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Complaints & Reviews

Stay away

I bought some books and kit for lowering blood sugar from them. They double charged me, but I can't download the information. I was so stupid to believe it is true. They don't answer the phone as well.

Resolved fraud

I went to their website to purchase an educational "kit". i gave them my credit card number. The "kit" turned out to be a website, and it would cost double to actually receive the kit shown on the screen. $20.54, so no big deal - i thought. Five (5) days later, numerous fraudulent credit card charges started appearing on my credit card - like from Vons, Chevron and a Cigar Place. it was the Cigar Place called OC Cigars out of Laguna Niguel, California, that caught my eye. 5 charges altogether. Barton Publishing was the ONLY company to have my credit card information, and my card is still in my possession.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Barton Publishing's response · Mar 16, 2012

    Hi, bj8. I work with Barton Publishing. I can assure you we never pass along a customer's credit card information. In fact, our team can only see the last 4 digits of your card number and we maintain PCI (credit card) compliance. I would recommend you report the fraudulent charges to your credit card company asap. But I can assure you they did not come from us. Charjo--You can find our contact info at We are more than happy to resolve issues related to your order. If you did not receive the printed version for some reason, we can resend it to you immediately. I'm so sorry for the inconvenience. --Kevin

  • Barton Publishing's response · Dec 30, 2015

    Hi, [email protected] Are you a Barton customer? I looked for an order under your email address, and did not find one in our system, so I am assuming that you are just responding to these older messages and have not actually purchased from us. However, what I shared before still rings true today on the level of security in our ordering process. We also take care of our customers with a 365 day, money-back guarantee. We are excited to be working with Mr. Mathers. Our hearts desire, like his, is to deliver hope and healing to those who need it most. We've done that for hundreds of thousands of people, and are shooting for a million! If we can assist you with anything specifically, let us know. There are several ways to contact us at Thanks, Kevin

  • Ch
    Charjo Feb 07, 2012

    The very same thing happened to me-exactly. Because the book never arrived, I emailed them at the address they put on the bottom of the receipt but got it back as "undeliverable!" I am extremely angry!! I guess I learned a lesson, and from now on will check out this stuff before ordering. I am calling the credit card company to see if I have any recourse. These people should be hunted down and prosecuted!

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  • Ca
    cap444 Apr 06, 2013

    The same thing has happened to me. Over six months ago, I did authorize ONE purchase from Barton Publishing. Now, six months later, charges are showing up on my credit card...NOT authorized. Beware of Barton Publishing!

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  • Ve
    vex voiceferotus Dec 30, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It's a shame that Jerry Mathers good name is associated with a product that possibly could help those struggling with diabetes. If the multiple complaints against Barton Publishing described as multiple and fraudulent billing should be a warning shot to the company to secure customer purchase, as well Jerry Mathers to ensure his Good name is not being used by a company in a fraudulent manner. The response from Kevin who claims to work for Barton Publishing who is willing to rectify purchased products is a weak resolve and does not ensure future customer purchases. If Barton Publishing and Jerry Mathers really believe in their product then insure secure customer purchase. If the company Barton Publishing will subscribe to continued shady billing procedures a not use secured encrypted customer billing, then that inaction makes the point against Barton Publishing. I myself would purchase the information based on my brand loyalty of Jerry Mathers, whom I believe is not party to any fraudulent behavior attributed to Barton Publishings inept billing process. It a black eye against Mr. Mathers to be used in this way when in fact I believe he has honest intentions, I hope he intervenes before the accusations hurt his future endorsement possibilities. If any one from Barton Publishing or Jerry Mathers care to respond to these comments please do so [email protected]

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Over Billing

I attempted to order their basic product for diabetes information for a fee of around $21.00. Their order system made me review optional add-on services for which I accepted one subscription that added $59.00. I ended up being billed for the $59.00 twice plus other products I did not ask for and was billed a total of $196.21. I have e-mailed their product support to ask them to correct the invoice 2 times and I have left 4 voice mails on their telephone order & support line and have receive no response. I want the money credited back to my bank account. I am unable to attach my e-mail invoice as I cannot convert to your accepted file formats.

