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Complaints & Reviews

Diabetes download

I must say, that sometimes I do something wrong. And I did twice with Barton Publishing.
1st I wanted to buy the Diabetes info. But I was not 100% sure, that the payment part of this site was Ok. So I googled, and I could not find anything wrong with this payment method. Then I received a new email from Barton. Of a super discounted price, they wanted to offer me a discount of the already super discounted price.
Ok, I googled again today, and this time I changed the word scam to fraud, and I now found this site. Thank you for that this site exist! Ok, now I know it is, Barton, a scam/fraud site. And they have not only my mobile phone number but also my email address.
How can facebook aloud to accept thieves like this on facebook? There are other scam sites such as WinZip (that from the beginning was a serious site) and others.
For me it is natural that facebook head quater could have an easy link on facebook with a WARNING, for us facebook members, that this or that company is just a scam company who wants to cheat you and sometimes probably steel a lot of money from me and tou - innocent people.
Do it facebook! Do it now!

  • Barton Publishing's response · May 13, 2020

    It is not apparent whether this customer has purchased from us or not, or whether they are just upset we have an ad on Facebook and that they gave us their email address and phone number, which is standard process for anyone shopping online. Offering a discount price to a customer is also not consider a fraud or scam, just an incentive to purchase. If this customer is unhappy with a purchase, we issue a refund should they ask. We are available by phone or through our company website to send us an email. Keep in mind that we have a generous 365 day guarantee, and you have up to a year from when you purchased the items to try them out and return them for a refund. Our company has been around since 2004...over 15 years now! A company can't build a business by scamming or cheating. We have successfully helped hundreds of thousands of people with natural remedies, especially those suffering from type 2 diabetes.

Cinna chrome return

It was never stated I was supposed to send back the empty bottles Joe you're a thief you're going to a Lake of Fire if you make it to Heaven I will hunt you down and throw you into a lake of fire myself you're a piece of crap your company's a piece of crap your satanic demonic and you will never be in heaven your lying cheating Thief as I can see you with all the other reviews cannot wait till Joe Barton goes to the Lake of Fire I will be given a standing ovation maybe Jesus will let me give him my holy spit into his face he's such a piece of s*** lying cheating Thief

  • Barton Publishing's response · May 13, 2020

    Our Refund and Cancellation page states that physical products must be returned in order to receive a refund. "Physical products must be returned to the above address and include the Order ID and your contact information (including name, address, and phone) in order to be eligible for a refund of the original purchase price." This link is provided on all ordering pages and on our website:

[Resolved] diabetes masterclass 2

I was directed to go to this place by Halki Diabetes Remedy to buy a product but when I listened to the video I was then directed to pay to Barton for the product. I did not receive the product and I want my money back. They also rejected the payment at first, so I decided not to buy it. They then accessed my bank account and took $53.22USD or $66.44AUD without my permission. I'm so tired of businesses scamming people and getting away with it.

  • Barton Publishing's response · Oct 08, 2019

    Hi, MariantheWriter. Thanks for sharing your concerns. However, we always recommend reaching out to us directly since complaint boards cannot resolve the issue. When you purchased, you provided your card number and the purchase went through after a second attempt. As soon as it did, you should have received an email with a receipt and access to your digital videos. We will not handle the issue directly through a complaint board, so please email our support team at support and we'll be glad to work with you to access what you purchased or refund you for the purchase.

    All the best,

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

diabetes cure

I just ordered a Barton package on Diabeties cures. It will not download, access has vanished and I can find no wat to cancel my order as promised. I cannot find any way to prevent them from charging my card? No confirmation email was sent to me. And I have no access to the promised information. I was given no option to set up an account and their video which sold the product has vanished so I cannot get back to their product page to cancel my order.

They stole 60 year old man's money!

My father wanted to try DiabetesReversed and he paid for their service. He never received the book and the worst part was that they charged him again for who knows what! These thieves actually stole 60 year old man's money! My father is not young and every penny is important! He called me a told about what happened, he could not understand who and why took his money! I am so angry! These people from DiabetesReversed should be ashamed of themselves! I already contacted them and demanded the money back. I hope they'll refund us or it will end bad for them.

