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I ordered an electronic PDF download of a report about suggested dietary regimes for curing acid reflux at a total cost of $17.00. I also added a couple of "free" offers as a part of the order. However, after submitting my credit card details, I received an email detailing my order which totaled $48.95 as it included a hard copy to be sent to my home as well as a "VIP" upgrade giving me access to the "free" reports. I had also ticked a box which offered 2 months free trial access to WellnessWatchersMD, a website relating to healthy living. The confirmatory email (from Barton Publishing) stated that I was now committed to a monthly subscription to this website unless I canceled it in 14 days, and that Wellness would email me with login details in order to do this. So far I haven't heard from Wellness.

Have emailed Barton Publishing and await their reply.



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Dec 03, 2019 7:23 am
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Failed to receive the downloadable information after paying for it. Took place on the evening of 25 Nov 2019. Visa purchase. I would likea refund. My email [email protected]

Sep 21, 2015 7:26 am
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was over charged for info. it was 19.95 and was charged 51.07 i did call my credit card comp. and they will take care of this. every time you order something on line this is the out come i will never order anything again im so tired of trying to get my money back from people like bartons pup. mary ascani

May 09, 2014 9:27 pm

As a skeptic who would have strongly advised family and friends to do research BEFORE placing an order. I actually started the order WHILE researching Barton Publishing. But I had already entered my credit card info, before I realized that there was no confirmation process for the order as they just keep advancing you to other offers in order to push more charges onto your order. I was now suspicious that there was no way out, so I closed the window to get out of the process and immediately called my credit card company, They said that the charge had not shown up on their computer, but I was afraid that they already had my billing info, so I had the credit card company cancel that card and make a note that Barton Publishing was NOT authorized for any transactions on my account. Now I will await my new credit card, and they said that they are prepared for any potential charges from Barton Publishing on my account to be disputed. Once I hung up the phone I got an email from Barton Publishing confirming my order. But my card had already been cancelled. Ugh! CAVEAT EMPTOR!

Dec 14, 2008 4:15 pm

I too purchased a PDF format medical report from Joe Barton and after a couple of weeks I've been hit with a US$29.95 charge from WelnessWatchersMD on my credit card. I went back to my e-mails and found one classified as spam, from welnesswatchersmd, telling me that I've received a 14 days free trial membership and if not canceled in that period, my credit card will be charged monthly. When ordering from Barton Publishing, I don't remember being told that I'll be charged in the future for services I didn't ask or that my credit card details will be passed to someone else.
I've sent e-mails to both Barton Publishing and WelnessWatchersMD to cancel this so called membership and to refund me the money they took but had no response at all at the moment.
I want to mention that a couple of years ago I also bought a "get rid of kidney stones" report from Joe Barton and it worked for me, so I don't know why he started to involve his name into this sort of dishonest practices.

May 20, 2009 4:34 pm

Barton Publishing Complaints - Overcharging
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Barton Publishing
Posted:MAY 20 2009
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United States

I ordered an electronic PDF download of a report about suggested dietary regimes for curing acid reflux at a total cost of $19.95. I also added FOUR "free" offers as a part of the order. However, after submitting my credit card details, I received an email detailing my order which totaled $56.30 as it included a hard copy to be sent to my home as well as a "VIP" upgrade giving me access to the "free" reports.


Thank you all who have posted here. I post regularly on several very big "Natural Cures" sites that I have been a member of for years. I was considering ordering from Barton Publishing but after reading all the horrible complaints here I will never order something from them. I will also post on all the sites that I am a member of to warn all the other members to avoid anything to do with Barton Publishing. Good luck to you all and thank you for the forewarning.

Sep 29, 2012 12:04 pm
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Well thankfully I am one who Google everything, thank goodness I did too, cuz my mom takes so many medicines and I want her healthy but this would have been a complete waste as i see it. Anyway, doesn't anyone know if the apple remedy really works? Cuz I could use that right? I don't see how it could damage her but I can't trust them so...Anyway thanks, and hope you all are blessed and have your problems fixed.