  • Th
    Thomas Grund Jul 11, 2014

    They don't put their bill and 365 day full refund guarantee on an attachment. Instead, they put them on a page you must copy elsewhere.
    It should be sent AS PART OF AN ATTACHMENT. This is obviously a scam because an attachment means
    really on line whereas a copied page is not legal proof of anything.

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Gave out my credit card info

Several months ago a fam. member suggested that I contact Barton Publishing for information on natural methods for controlling diabetes. I e-mailed Barton Publishing and ordered ONE item (the diabetes booklet). I DID NOT ask for, request any further information about or sign up for anything else from them or anyone else - including any 'Free Trials' of anything. However, shortly after ordering ONLY the diabetes newsletter, I discovered several 'automatic' charges to my American Express credit card from companies/businesses I'd never even heard of - All were traced back to Barton Publishing. I subsequently went through pure h*ll trying to get these charges - and any further charges - stopped. It was all to no avail; the charges continued until I contacted Amer. Express and they took care of the prob. for me. To this day I've had a few similar experiences with other disreputable, unethical companies and can't for the life of me believe that these people can get away with what they're doing and call it legal. I have to call it what it is, and that is, 'unauthorized use of a credit card' I've only had a computer for a few months, so I'm new to internet shopping; but what I'm seeing is downright shocking and in my mind it doesn't have to be that way. So...I will do whatever I can to stop these shady, rip-off artists who give the honest, reputable businesses/companies a bad name.

  • Mo
    model34n Jul 14, 2011

    Thank you for this information. I was just about to order the diabetes kit, but I decided to research any consumer complaints before I gave my credit card information, and I am so glad that I did. Thank you for keeping me from making a huge mistake.

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  • Ca
    Carito2013 Apr 26, 2013

    I ordered Barton's Acid Reflux report a couple of months ago, and there were never ever any extra charges. Not only did the report
    s advise helped me tremendously- it cured my Acid Reflux for good. Actually you said that you purchased a Booklet and then later on you say that you ( ONLY the diabetes newsletter). A newsletter and a booklet are not the same thing. Newsletters are usually Free.
    How do you know your account wasn't hacked into or you inadvertently clicked on what appeared to be a link to Barton's and it was a hacker's URL?
    My neighbor's account was hacked and charges were all made ordered through "Sears" when in reality it was a network of hacker/thieves.

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Payment fraud

Hey, This company was publishing a book for diabetes reversal. But after I paid 39.97$ online, I noticed it did not ask for secure code authentication. Thereafter when I tried to download the e book it asked for upgrading the order for an additional 39 $. When I declined the offer, it still took me to the payment gateway and gave me no option of downloading the e book. These guys are defrauding people by luring them that they can reverse diabetes. I wish we could do something to stop these thieves.
Whats even worse is that I receive a confirmation mail from click bank saying they are confirming my transaction. It even had a link which it said I could click on to download my book in case I couldn't earlier. Again, same upgrade story repeats when I click on it.
Whoever you are who is committing this fraud, I have debts and I have diabetes. Still I paid because I believed. Your need must be so bad that you have no other way but to rob me.

  • Gr
    Grace Trotta Nov 30, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Grace Trotta, 11 Jackson Rd., Somerville, MA 02145
    On Oct. 16, 2012, I ordered a Diabetes Solution Kit for 19.97 a total of $20.57. Order BARTN-201210261314-599337 . So far, I haven't receive me my kit. Could you please let me know what's going on with my order a.s.a.p.

    my e-mail address is: [email protected]

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Hi all

I would be very interested to know how common being ripped off is by Barton, whether that be by credit card "errors" or by reports that are next to useless, or are just common sense advice your doctor would give you - in other words, they are not the miracle's they claim to be. I would also be interested to know who, if anyone, has benefited from their reports and advice?

