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Diabetesreversed.com / They stole 60 year old man's money!

Erica on Apr 21, 2016
My father wanted to try DiabetesReversed and he paid for their service. He never received the book and the worst part was that they charged him again for who knows what! These thieves actually stole 60 year old man's money! My father is not young and every penny is important! He called me...

Barton Publishing / unauthorized credit card charges

S Mary Ann on Oct 24, 2015
I was charged USD 57 from my credit card account on the 18/09/2015 and my credit card number is 5521 1590 0124 4436. The information I have on my statement is as follows ; Barton Publishing Inc 888-356-11 US . I had cancelled all my subscriptions with you in 2013.I had called the bank and...

Barton Publishing In Brandon. SD / unauthotized charge on credit card

I find a charge on my American Express statement form Barton Pub. for $57. I have not ordered from this company. I think it could be an annual auto-renew publication made by my husband, Bruce Caird. But Bruce died in Feb. 2014. Please search this account and re-imburse to American Expre...

Barton Publishing.com / fraudulent credit card charges

CreditCardOvercharges on Mar 13, 2015
I recently purchased the "Diabetes Solution Kit" from Barton Publishing online for $19.95. The offer came with several "free booklets". However, all the downloads said "free". When I received an email invoice, I had been charged with a $99 fee for some newsletter and then when I looked at...

Diabetesreversed.com / Impossible to get money back, ‘coz no contact info

Mals on Nov 3, 2014
I ordered book about diabetes from the website www.diabetesreversed.com. The company is real scam, so stay away from them. They only charged me quickly, but after that I haven’t heard or get my book from them. They didn’t provide contact info with the purchase, as well as it...

Diabetesreversed.com / Rude seller and wrong order

Ruckas on Nov 2, 2014
My wife bought book from the website www.diabetesreversed.com. It was total scam, ‘coz they charged her within couple of minutes, but after 2 weeks she got completely wrong book. Of course, the seller refused to take it back or change. The worst services and attitude. As well as my...

Barton Publishing Inc. / I didn't order anything from them

EJ Hanson on Dec 30, 2013
I received an e-mail from Discover Card telling me when my next payment was due. I was surprised because I do not owe any money on my Discover Card. When I went to the page, I found a charge of $57 from Barton Publishing Inc. Brandon SD for something I supposedly ordered from them. I did...

Barton Publication Services / Failure to do as promised

Zakarel on Oct 11, 2013
On Sept. 8 I ordered the HBP kit from Barton Publishing (DOWNLOAD VERSION). After reading over the material I found there was nothing new or significant that wasn't already available for free just by googling the information desired. That evening I sent an email via their website...

Barton Publishing / fraudulent withdrawal from checking

Debra Lee Kimmel on Aug 1, 2013
unauthorized withdrawal of $ 57.00 dollars from my checking account on July 27th. For no apparent reason I found out by asking my bank questions and them providing there telephone number. I will seek legal counsel and prosecute them if they do not rectify this false request and transaction...

Barton Publishing / Fraudulent Credit Card Charges

oldgeek on Jun 8, 2013
I ordered a document on Acid Reflux treatment for $19.95 and was charged $122.54 or the "Acid RefluX Kit" and possibly a subsciption that I refused. Although I disputed the charge to them and I received nothing more than a small PDF file with suggestions on avoiding or curing Acid Reflux...

Barton Publishing Inc / Overcharged US$100

Mr Anti-Fraud on May 30, 2013
I order a soft copy of a book for US$39 and authorized a charge of this amount. However when I received my credit card bill I was shocked to find a transaction charge of US$ 139.74, instead of US$ 39, which I was totally unaware of and had not authorized the additional US$100 charge. I...

Barton Publishing / Diabetes Solution Kit / misleading

flaura on May 11, 2013
Advertising information was misleading.Implied books, not one report on poor quality paper. -Neither the on line product nor the printed material quality information as stated, just references to other sites and links. I consider this as a nostrum and am disappointed in every aspect of...

Diabetesreversed.com / My opinion is save the 30 minutes of your life from being wasted

Gorole on Jan 21, 2013
My god this guy loves the sound of his own voice! My guess is he also loves your money. Not only does the video go on FOREVER but after 20 minutes when you try to leave the page, it's like your held hostage!!! First thing is that they're NOT offering anything "new or exciting" their...

Barton Publishing / Overcharged for $19.95 health report.

Diane Powell on Jan 8, 2013
My husband ordered info booklet on Diabetic treatment health related. Received a small booklet from them. Then noticed charges on bank debit card [$19.95 reports turned into multiple much larger charges [$132.49 [11/12] + $153.09 [12/12] ] . info online says report on diabetes is $19.95.

Barton Publishing / Download

Tanya McDonald on Sep 1, 2012
Placed an order for online book with natural health tips..after paying $23.00 and some odd change with my debt card I received notice of conformation. The notice gave the following addresss which one was to click to cancel at...

Barton Publishing / health books

steve bello on Aug 3, 2012
I wanted there diabetes solution bokk only. i call the company and had it canceled. today i saw my debit card account and saw that i was charged 109.78. I told you i don't was this that it was to much money

Barton Publishing Diabetes Kit / Full amount was not refunded

T E Martin on May 24, 2012
I was told that I would receive a full refund of $51.12, for the magazine they sent to be a KIT. I was only refunded $39.97 which they said was all that was charged to my credit card.I emailed they back and asked for the remainder of $11.15 to be credited back to my card but haven't...

Diabetesreversed.com / This guy seems like a real jerk

Invader on May 8, 2012
This guy seems like a real jerk. He makes you watch a long video while making you wait for the "magic" cure for diabetes. He gives a big sales pitch including scary pictures of what will happen to you if you don't buy his products. In the end he says using things like cinnamon and apple...

Barton Publishing Company / Unauthorized charges

Embuc on Feb 10, 2012
Fake advertising. Their ad says for $19.95 you will get book and cd's, but when you give them your credit card info they charge $19.95 in addition. This looks like legal scam!

Joe Barton Publishing / Stay away

Attmore on Jan 26, 2012
I bought some books and kit for lowering blood sugar from them. They double charged me, but I can't download the information. I was so stupid to believe it is true. They don't answer the phone as well.

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