Fully agree with comments made on Jan 9th, 2012 comparing the Joe Barton Internet commercial about acid reflux cures to similar typical scam artists. I originally heard about Joe Barton and his claims through a very popular right wing news web site called NEWSMAX, where Joe Barton is one of their advertisers. I think that Newsmax should be held responsible for fraudulent claims made by their advertisers because in the past, Newsmax has recommended many other fraudulent or misleading vendors. Newsmax needs some accountability here.

Jul 23, 2012 12:01 pm

I am bombarded with stupid adverts via e-mail from Barton publishing every day. I have unsubscribed every single one of them, (countless at this point), and I label them as spam (Earthlink is good at filtering e-mail). These pieces of junk still get through my spam filter. I have called them three times at this point but still they keep coming.
I spoke to a supervisor today and If they send even one more I am going to contact the attorney general of South Dakota and I suggest any other person with this problem do the same. If you Google "Attorney General of South Dakota" you will find a form on line where you can voice your complaint. If they were a decent company with integrity they would not have a software crew out there trying to defeat spam filters, "sending" from unique and random addresses every day, even (I have read on software forum) changing their URL addresses! This is not the action of a reputable company these are the actions of a very fishy outfit.
Take action, Barton will ignore you as they did me, write to the Attorney General of SD. If enough people do this it will force them to play by the rules - or shut down this scam.

May 28, 2022 10:24 pm
Replying to comment of LAHs

i orderd some books on diabetes for i think was around 20.00 dollers. they charged my account 87.00 and sent me two books just alike and they are not what i was sopposed to get i think they are crooks. if mi dont get my money back they should be charged with theft. i bet what they done to me they have done to a lot of people.

Jul 18, 2012 8:34 am
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I'm wondering if the reason for all the complaints on these links is because some people are chronic complainers and can only take time to complain about things. I am CERTAIN that there is NO scam involved here and I will be ordering the Brain Health and Memory Kit hopefully today. We are all paranoid about scams in this day and age but honestly, not all are. I don't know a lot about this company but I do KNOW that they are honest and have put much time, energy and research into all this amazing information that we would otherwise not know about. Because my husband is diabetic and often had a problem with blood sugar levels - I decided to try their claims that 1/4 tsp cinnamon daily would help. We have noticed an amazing improvement! and we are so grateful. Thank you to the Team who have worked tirelessly on years and years of research and have put information together for us to benefit from. Yes guys your problems seem viable but each one has been addressed. Even though people have taken time to post these negative complaints, yet books could be written on success stories which you may never see. Thanks to the Barton Team.

This is a silly repetitive site...When does it quit and something is done to satisfy the complaint?

My comment remains the same as above...$4.95 deal turns out to a $35.00+ one...I want to cancel. Kenneth W. Baguley. [email protected]

I ordered a $4.95 deal and it was expanded to somewhere around $35.00. I want to cancel, but cannot get through on the telephone...Nor is there anyway I can cancel the order. Kenneth W. Baguley [email protected]

Apr 20, 2012 6:28 am

WOW I was about to order the high blood pressure kit.. Glad I found this site before I did. THANKS

Jan 09, 2012 12:13 am
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I object to joe bartons commercial to begin with! It starts out by sounding like a simple solution to acid reflux. Simple stuff in a grocery store to help, etc., then goes into a emotional pitch about him and his father, on and on and on! In my opinion its all the same with these scam artists! They simply hit you with different pitches and BS! JUST READ all the peoples complaints! Of course its always the peoples fault! SHOW ME ONE VALID CASE WHERE SOMEONE CURED ACID REFLUX BY BUYING A FEW GROCERY ITEMS AT A FOOD STORE!, LIKE BARTON TELLS YOU! Pure BS!