If it seems these are all just a scam, then why don't all of us who have received their reports and been ripped off by them in whatever way, make the reports available, online, for free download. That way we can remove the demand for their product, or at least having to pay for it, and remove their revenue stream, and at the same time make the "reports" available for all to see, so that they can see they are not worth the money.

Then, anyone who finds that the reports work, is free to go and pay Barton for them!

Does anyone think this is a great idea?


Sparkieuk :)




The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

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    -1 Votes
  • Gk
    GK at Barton Publishing Apr 14, 2010


    I have forwarded your information to our customer service representative who takes care of these requests. You should hear from her soon. Let me know if this isn't resolved shortly. Thanks.

    Barton Publishing Customer Service

    0 Votes

Resolved Credit Card Fraud

Barton Publishing & Home Cures That Work are SCAMS! they got me too. I ordered what I thought was a single report for $19.95. They billed me $40.00 and then started billing my credit card $9.97 per month. I have called them to cancel three times now but they keep charging my card. I will now report to law enforcement. STAY AWAY FROM THESE CROOKS!!! Only wish I had seen this site before placing my order with them.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Gk
    GK at Barton Publishing Apr 14, 2010


    I have sent your information to our customer service department that handles these requests. If you do not get it resolved shortly, please let me know and I will follow up to be sure you are getting assistance. Thanks.

    Barton Publishing Customer Service

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Credit card theft?

Last week I made a purchase from Barton Publishing, and something that had never happened to me occured: my bank took the trouble to contact me to inform me that this company seemed to be trying to steal my money! I don't know what raised the red flag: either this company is already blacklisted or something or else the fact they tried to take multiple payments for just one transaction seemed suspicious!

This made me have a look at what there is about Barton Publishing on the internet, and I found long lists of horrifying complaints! I wish I had done this research beforehand.


Btw, the "free" publications that they offer as an incentive to their esteemed paying clientele consist of an excellent Health eBook called "Lessons from the Miracle Doctors" by Jon Barron, which I then found out is in any case downloadable for free from Jon Barron's website ( ). I wonder if Jon Barron is aware that he is being associated with these credit card cowboys!

The other eBook "10 Deadly Health Myths" discusses the very real maladies of nowadays (so far so good), then leads nice-n'easy to links to Barton's supplement factory store aimed as solving every health issue in the world. So the "free" gift is basically a well-thought advert to market more of their own products.

I am a firm believer in the way they profess we should change our perspective on health issues, but being what seems to be a fraudelent company interested in ripping off the people who seek their services puts everything else they do under a heavy shadow of doubt.

I wonder if someone from Barton Publishing could answer all the allegations levelled against them in and elsewhere on the web and try to explain the situation (if there is indeed an explanation). Anything short of that would make it clear that they are a fraudelent scam. And Credit Card companies / the authorities should then have a look at these funny guys...

  • Sp
    sparkieuk Aug 19, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi all

    I would be very interested to know how common being ripped off is by Barton. I would also be interested to know who, if anyone, has benefited from their reports and advice?

    If it seems these are all just a scam, then why don't all of us who have received their reports and been ripped off by them, make the reports available, online, for free download. That way we can remove the demand for their product, remove their revenue stream, and at the same time make the "reports" available for all to see, so that they can see they are not worth the money.

    Then, anyone who finds that the reports work, is free to go and pay Barton for them!

    Does anyone think this is a great idea?


    Sparkieuk :)

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Resolved credit card abuse

Ordered a product, received it and everything seemed ok. Received email two months later saying my next order was being processed, called to say I didnt order anything. Perhaps I did overlook some "fine print" but got the feeling they were less than ethical. They did cancel that order ok. THEN, a month or so later, credit card company called saying they suspected fraudualent charges and yes there were enough to have to cancel my card. Recieved a product from "Colon Cleanse" in Hollywood Florida, and from ACAI something in Utah. They said they received my name, address, phone and credit card for an order, but, email address was wrong and was from someone else. All seems to tie back to the Barton Publishing order.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Gk
    GK at Barton Publishing Feb 02, 2010


    Did everything get taken care of to your satisfaction? We do apologize for any confusion in your order. We try hard to make sure that our customers are getting what they want and sometimes mixups do happen. If you need further assistance please contact me at [email protected] Thank you.