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unauthorized credit card charges

I was charged USD 57 from my credit card account on the 18/09/2015 and my credit card number is [protected]. The information I have on my statement is as follows ; Barton Publishing Inc [protected] US . I had cancelled all my subscriptions with you in 2013.I had called the bank and they have cancelled my above account with immediate effect. Kindly reimburse the above amount to the following credit card [protected]. Regards S Mary Ann Gonsalvez

unauthotized charge on credit card

I find a charge on my American Express statement form Barton Pub. for $57. I have not ordered from thi...

fraudulent credit card charges

I recently purchased the "Diabetes Solution Kit" from Barton Publishing online for $19.95. The offer came...

Impossible to get money back, ‘coz no contact info

I ordered book about diabetes from the website The company is real scam, so stay away from them. They only charged me quickly, but after that I haven’t heard or get my book from them. They didn’t provide contact info with the purchase, as well as it wasn’t posted on the website. Maybe someone has any idea how to track this seller and return money back, please contact me then or leave a comment. Thanks.

  • Nu
    Nulibare May 20, 2012

    To put it succinctly ... which they don't ... it is all talk and a money making thing and should not be allowed on the internet.

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  • Ha
    Hanson Dec 20, 2012

    Site is a lengthy video ad that does not tell you what foods are useful in fighting diabetes. It runs about 20 minutes with the speaker repeatedly saying he's going to tell you that info, but he never does.

    Note that the first name and last name initial of the positive reviewers here are the same names as those of 1970's usa tv situation comedies. That may be only a coincidence, though.

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  • Jj
    JJ Johnny Jones Feb 05, 2016

    There is no new info in this "diabetes reversal kit". Everything is about dieting that everybody already knows or can find out about through your own doctor or a dietician or online, books etc. Don't fall for this SCAM. You won't get your money back & you won't gain anything but aggravation.
    And Jerry Mathers, do you really have to resort to scamming at this time in your life? Geez how pathetic.




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Rude seller and wrong order

My wife bought book from the website It was total scam, ‘coz they charged her within couple of minutes, but after 2 weeks she got completely wrong book. Of course, the seller refused to take it back or change. The worst services and attitude. As well as my wife got after that email, which was really unpleasant and rude. Please, post your comments and share your views about this company.

I didn't order anything from them

I received an e-mail from Discover Card telling me when my next payment was due. I was surprised because I do...

Failure to do as promised

On Sept. 8 I ordered the HBP kit from Barton Publishing (DOWNLOAD VERSION). After reading over the material I found there was nothing new or significant that wasn't already available for free just by googling the information desired. That evening I sent an email via their website stating my dissatisfaction with the product and requested that they not charge my credit card as per their guarantee. Within 15 days I saw the initial charge of $2.97 on my credit card statement at which point I called there 888 number and spoke to a representative who informed me they had no record of the email and the $2.97 was not refundable but she would not charge me the remaining $17.00 and would send me an email regarding the conversation and agreement. No email ever arrived, and yes I checked my junk box. On Oct. 1 I found they had charged the $17.00 to my credit card account. Beware of this company as they seem to be very dishonest and someone should shut them down and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.

  • Belleville Oct 17, 2013

    If you want costumer loyalty that's not the way to get it. You lost thousands of costumers because of your awful scam. Just know that your little online shop can easily be replaced.

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  • Br
    Bruce Bauer Feb 09, 2016

    Barton publishing _ stay away_in my opinion, they are a pure ripoff, in dealing with their customer service they make it impossible to cancel under their guarantee money back refund, hence no credit delivered as promised to your credit card charges. Canceled yet they say later you did not cancel and now passed the deadline...Blatant fraud in my opinion.

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fraudulent withdrawal from checking

unauthorized withdrawal of $ 57.00 dollars from my checking account on July 27th. For no apparent reason I found out by asking my bank questions and them providing there telephone number. I will seek legal counsel and prosecute them if they do not rectify this false request and transaction from my checking account. I appreciate your website for the ability to make this false transaction public against Barton Publishing.

