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Barnes & Noble Booksellers Customer Service


Barnes & Noble Booksellers, Inc.

122 Fifth Avenue
New York
New York
United States - 10011

Customer Support Phone Numbers

1800 843 2665(Customer Service) 2 2
+1 201 559 3882(Customer Service) 3 0
+1 866 238 7323(Membership) 3 6
+1 800 843 2665(Orders) 6 3
+1 800 962 6177(General Inquiries) 16 15
+1 646 760 3992(Text Only) 0 2
Mon8:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Tue8:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Wed8:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Thu8:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Fri8:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Sat9:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Sun9:00 AM - 11:00 PM

Barnes & Noble Booksellers Complaints & Reviews

Barnes & Noble Booksellers / hacked account

Joyce A. King on Jan 27, 2019

I hardly ever use B&N online to order. Last time I did was mid 2018, and everything went well with that purchase. Checking my email one day, I notice an email saying my order had shipped. Went to check my account, and someone had hacked my account and ordered a Harry Potter Set for a total...

Barnes & Noble Booksellers / auto renewal of b&n membership

susan eastman on Jan 3, 2019

I do not want to renew this membership for $25 that is being charged on my credit card. Please cancel membership. Please do not use this credit card again. You have closed you bethesda store. I no longer go to any b&n This was not a good move, to close the only bookstore in...

Barnes & Noble Booksellers / I did a mistake in my order and try to cancel the same day-not possible. once ordered its locked in.

Ela Mierzecka-Pain on Jan 3, 2019

4072694302 -order number Postage and tax charged when on the website it was promoted 'postage free'. It turned out that free postage was only for US customers. I did see the charge on the final invoice but I pressed the wrong button and then I tried to cancel the order. No way. Once it...

Barnes & Noble Booksellers / membership renewal

Balsam on Jan 2, 2019

I am a long time member (#524 9574 585). I received a renewal notice on Dec 21, 1918 and I have used the automatic renewal feature with my credit card and this year I edited the credit card to a new card and received an email confirming the change. When I went in to purchase some items on...

Barnes & Noble Booksellers / online order

Sian Martins on Dec 16, 2018

on 12/14 I received a book I ordered, only to find it had been used. There were "used" stickers all over the outside of the book and writing on the inside of the book. I contacted Barnes and Noble twice, only to be told that I would have to pay shipping to send the used book back. TOTALLY...

Barnes & Noble Booksellers / workers

Mandy Radtke on Oct 28, 2018

I work right next store to your store in Jordan landing in Utah and I occasionally stop in and look around while waiting for the bus and this location watches me everywhere I go even though I spend money and it really irritates me I never stole from you guys and I never will and you did it...

Barnes And Nobles / an online order

Johanna Kolat on Sep 25, 2018

My order number is 4061694045. I was charged for a cookbook I ordered back in June of this year and I never received an email confirmation that it was shipped. I am requesting a refund for my order. I have contacted customer service three times and no one has been able to process my...

Barnes & Noble Booksellers / farmingdale college bookstore

wfaulk11 on Sep 10, 2018

On September 4, 2018, I returned back to the Barnes and Noble Bookstore on my campus to return a rental book I was advised by my professor that I did not need. I was well within the return deadline. The people at this store have done everything they possibly could to be sure they do not...

Barnes & Noble Booksellers / return book-louisiana state university at alexandria

Cynthia Porter-cp on Sep 10, 2018

I am a student at Louisiana State University of Alexandria. I rented CRIMINAL JUSTICE:INTRODUCTION By ADLER. The return date was for a date during the term of the class. I was told not to worry because they were aware. I have tried to return the book but was unable to print the label. I...

Barnes & Noble Booksellers / online order & pick up in store

Gallegoska on Aug 22, 2018

I ordered a book with pick up in store using a 15% off coupon I'd received in my email only to have Barnes & noble cancel it, do I tried to reorder it & my coupon was rejected saying I'd already used it on my previous order. I contacted customer service about it because why should I not be...

[Resolved] Barnes & Noble Booksellers / barnes & noble at roger williams university bookstore

bantha456 on Aug 21, 2018

Is this the proper way to make a complaint about a Barnes and Noble at a university? If so I need to complain about the incredibly rude staff working at Roger Williams Barnes and Noble, they were missing paperwork needed to allow me to buy books with my veteran educational benefits and I...

Barnes & Noble Booksellers / manager contact

Ty Blackwood on Aug 19, 2018

Hello my name is Tyrisha Blackwood . I am a children's author and my book titled : The Cupcake Gang is currently being sold on the Barnes and noble website. My publisher as well as myself have made numerous attempts to schedule a book signing /story time session at the location in...

Barnes & Noble Booksellers / awful environment

Nelly Turner on Jul 19, 2018

The Barnes & Noble store in NE DC, on Michigan Ave plays offensive music. It's very disturbing for readers and patrons of the branch to shop/read comfortably with curse words, and derogatory language blasting in the background. This is a place where families gather to read to children...

Barnes & Noble Booksellers / cafe

Ibari Anaele on Jul 14, 2018

I typically go to the BN cafe at Kean University. I have a 5:30 - 9:30 clas, and the only thing I need to get me through is a snack and some coffee, particularly a macchiato. When I brazed out Garden State Parkway traffic to get there at 4:53 they told me they turned off the machine... LLC / nook book pre order

Tararaines72 on Jun 27, 2018

I checked my bank account today on 62718 there was 499 missing out of my account and my account was then in the negative. I then called Barnes & Noble and I had to speak to I don't remember the first girl's name but then I spoke to James Clint and Ed. All I wanted was the 499 put back into...

Barnes and Noble / gift card redemption

Helen Mclaughlin on Jun 23, 2018

Dear Sir or Madam: I wish to complain about the gift card mishap that I have experienced. I ordered 1 Book and used a $50.00 Gift Card # 6394550000067193016 Pin 3932 in the amount of $26.43. I tried to use the rest of it on another order and was told that the gift card and Pin number i...

Barnes & Noble Booksellers / book order; received wrong book

Kent Clark on Jun 10, 2018

I ordered Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams at Home and received instead Digital Logic with Verilog Design. Although both books are within a similar content area I still won't excuse the slip. My mistake was ordering this as a guest which makes a return more difficult. I could retrace my sale...

Barnes and Noble / witnessing rude management behavior

KarenPorter on Jun 4, 2018

Every time I walk into this store these days, I feel uneasy about something. I work at the mall that this Barnes and Noble is at, so I get coffee in their cafe at least once a day, usually twice. I walked up as a new manager, one I have not yet seen, was yelling at one of the nicest...

Barnes & Noble Booksellers / online order/"supervisors"

veronicamm on May 23, 2018

I placed an online order on 5/18 and apparently was cancelled without me being notified. I called to inquire why and was told that my billing address was wrong. All of a sudden it wasn't wrong and "for some reason it was flagged" no one could give me a reason and after being hung up on by...

Barnes & Noble Booksellers / textbook rental

Madeline Decker on May 21, 2018

I am extremely upset with these services. I rented a textbook from Barnes and Nobel (and several other companies) as well as purchased textbooks. I never received notification that my rental from Barnes and Noble was due and so they continually charged my card (without notifying me) until...