Aug 05, 2011 1:19 pm

I've been in marketing and sales in the healthcare industry for over 40 years, and instantly recognize this as an out-and-out scam. First, the FDA does NOT regulate nutrition or "neutraceuticals". Hence, the scammers, as a general rule of thumb, are typically not held accountable for their claims. Second: the business practices found at this site literally scream "SCAM". Part of it is the typical elder-scam that is ubiquitous throughout the U.S., and part of it is simply preying on people's gullibility and natural suspicion of what they don't understand (true medicine). You'll never find this business advertizing double-blind clinical trials, RCT's, etc..., and if you don't know what those are, then you are the mark in the shill game that proves the point.
This company is not unique. There are thousands of them in business due only to the ignorance of the general public. Currently, the tide is in their favor as the general public moves towards an anti-science, anti-rational thought position, making these types of "revolutionary" offers nearly irresistable.
In a word? Garbage.

Jul 30, 2009 2:36 pm

I had the similar experience with Ken Parks. Since the oerder process does not have a preview of what items you ordered, when you realize you accidently ordered something you don't need, which I think is their purpose, it is already too late. I called the company right away and a woman customer representive gave me her name and employee number and told me she fixed it for me, but she had no comformation number or email for the correction for me. When I received my bank statement, I found out I was charged for way more than what I ordered. I called the company, they told me there was no such woman by that employee number. I called today, the other unfriendly and impatient woman told me I could not get a refund for shipping and handling, which is ridiculous because I did not order or receive any written material.
When you call the compay during their business hours, sometimes there is no body answering the calls.
Plus there is only a little bit information in their products.
I hope other consumers won't suffer what I suffered, I also hope better business bureau with look into this company.

Apr 18, 2009 3:22 am

All the before mentioned stories are tru. They are total crooks!

Apr 01, 2009 12:32 pm

I am happy to report that Barton Publishing did indeed give me 3 separate credits on my Amex bill today for the monthly fees that I was charged. It appears they aren't a total scam after all, although charging somone for something they didn't ask for is still mighty poor business practice.

I, too, had to contact Wellness to cancel a 29.95 monthly subscription I never wanted and so far as I know never signed up for, although a 9.95 newsletter (subject to cancelling in 14 days was automatically tagged onto my 19.95 order so i was conscious of having to deal with that. After a few tries I got hold of Wellness on the phone and the lady there canceled the newsletter, etc. before it could even be sent out. I presume this is taken care of. Some days later I was emailed by Joe Barton to say I was eligible for more extras than the 4 I had expected and so far I've been happy with this. Don't know what the future will bring but so far Joe has been generous with me, though it did take over a week.
What I want to do is inform others of possible cures that they may not have thought of.
Listening to your body is the main source of getting help; and giving-up rather than acquiring anything is the main ingredient of many cures.
For instance, many years ago I developed a degree of occasional gerd (sleep apnea?) to the point of being awakened from sleep with a constricted throat which simply was not letting me breathe. Twice in my life it was so strong and prolonged that I bet against myself, saying to myself that this time I would not survive, for sure. Somehow after being without breath longer than I would have thought possible without passing out, I did survive. I cured this by cutting down on the daily ration of hamburgers that I ate at the fast food places.
Then I developed a case of asthma (doctors said it was close to Pulmonary Lung Disease, because I had been a smoker) that grew severe enough that I was beginning to use a machine to deliver daily doses of medicine that I felt was scouring my lungs. I likened the feeling to scouring your car with a brillo pad rather than a polishing cloth, so I suspected this was not good for me. Again a change in diet was called for. The main change this time was forever quitting cokes (which I liked a whole lot) and adding essential fatty acids and taking yamoapowder (bark from the African Yamoa tree). It cured me in less than a year and halfway cured me in less than 3 months.
Years later, when retired, the gerd came back (though not as severe) so that I could no longer eat myself to sleep - I loved to fall asleep with a full stomach. It took me over a year to slowly watch the hints my body gave me as to how I felt and when and what after and I tried quitting bread -which was a product that all my life I simply could not envision myself living without - I made sandwhiches out of everything. I noticed that ten days after quitting bread I suddenly felt not only better but different, that is, extraordinarily better. So I got slowly bolder and began to eat - now that I had given up bread - closer and closer to bedtime. Sure enough, I found I could eat right up until the very moment I fell asleep, and no gerd - just so long as I didn't eat bread! I guess I've become gluten intolerant - I still am not sure, but I guess so.
The latest is that I developed Rheumatism, Rheumatic Arthritis, which attacks whatever joints you are using the most and is about unbelievably painful at times,
like when you can be afraid to sit down because it hurts so much and afraid to stand up because it hurts so much to do so. I've gotten so I can take quite a bit of pain.
I was scheduled to take a rigorous course of pills from an expert who said he cannot cure me but he could ease the pain and generally make things better.
But then I noticed that sugar (that product which all of us can't do without even if we replace much of it with honey), such as in canned cranberry sauce, was capable of spreading the arthritis all over my body within an hour after enjoying. So I gave up sugar - as much as possible. And my condition ameliorated - improved drastically.
I still haven't cured this one - they say it is incurable, except for a possible mysterious few. So I'm still working on this one. It seems to have found a home in my hands and some of my fingers swell up especially when I eat the least bit of sugar, like especially something like a sugary delicious sweet and fruity muffin - but I'm doing my best. I've got some hopes for this one.
One thing, though, High Blood Pressure, which runs in my family, Ive not been able to whip, but I'm still working on it, and that's my main connection with Joe Barton.
So far, so good, and I'm hoping it stays that way, I'm doing ok by Joe.
I really hope I've helped at least a few of you out there. One thing's for sure. You can cure yourself! And the older I get the less I believe in doctors and their pharmaceuticals because by the few pharmaceutical I've tried I realize these are not only dangerous poisons which may or may not be beneficial but they are incredibly dangerous and powerful. Vitamins you can screw around with but pharmaceuticals are a really serious proposition. Luck to us all! Motto: Rede labels.

