank through a promotion where I would get $100 after 150 days, with terms and rules. I followed all the rules they had posted on the promotion page but now that BBVA Compass has taken over, they refuse to pay me the $100. I had planned to close my other account and move all my money there, but I sure won't now. I will not do busines with thieves. I will stick to credit unions because I have never had problems with them stealing my money.

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Resolved excessive nsf fee

I made the mistake of not maintaining my checkbook register for a week. In that week I charged $366 using my...

excessive overdraft fees

I overdrew my checking account last week, and was out of town on business. There was not a BBVA Compass branch in any of the cities I was in. I called customer service to explain the situation. They told me a customer care specialist would have to contact me within 48 hours. It was nearly a week before someone returned my call. I racked up almost 500.00 in overdraft fees, causing 3 checks to be returned. I also had an unauthorized debit that I was charged to NSF fees for. When I called on Friday and told them it was not authorized, they told me they could not dispute a pending transaction. Of course not, the were waiting to charge me another NSF fee on Monday. When I was traveling I also checked my account online, at one point it showed the checks that were returned were paid. Not pending, PAID. They were playing a "shell game" with my checking account. This is very deceptive.

Resolved nsf fees, account holds, deceipt

Compass charges overdraft charges on hold amounts authorized through your ACH card. If you go buy gas and...

Resolved inactive account fee

Just when I thought banks had fees for everything. I had 4 accounts with compass and while all the account...

Resolved excessive nsf fees

Account holder for over 7 years and I mistakely used the wrong card for a purchase resulting in an overdraft in my Compass acct.
Compass rearranged the only other draft made to the acct. within the last two weeks (even though it had showed clear prior to the accidental charge) so that additional fees could be imposed. So $76.00 in for one mess up and then since I do not live near a branch.. I was unable to make a deposit quickly and they tacked $7.00 a day on for each day the acct. was overdrawn for 21 days! So for one charge of $395.00 - Compass charged my $226.00 if fees!!! That is an awfully expensive short term loan... and I never asked for it-- The way that they process transactions are intended to clear larger debits first which makes it more likely that they can charge more NSF or overdraft fees for all the small charges that wont clear because of the larger going thru first. Deceptive at best and completely unethical to charge someone for a loan they did not apply for and one in which the terms didn't have to be disclosed until after the fact.
How is this legal? COMPASS BANK BBVA makes millions in profit from overdraft & penalty charges alone annually! Wake up consumers and stand up for your rights-------------- we shouldn't be paying high interest loans for debit transactions!

  • Mr
    Mrs. T Sep 29, 2009

    Yep, same experience here. Made a subtraction error in my register which I keep faithfully and went -$9.32 (that's right, not even $10.00.) overdrawn. Compass has now charged me close to $300.00 in service fees and I have never even come close to bouncing a check with them before. I went in person to the bank and was told they couldn't help me with the matter other than to caution me that they "always process debits before credits". The manager at my branch told me that they take out debits and checks before they process deposits (on the same business day). I then called the toll free number (I certainly would never call it customer service) and got a completely illiterate man who after listening to my story said, "uhhhh, you'll have to call back later, uh, uh, our system is down". He was rude and unhelpful and I now seriously doubt their systems were down. I initially opened this checking account online but ended up having to go into a branch (45 miles away from my home) because there were so many problems. I foolishly funded my account electronically from another checking account. They removed the money from my other account and yet didn't credit my new account at their bank for almost a week. I made numerous phone calls to try and figure out where my $500.00 bucks was. Once my account was open it was six weeks until I had my two debit cards and several months before I had checks with my correct address and two more months and five trips to the branch to get the cost of my checks re-imbursed to me since the bank kept having the incorrect address printed on the checks. Of course I never even got an apology...so I guess I shouldn't even be surprised at all the complaints I've read tonight about BBVA Compass Bank...apparently I'm not the only customer that they have ripped off recently...Yep, I got sucked in by promises of no ATM fees or service charges - that is a total lie. The first time I got an ATM fee I took my statement to the branch...was told I would have to send in the withdrawal slip (which of course I had already shredded) but the teller couldn't even give me the address to send the slips to, she said I should be able to figure it out online. Terrible customer service from day one - I only have myself to blame for sticking with them too long!!!