    Customer Service

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Order Form Con

I ordered the High Blood Pressure Remedy Report for a one off payment of $19.95 but, a monthly subscription...

Natural remedies

Sent for "Reflux Remedy Report" - tried most of the natural remedies to no avail and had to eventually get...

Brandon Online Surveys


A few hours ago I was referred to this site in search of help for lowering blood pressure. It sounded convincing so I took the bait and gave them the order. As soon as I received confirmation I knew that that was a problem. It was all nothing but confusion. I immediately notified the credit card company and found that they had already contacted them.I will dispute these charges on the basis of misrepresentation. I also notified Buy Safe which represented their logo as a safe buy. I hope that you can stop this fraud. Shirley P

  • Sh
    should I Order OR NOT? Feb 22, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was wanting to order the book? How to Lower Blood Pressure. SHOULD I Not go ahead? Thoughts would be appreciated greatly
    Kinda regards .

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Scam / Fraud

Yes this company is most definitely ready and willing to rip off anyone AND send your credit card information along to their good friends at WellnessWatchersMD. You can say NO all you want to their "free" trials, but it doesn't matter. You better watch out, because they will add "free" trials and once that happens your credit card will be charged on a monthly basis and you will more than likely have hell trying to get a refund. I'm sure their customer service department cannot keep up with all the complaints and refund requests. I kept getting a response from a "Linda" who had no interest in helping me. I guess her job is to pretend she cannot locate any information on you or your order.
After doing a lot of digging I found out their customer service is outsourced through which in turn does not have the best reputation.

  • Pr
    P.Robinson Aug 21, 2010

    I absolutely agree; I was misled into thinking the Barton Publishing FRAUDSTERS were going to provide me with something a little more substantial for my fifty-plus dollars than what amounts to a 20-odd page leaflet that is tailored for the American market (we have different weights and measures in Europe). They offer a full money back guarantee but when you try to avail of this by writing to them they ignore your emails. I sent a dozen emails and received one reply from someone called "Linda" who insultingly fobbed me off with words to the effect: "Have a nice day." The US authorities should be brought in to shut them down and put this bloke Joe Barton on trial for fraud. Basically they are preying on sick people, people who are desperate to find a cure or perhaps cure themselves: people who will try anything if it helps relieve their pain and distress. It is immoral that a firm like Barton Publishing should be free to operate on the Internet: free to treat sick and dying people this way, that is, free to rob them, free to mug them, because this is what it amounts to at the end of the day. They operate in a very cynical way to exploit the sick and take their cash offering nothing in exchange: unless you call a collection of anecdotes related to some sickness or other -- that can be read anywhere else on the Internet without having to fork out hard-earned cash -- something of substance. I don't, I call it a confidence trick. My advice to anyone thinking of purchasing one of their leaflets, which they misleadingly present as books, is to avoid these people like the plague. They are into this "business" for one thing and one thing only, not because they give a damn about sick people, they don't, but because they can line their pockets; moreover they have no moral qualms about what they're doing, they have, like most criminals, no conscience.
    P. Robinson (Ireland)

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Resolved charged twice for book that i did not receive

I ordered a booklet for scabies prevention for my granddaughter. It was suppose to consist of natural ingredients to prevent another outbreak. First they charged me twice on my debit card and I never received the the first book, then they told me Ihad to pay for some diet pills for valued at thirty-nine dollars once a month.When I tried to back out of the sale they warned me that I would be charged twice and I was. Please help me get my money back and cancel those pills.Thank You, Brenda Hubbard