Mar 24, 2009 3:38 pm

Well Mr. Barton, I'm afraid I'm going to have to concur with all those folks who are calling your company a scam. I ordered an e-book from Barton Publishing. After my one time order was placed I started getting charges on my credit card each month from "welwatchmd8005916383" for $29.95.

I remember placing the order with Barton Publishing and jumping through the hoops that customers are made to go through before the order process is complete. I was very careful not to click any boxes which would have committed me to anything other than what I ordered. When I called your Customer Service Department at [protected] and talked to Lucy at ext. 545 I was told that I had signed up for a free trial which I did not cancel in 15 days, hence the monthly charges. This is extremely sketchy business practice at best and a complete lie at worst. Companies like yours should be shut down.

I suppose your hope is that some customers will not make the effort to track down the charges and just roll over and accept them. It must happen or you wouldn't keep up the practice. It would only take a read of a web site like this one to tell any businessman that his company is doing something extremely unpopular with its customers. Instead of fixing the problem you make posts claiming that we are all wrong. If you had any morals you would just fix the problem so that people will not continue to be fooled into taking charges for things they didn't ask for.

My refund was requested today. We'll see if I get it in the 5 days I was promised. If not I will be contacting my credit card company to cancel my card as well as the BBB to report your company in the hopes that somebody else will be saved from having to deal with you. In any case I will back on this site in one week to report my result.

Mar 04, 2009 12:19 pm


This has just happened to me, I emailed wellness to stop any transaxtions and a week later money has been taken from my account. I am in the UK. My bank have received lots of complaints about this company and are investigating.

I have resent an email to wellnesss today and to Barton direct.

I want my money back you fraudsters!

Feb 14, 2009 1:58 pm
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I too have a complaint. I ordered the downloadable book for $19.95 and rejected all the other offers that kept coming up before I could check out. When the receipt came in the email, it showed they billed me not only the $19.95 for the book, but for a VIP upgrade so I can access 4 additional books (that I didn't want) and that upgrade was also $19.95. PLUS, the 'free' gift of Wellness Watcher after a 14-day trial and then I'll be billed still yet $29.95 per month! I tried calling their customer service number a few times. There is an answering machine that says they are only there on Mon-Friday, 9am-9pm central. Well I called on Friday afternoon about 3:00 pm and no one was there. Got the same answering machine as before. I tried email on Friday also, no answer. I called Wellness Watcher to try and cancel that "freebie" and the woman said I'm not yet in the system and that it takes about 24 hours. I am to call back.
I thought everyone had 3 days when buying something to cancel an order? How can you cancel when they don't answer their phone? I've lost interest in their book now because I'm so aggrivated at this whole mess. My BP has probably soared through the roof by now! I may have to cancel my credit card now.

