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America's Test Kitchen Complaints & Reviews

America's Test Kitchen / subscription

Feb 12, 2019

They offer a free two week subscription and present the subscription as costing $4.18 a month after that but charge the whole $49.95 and refuse to refund any of it if you cancel even 15 days later. I subscribed for the free period on dec 24 2018 and cancelled on jan 10 2019. I assumed...

Americas Test Kitchen / subscription memberships

Sep 20, 2018

Americas Test KitchenI purchased a subscription membership thinking I was getting access to many recipes. They market heavily and email recipes. I also go to their website to search for recipes. However, I'm each of these cases, the recipes I want to access, 9 times out of 10, require me to upgrade my...

America's Test Kitchen / wrong product received, unwilling to make it right.

Dec 20, 2017

I ordered the 2017 Annual hardcover book for my fiancé for this Christmas at the beginning of December, which was within the regulated shipping allotted time to receive it before Christmas. On December 19th I received the package, only to my shock that it was a copy of "Cooking for two" magazine...

America's Test Kitchen / the show itself

Sep 12, 2017

I've always liked the two girls that are kind of running it but when they were cooking not talking to each other you need to bring Christopher Kimball back because this show has gone very very very downhill it's not even worth watching my 14 year old daughter is so upset she cried it'...

America's Test Kitchen / annual cookbook

Oct 28, 2016

I haven't subscribed to Cook's Country Magazine for several years. Despite that, I continue to receive an annual notice that I will automatically be sent their annual cookbook. I don't want it. I haven't asked for it. In order to decline it, I have to mail their postcard back to them. I've...

America's Test Kitchen / cookbook order

Jan 05, 2016

Customer number [protected] Order number: [protected] Background: Ordered 3 cookbooks December 9th. Received shipping confirmation December 11th; charged my credit card December 12th. On December 28th I called to complain the books never arrived. Called January 5. They claimed they...

America's Test Kitchen / deception

Oct 07, 2014

Deceptive business practices and poor customer service. While trying to clear up incorrect billing for services not used was told America's Test Kitchen wasn't the website I signed up for services on. This at the same time the charges hit my credit card bill labelled and...

America's Test Kitchen / unethical business practices

Jan 02, 2014

I agree with others on this board. Complete unethical business practices. I have tried numerous attempts to cancel all products (magazines, web subscription etc) some of which I have no idea how they got started. They automatically deduct charges from my debit card and then leave no...

America's Test Kitchen / ATK TV Show Cookbook Season 12 / received & charged for book not ordered


In 2009 I ordered a Cookbook from America's Test Kitchen (not a subscription). I have just received the second unordered / unwanted cookbook. With the book was an invoice for $29.95, also stating "I am to return by UPS or insured parcel post (sorry, we cannot be responsible) and Pay...

America's Test Kitchen / unwanted material


Unwanted books. Keeps sending books that I do not want. Informed them to NOT SEND any more books. I paid for 2 orders that was sent but had informed them to not send anymore as I would not pay for anymore books. Sent anyhow!!! I refused to send back or pay them anymore after informing them twice.

America's Test Kitchen / unethical business practices


For years I have received America's Test Kitchen cookbooks. This past year, I started receiving overdue notices for books I either never ordered or had yet to receive. This happened most recently with their 2010 Annual recipes. My "2nd notice" overdue came before the book (which...