  • Ph
    Phyllis, Salt Lake City Jun 14, 2011

    I sure wish I had seen this report on Barton Publishing's scam BEFORE I paid $79.90 to get both reports. I submitted the order and did not get the reports that night. I thougth, ok, it'll be there in the morning. Wrong!!
    So I tried to call the telephone number listed. It rings once and quits ringing. No one ever picks up the line to answer. I think there needs to be a governing agency that ALL CLAIMS must be cleared through before a website can be setup to fraud consumers. It's too bad there are so many dishonest people out to fraud innocent people looking for help on the internet. The site is setup so that it looks legit with money back guarantee promises. Too bad you can't get through to anyone. This fraudulent company needs to be shut down now!

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Resolved Unauthorised credit card charge

I purchased an online publication once and did not enter into any further offers. Now I find I have been...

Resolved Non-authorised Credit Card Withdrawals

On 27 Oct. 2008 a Report was ordered ex Barton Publishing and cost of $19.95US made to our Credit Card. Then...

Resolved Passing on Credit Card Information

I "bought" the Kidney Stone Remedy (which may or may not have worked). They passed my CC information over the Well- something MD. They started charging my CC 29.95 per month for nothing. They never sent me any info or anything.

I called my credit card co. and they let me dispute the last 2 (out of 4) charges.



Resolved Unauthorized credit card charges

Made an online purchase through Barton Publishing and downloaded their acid reflux free program. As I signed up for their report for $19.95, you are directed to other downloadable programs in which you have a choice to 'accept' or say 'no thanks' to. I answered 'no thanks' to all the offers that were displayed. I was charged an additional $19.95 for Wellness Watchers MD in which I specifically said 'no thanks' to. Needless to say, I haven't received a single response from Barton Publishing or Wellness Watchers MD to dispute my charge. I cannot reach them by phone either. Do not order anything through these companies or you will be charged fee's for things you did not order. I did receive the acid free reflux program but am unable to cancel it because I cannot reach anyone to get my 100% 1 year money back guarantee. What a rip off and a scam to order something online and get charged for something else you didn't order. I will never order another downloadable program again.

  • Ke
    Ken Harper Feb 07, 2009

    The same happened to me. I ordered Barton Publishing's "High Blood Pressure Report" and turned down all other offers but since have been charged $29.95 per month for three months by Wellness Watchers MD. I did call WWMD at 800 591-6383 and hopefully cancelled the subscription. I have to send in a refund request on order to get some of my money back on the WWMD subscription. Total scam. Barton should be put out of business.

    0 Votes
  • Ar
    Arnold Farstad Mar 02, 2009

    I ordered an online book from Barton Publishing entitled "Diabetes Reversed" for $19.95. The money was debited from my mastercard as expected, but also I was debited the amount of $1.83 by WelwatchMD8005916383-V. I never ordered anything from WelwatchMD so I contacted them by phone to find out what was going on. They said that I must have accidentally clicked on a gift card offer from Barton which led to a subscription to WelwatchMD. I immediately cancelled my unwanted subscription to WelwatchMD to avert any further charges. My c omplaint is with the Barton Company for sharing my credit card number with others. Don't do business with Barton.

    0 Votes
  • Up
    Upset in IN Dec 22, 2009

    I also ordered the one time report, and selected "no" for the additional subscriptions. Turns out they signed me up anyway and I have been being charged a 9.97 fee monthly from my credit card for the past several months. This is a total scam as I most definitely selected no for the additional subscriptions because I wanted to see if the information was of any use. It was useless information that is already available on the internet-- for free! Save your money --- search natural health remedies online-- don't buy this product!!!

    0 Votes

Resolved overcharged on credit card

I purchase a paper on Gout which was emailed to me. The bill stated clearly that the cost would be $20.90. My credit card was charged $39.90
I also received two credit card charges from Wellwatch MD of 30 dollars. I never ordered anything from them but they seem to be affiliated with Barton.

  • MAC Jan 23, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Some might argue that this is what you deserve for cheating on your Gout paper.

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