Feb 09, 2009 4:40 pm

According to the above complaints and comments, it appears that and Barton are connected and may be in actually one company. I called welwatch and they could not tell me what I had ordered or give me help of any kind to locate anything. I called the Barton number but was refereed to their e-mail. I wrote to them and and have not heard from them. I was charged on my credit card from both welwatch and Barton. This is beginning to really look like a scam, but I don't know exactly what to do. I could ask the crdit card company to cancel and reverse the charges, but I would also like to get these people prosecuted. Apparently they have scammed a lot of people. In case anyone who has been taken by these people would like to e-mail me, maybe we can put our heads together to see what can be done. Richard Conner, [email protected]

Feb 03, 2009 12:14 pm

I made the mistake of ordering from Barton and I got a receipt by email that has no numerical values in it whatsoever. Nothing! There isnt a list of items ordered and there is absolutely no mention of Wellwatchers. And Barton, I did go back during the order process and remove all of the 'offers' before proceeding.

Barton has not sent me any email regarding WellWatchers or any login credentials. I still have effective no receipt...

My credit card company has been informed of this fraud and will reverse all transactions. My credit card is also now stopped and a new one is being sent to me.

The point is, the more of us who inform our credit card companies of this nuisance, the quicker Barton will be thrown out as a credit card acquirer and blocked from making transactions from my account. Barton has dug himself a hole and must lie in it. I hope the credit card companies take this idiot to court.

Every other credit card transaction in my life has always followed up with a reciept by email (or in the post) that clearly explains what has been ordered. Barton thinks he is immune from this... and credits all his customers as being stupid...

Barton's lack of transparency speaks volumes...

In addition Mastercard will add Barton and Wellwatchers to the fradulent acquirers list (yes I work at a credit card company) and this is what happens.

The sad thing is I thought Barton's report was worth the money... But Barton is clearly a business idiot... he still puts his 'special offer' in the middle of the checkout process, after the customer enters address and credit card... Not at the begining.

Jan 27, 2009 7:46 pm
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Hi, Joe Barton here again... I'd like to say again that we aren't hiding anything in our sales offer. After purchasing the remedy report for $19.95, we give people the opportunity to add different items to their order. One of these is a 14-day free trial to Wellness Watchers MD.

You can view our offer on this page:

It's important that everyone understands that we are not misleading anyone. An average of ONE out of every ten thousand customers (roughly) are complaining that they've been "defrauded" by Barton Publishing.

Those numbers should assure you we are not scamming people - but every once in awhile, someone will click "YES" without reading the page... only later to come and complain and "warn people" not to do business with us.

We are a reputable company that strives to do business with integrity. We've always stood behind our 12-month money-back guarantee. Simply email us at support [at], or call us on our toll-free number listed at and we will respond within 24 hours.

And yes, we are a growing company that receives several hundred orders per day, so it's nearly impossible for any company not to receive complaints once in awhile.

We are also members in good standing with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

I hope this has helped give you a better understanding of our side of the story.

Best regards,
Joe Barton

May 28, 2022 10:41 pm
Replying to comment of Joe Barton

what about when i order your special for 20.00 and then get to like books they are both the same and was charged 87.00

Jan 15, 2009 11:46 am

BARTON PUBLISHING designs their ads and ordering process to RIP OFF anyone ordering their so-called health products. The order process does not have a preview of what items you order prior to submittla. When you call the 800 number, you get a recording telling you to e-mail their dis-service department. You never get a response.

Once you do all of this... DO NOT accept their product nor click on their download link. Call your credit card company and file a complaint. You will be credited back and the investigation process may take up to 90 days.