  • Mi
    Mindy L Mar 06, 2016

    Barton Publishing has taken 50.00 frim my debit card on Mar.6, 2016. I didnt purchase from them. I dont know who they are, or what they sale. I want my money back.

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[Resolved] Fraudulent Credit Card Charges

I ordered a document on Acid Reflux treatment for $19.95 and was charged $122.54 or the "Acid RefluX Kit" and...


Advertising information was misleading.Implied books, not one report on poor quality paper. -Neither the on line product nor the printed material quality information as stated, just references to other sites and links. I consider this as a nostrum and am disappointed in every aspect of "The Diabetes Solution Kit".
Also received the pamphlet before the downloaded material.

  • Bi
    bill richbourg Sep 22, 2011

    I ordered "Diabetes Solution Kit and never received the information I needed to download the kit.

    0 Votes
  • Yo
    Yomega Oct 12, 2011

    I've been trying to get the kit also. Maybe if you call or email them, you will get a response.


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My opinion is save the 30 minutes of your life from being wasted

My god this guy loves the sound of his own voice! My guess is he also loves your money. Not only does the video go on FOREVER but after 20 minutes when you try to leave the page, it's like your held hostage!!!
First thing is that they're NOT offering anything "new or exciting" their so-called cure has been around forever!
Secondly, what they are offering is "overpriced pamphlets" not even hardcover books!!!
My opinion is save the 30 minutes of your life from being wasted!


Placed an order for online book with natural health tips..after paying $23.00 and some odd change with my debt card I received notice of conformation. The notice gave the following addresss which one was to click to cancel at anytime: the address was unclickable and after two days I have not received my material. And after rereading the order conformation for it does appear that in about three weeks they will attempt to take more money out for that which has already been paid for. I typed the company name in my search bar..which I will know to do from here on out..only to find that the company has had complaints..I do need my money. I was hoping to find a way through my eating to help with my pain .. but it only seems as if they only want to cause me more pain where I don't need it and that in my pocket. Thank you, Ms Tanya McDonald

  • Ka
    Kathy W. Anderson Sep 29, 2014

    I to was taken by these people Barton Publishing, they took 118.00 out of my account for something that was to be 19.95??? I have sent them an email have not heard back from them, I want my money back they are dogs.

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health books

I wanted there diabetes solution bokk only. i call the company and had it canceled. today i saw my debit card account and saw that i was charged 109.78. I told you i don't was this that it was to much money

  • Ni
    NightWriter Dec 04, 2012

    Thank you for saving me from making a big mistake ~ I almost ordered from these people but was looking for a promo code and actually came across this site. Someone, who has their books, should expose them by printing their "secrets" (if they even have any) to steal their thunder and avoid them scamming others. That would serve them right. Freedom of information!!!

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  • Lg
    lgaby May 21, 2013

    My husband fell for this scam, he ordered the book only, however was charged over $222.00 for misc coaching etc. He called to cancel stating he only wanted the book, so we will see if we get it refunded by them ( I know my credit card company will reverse it). Also today I started to look at the book and the pages are repeated it is not even a complete book. Goes to page 48 then starts again at page 33. What a huge scam.

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This guy seems like a real jerk

This guy seems like a real jerk. He makes you watch a long video while making you wait for the "magic" cure for diabetes. He gives a big sales pitch including scary pictures of what will happen to you if you don't buy his products.

In the end he says using things like cinnamon and apples to cure diabetes. I've read elsewhere about cinnamon already.

My main objection is his obnoxious video, where he constantly says, "I'll tell you the magic solution later" etc.

[Resolved] Unauthorized charges

Fake advertising. Their ad says for $19.95 you will get book and cd's, but when you give them your credit card info they charge $19.95 in addition. This looks like legal scam!

  • Barton Publishing's response · Mar 16, 2012

    Hi, Embuc. BP is an ebook (electronic book) publisher. The ebooks are generally $19.97, which is also what is advertised. As a courtesy to customers who prefer a printed copy, we offer that on the second page of the shopping cart as an additional option for $19.95 + shipping. If you selected that option, you may have mistakenly thought you were charged twice. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so give us a call and we'll make it right! 888-356-1146

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

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