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  • Da
    David80905 Sep 30, 2009

    Have to say I agree with all the complaints.

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  • Lo
    Lovejlm5grace Oct 13, 2009

    I went to the store to get gas in my gas tank for the lawn mower and went to the grocery store and had an available balance of $40.00. I had forgotten that one of the items pending had a $6.00 tip that had not cleared and when it cleared it caused us to go over by $2.50. So basically I got 8 NSF charges for going over by $2.50 to equal a total of $304.00 in fees. The processed everything from high to low and even took out the NSF fees before all the other small charges. I also made two cash deposits ($120.00) and ($200.00) which did not show up until Midnight two days later. I have other bank accounts and this had never happened. It happens all the time with Compass Bank. I hate Compass Bank and I am cancelling the bank account this week and moving to Wells Fargo/Wachovia or Bank of America and opting out of overdraft protection. Compass won't even let you opt out if you choose not to have it. I would rather the embarrassment of having my card rejected than being charged $300.00 for a $2 dollar mistake.

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  • Sc
    Scott1965 Jan 11, 2010

    I have a business account with BBVA.

    A deposit that should have been made last Monday was not made until Tuesday.

    On Monday night, 50 checks hit my account that overdrew it by $266.00. (All of the checks except two were for under $50. There were two large checks.) Compass carged a $38 fee on 44 of the checks, for a total of $1672 on NSF fees on a $266 overdraft. When I made the deposit on Tuesday in person, they did NOT tell me about this. Thus, my account was overdrawn again. On Tueday night, more checks it. NONE of these checks would have overdrawn the account had they not carged me $1672 in NSF fees on a $266 overdraft. On Tuesday night, they charged me for another 29 checks @ $38 each. By the time I found out abotu it two days later, and transferred more money into the account, that had charge me $4, 978 in fees on a $266 overdraft.

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  • Am
    amc4tide Mar 11, 2010

    BBVA Compass has gotten me 4 times in the past 2 days. It looks like NSF charges cover only 2 transactions but I am being charged per day. At $38 dollars a pop that is $152!!! I put money in to cover my error yesterday and they show taking out today $38 in NFS then $30 to cover a check which makes it go negative again and they charge another $38. Only I don't understand the $38 charge as I was positive on the account. What is going on with the bank? I had $55 in to cover the $30.

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  • Jo
    JorgeAponteII May 11, 2010

    I last checked my account and I have $11 which is not a lot. I then notic that there was a pending charge of $9.74. I spent $4 on food and I went $2 under.. The next day they smack on 3 NSF charges.. Not 1.. 3 on the same day! I'm paying them $112 for a little $2 mistake!! I'm sorry but I can't stay in a bank like this.. I'm afraid I'll go from $100 to -$200 in a week without spending a dime.

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  • Ph
    Phila May 18, 2010

    I agree! I was charge over 26 INF chargers for 3 items. They held a deposite which would have covered my charges for 48.00. How can this be legal. What can we do...Help!

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Resolved never will bank with them again

From day 1 I have had nothing but problems with compass bank. I have only had the account for 6 months. I havent had a bank in a while until i opened up this account. (after my dilemas with compass it may be another long while to trust another bank) I just called tonight to check my balance since ive had so many previous issues before. It said i was negative $91.00. I was floored because i last went to a compass atm 2 weeks ago to withdraw $260 from my checking account which i knew was in there because i called to check the balance and did a balance inquiry, mind you from the compass bank atm, verifying the money was in there. My gut was telling me to call tonight and then I spoke to rep whom told me that there was a $2 atm fee on the same night of the withdrawal. I could not understand why since i went to my own bank's atm to avoid fees in the first place. The rep told me that they charge an atm fee and since it put my account negative they charged me $38 and then another $38 for it being negative 6 days and then $7 per day until it is put positive again. I could not understand since i have been to a compass atm before (not the same machine) with no issues. The rep told me that the fee assess depending on which atm location it is although its my own bank's. I contested the amount and wanted a manager. He then said they cannot credit my account back and will have a customer compliance agent contact me in 24 - 48 hrs.
This is some bull-###. I will never recommend this bank to anyone.