BARTON PUBLISHING is a fraudelent outfit... period!

Jan 03, 2009 2:28 am

Greetings all...

I am happy to see people have finally starting
to talk about what this company is doing to

I am sure some of there information is good
but you have to be VERY careful with their
advice (keep this in mind when reading their
advertising or listening to the Doctor on their
web pages).

I purchased a report from him at:

The screaming headline claimed:

"Find out Exactly How To Cure Lyme Disease
From Home, Using A Specific Combination Of
Grocery Items And No Drugs..."

It took me 3 years to even find out I had
it so of course I signed up for it.

I should have known better but that
wasn't the BAD PART.

Lyme Disease is a very complex ailment
and the body is like a laboratory. His
report in a nutshell told me to slowly
work up to taking 12 grams of sodium chloride
(salt) and 12 grams of vitamin C a day.

I was desperate so I tried it. I admit I felt
a little better within a week but later my
symptoms became WORSE and never
lessened! Now I was more screwed up
than before!

I later researched this crazy salt and
vitamin C idea and while some people
say they are feeling better I can't

Search the whole DAMN net...
(unless Barton Publishing makes
one up!_)

Later when I found a guy who did help
me he said that Lyme is a pathogen
and why certain remedies like a
Salt and C or Herbs and even Antibiotics
on long term lyme infections actually
make them worse as the pathogen
has spirochetes which drive into
to low blood circulating tissues of
the body. So, when you stop the
the therapy the symptoms many
times come back worse...

You have to be really careful with health
stuff. Many of us have become so jaded
with MD's that we've become sacrificial
lambs to supplement and herb companies
and guys like this.

This guy does not make any money
selling his information. He makes it
after you give up your credit card
number by trying to sell you (*or slam
you!) into buying half a dozen other
things. Many of them supplements.

When I ordered my report I knew I made
a mistake because it would NOT let me
finish my damn order without trying to
sell me literally 6 or more other supplements
and offers.

The world does not need more people
who market like this. It is sleazy and
shady and he knows.

And he calls himself a Christian I am told?


Again, they "may" be "trying" to help people
but their advertising and marketing is
EXTREMELY misleading.

And, as the world turns, it IS coming back
to BITE THEM as it should.

Amen to the guy who started this post
and ALL who have contributed.

We DON'T need more weasels in the world.


John Jenko
Granite Bay CA

P.S. Anyone reading this PLEASE post your experiences
here and at [redacted].com and anywhere else.
The money and headache you save may be an old friends!

Nov 16, 2008 7:59 pm

Barton Publishing can try to frame this any way he wants to - all about his integrity and such. He is a scam and he knows it. I had to cancel my credit card to get rid of him. I order a PDF file on High Blood Pressure for $19.95 and then they start charging me $29.95 a month. My credit card company is giving back my money.

Nov 02, 2008 5:10 pm


I, too, am wondering if the advise from Barton actually works. Do the plans work for all the conditions mentioned?

I suffer from gout and i would like to know if anyone has experienced any - none, little or complete relief after using the products sold?
It's all good that you complain about the over charging bit - i can appreciate that - but has anyone who had gout before actually have it under control, now, using what was sold by Barton. I would like to know that.

Thank you

Oct 27, 2008 8:43 pm

Well, lucky for me my bank called to "verify" a $1 attempted charge (which was declined by my bank), this is how I found out I was signed up with wellness watchers md.

as long as you have no knowledge of the charge, you can dispute with no problem.

I actually boubght a a medical remedy through a completely different website, they did offer these services, but mentioned nothing about charges...

i'm good now.

Oct 19, 2008 5:55 pm

Greetings to all,

A family member ordered something from Barton Publishing Co just under 3 days ago. I decided to check out the info about the company online and found many complaints about WellnessWatchersMD. I was leary after reading the statement, which Barton DID mail promptly and it contained all the information about the free 14 day trial. As the email contained the affore mentioned 800 number to cancel, I called it, they are closed on the weekend. I sent an email to WWMD to say we are cancelling. I called our credit card company, checked the last 5 transactions and the charge of $19.95 for the report was not there. We have cancelled our credit card so the charge will not go through. The family member said they remember checking the box they did not want the 14 day trial but they may have checked the box w/the freebies...hence the 14 day trial would have been put into effect. As the charge is not there now and the card is cancelled, we should not be billed...hopefully. This is why when someone on a phone call asks if I want a Free Trial Offer, I always say no as I am too busy to remember 14 days later. I have just told my family the same thing.

Oct 19, 2008 12:33 am

Joe Barton,

Take a look at the post that follows. See anything familiar? The writer appears to be making the very same “False accusations” you accuse me of. I hasten to point out that you were not involved in the SCAM she describes, but the modus operandi is nearly exactly the same as the one you have been running with WWMD.

Also please note that she also did not receive ANY communication from anybody telling her anything about the sale. Exactly as I have claimed. I stated in my e-mail to you that I was now only about 50% sure that you were knowingly involved in this SCAM. I take that back. You are back up to 100% in my view. You stated in your e-mail to me that you had never heard of anyone other than me not receiving any communication pertaining to the sale. Now you have. Her story is nearly identical to mine.

There is no way this can be mere coincidence. Wellness is obviously involved with other companies in this SCAM and they all seem to operate in very nearly the same way. Did WWMD suggest the manner in which you should construct your sales page? Sure looks like it

I hope all you other readers of this complaint board take heed and stay away from doing business with these two companies. Even if you are convinced that they won’t pull the SCAM on you at this time, they still do not deserve your business.

There are other posts at the following URL that further describe the same things that Barton was/is doing in league with WWMD such as the Terms and conditions where the purchase is disguised:

/URL removed/?q1=ALL&q2=&q3=&q4=&q5=&q7=&q6=Wellness%20Watchers%20MD&searchtype=0

The post I refer to follows and can be read directly here:

/URL removed/

“I just read a report filed against this company on your site. I felt the need to file another. I also read the rebuttal from Wellness Watchers MD. In my case, I have not received any emails, phone calls or postal mail from this company. Granted, I have filters on the email account so any unsolicited correspondance would/could have been eliminated via spam. However, I do not have any such protection on my phone or postal mailbox. If I was sent anything via postal mail, it never made it. I read every piece of mail I receive, even the junk mail and nothing has come from either name used by this company. If any phone contact was illicited, I never spoke with anyone from this company and no messages have been in my voicemail from either name used by this establishment. I do not think that there would be an issue with all three forms of communication. So far, I have only been charged $1.00 per my credit card statement on 09-04-2008. When my statement arrived on 09-16-2008 I immediately began calling the number listed for this company and have only gotten a recording. The only information on my credit card statement was a telephone number for this company [protected]) and the charge listed from wellness md. No location, no explanation of what the charge was, no account number and I had no idea what this was. After having issues with the phone number provided, I decided to research this company via the internet. However, only being provided the name wellness md on the statement - I was unable to find a direct website. I did, however, find countless complaints on several fraud alert sites about charges to credit cards that were unauthorized. Also, similar experiences as mine in that no email, telephone or postal mail contact had been received. Also listed in these complaints were the issues such as mine with trying to contact this company for a resolution. These same issues continued to be noted, such as only getting a recording on the '800' number and no other information for follow - up. From the many complaints, I was able to obtain the website information under the name Wellness Watchers MD, not Wellness MD as the charge is listed on the credit card statement. I have sent an email to [email protected] on 10-01-2008. This is when I finally found information to link the two together. I wrote an email request that no further charges be issued to my card as I had not received any goods, services or communication from such a company. Hopefully, they will honor this request. As of 09-16-2008, I had only been charged $1.00. I do not have my statement yet for any new charges that my have been submitted. If I signed up for anything from this company, I was surely unaware of it. If so many people are having these same issues, it seems there is validity to these claims. If enrollment was really authorized, straight forward and legit - why are there so many complaints of fraud. I feel their tactics are underhanded at best, especially when resources are not provided to the consumer to cancel something that is apparently marketed as a 'Free Trail Period'. I may have signed up for something in some fine print somewhere, but I'm not sure I did. Regardless, I never received anything from this company by any means of communication stating that I was enrolled in something, that I had x number of days to 'try' their product or service or any information on how to cancel said enrollment. I was lucky enough to get a statement within 15 day window from my credit card and noticed the charge. But even with that information, was unable to contact this company to find out what the charges were, what the product or service was or any options avaiable without much research and time. Having just sent the email today, after having to research a way to get in contact with this company - 27 days after my credit card was charged, I do not know if any more charges have hit my card or how this company will handle my personal situation. I hope they will, in turn, rectify my situation in a professional manner unlike the circumstances continually voiced by 100's of people about wellness md on many internet fraud alert sites.”

Oct 18, 2008 8:16 pm

Hi Goosain,

I'm sure you will be hearing from Barton soon, both by e-mail and on here, as they are busy with damage control and crawling out of the corner they have painted themselves into.

If you do not get a prompt refund, or even if you do and wish to pursue the SCAM claim in an attempt to force them to stop, may I suggest you report their activities to the FBI as I have:

This is an interagency office specialzing in Internet crime.


Oct 18, 2008 6:58 pm

Hi Lynda,

It worked for me. I used only the top ranked method of taking 1 teaspoon of pure honey whenever I felt the need. I would take a teaspoon of the honey first thing in the morning and that was usually good for the day unless I pigged out. If I did pig out, another teaspoon of the honey usually did the job. Occasionally I had to go to the purple pill for relief, but that was seldom.

I now seem to have cured the problem permanently using the method explained at this link:

I no longer need to use the honey or the purple pill.This protocol has also lowered my high blood pressure to a point where I have cut my blood pressure medicine by 2/3 and still have normal readings.

It truly does seem to be a Miracle Solution and at $20.00 per year does indeed beat the blazes out of the Barton/WellnessMD SCAM system. I doubt if we will ever be reading about it on the WellnessMD pages. I sure won't whether it is there or not!



Oct 18, 2008 6:55 pm

Correction I meant Lynda not Jerry...Jerry I know you've had probelm with Barton but did any of their advise or information help?

Oct 18, 2008 6:41 pm

Martin, Steve, Gerald, Samantha, Dan or Lara,

Like Jerry I would like to know if Barton's reports are worth the money or better yet "cure" your heartburn problem.

I'm lucky enough to have a good bank. One phone call and any phony or scam charges are instantly removed from my bank account and the merchant VISA account number associated with the scammer is forever blocked against my account (at no charge to me from my bank). Believe me if do decide to buy one of Barton's reports I will be checking my account immediately and ready speed dial to my bank.

Sure would like some good news. I've used all of the over-the-counter and prescribed medicines Barton mentions in their online ad. I just need/want relief. If a couple of you can give the thumbs up it would be great.

Oct 18, 2008 6:38 pm

Hi Goosain,

Thanks for backing me Goosain. I was beginning to feel like the lone ranger on here. Stay tuned. More to come.



Oct 18, 2008 6:30 pm

Same complaint here in South Africa. Surely a seemingly astute businessman/health- concerned person like Mr Barton should know that his sales tactics and and fraudulent manner of overcharging customers is seriously flawed if not downright dishonest. I have sent an e-mail through to Barton publisher's. Failure to refund my money and stop further deductions, will mean that I will refer others to this site and the complaints therein related to this company, and comment aggressively on other sites to make others aware, not only of Barton Publisher's, but other similar money-seeking charlatans who prey on unsuspecting individuals. We are made to believe that dealing on the internet in money matters is safe and reliable. Obviously this is not so. Our faith in the cyber world has been given a heavy blow. We hope that by dealing with Mr Barton and his ilk our faith will be restored.
p.s. I am not convinced by Mr barton's attempts to redress the situation. There are far too many complaints to ascribe it to customer ignorance or technological glitches.

Oct 18, 2008 2:14 pm

It's nice to see all of these comments, but not one person said whether the reflux remedy worked? Anyone?


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