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I have been a credit card customer of barclaycard for more than 20 years. I have a spotless credit record and I have never requested an increase in ln my borrowing limits. I have over the years been 'rewarded' as they like to refer to it by barclaycard with continual increase of my borrowing limit. An more importantly an increase in my apr !.. I called a few months ago to try to understand why my apr had reached 27% as I was a very good credit history and have never been late on a payment.
They replied that I needed to move to another account to get an upgrade to a lower apr. For that I would have to close my account and reapply for a new one. They also mentioned that there was no guarrantee I would be accepted as a new customer!.
I then wrote to the complaints dept and took issue. Thier representative mohit arora offered me an upgrade to a platinum visa accountapr 17.2 %. Still below the rates they were offering on their websites. 2 months late I see my apr is still 27. % go figure... If this is not a racket I am not sure what is...
After 20 years I am closing my account as it no longer pays to be loyal to a crapshoot of a bank...


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Sep 13, 2012 11:56 am EDT
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i am in debt to barclaycard when i first started to pay back my debt they charged me a rate of 3.9% . increased my payments and they put the rate up to 6.9% i then increased my payments again and my rate went up to12.9%. i have tryed to speak to them on the phone about thi bu t they just read of a script saying that they have the right to review my account every six months . so although i am trying hard to get out of debt barclays has been the worst of my three creditors to deal with they just seem to want to keep me in debt as long as possible and sqeeze as much money out of me as they can

Aug 27, 2008 4:19 am EDT

I had applied for the Barclaycard (Times Card) after one of the customer executive had called me saying that Barclaycard will take 15 working days to reach me and also i would get some gift hamper Rs 5000/- . But i got the card after 45 days and i didn't get the 5000 worth coupon. In the mean while when i happen to get call from customer care for the confirmation for receiving the card, i did spoke about the 5000 coupon and the reply was i action will be taken immediately and will be sent to me ASAP. Well i waited and thought of calling the customer care today but i get to know that the coupon date as expired on August 15th (woow!) the executive says its of no use even if i get it now (Wow thats something called service!).

This is the worst way anyone can deal a customer especially bank. Here to Complain the same, it was me Who just ended up canceling the card with the valid reason (worst service ever and say something and do something). Please earn the trust of the customer rather then disowning one.

Jun 12, 2008 2:52 am EDT

I had never faced this kind of situation. The worst bank in India is Barclay Bank. I applied for Credit Card with this bank. after a long period of 2-3 months they have sanctioned a credit card in my name without intimating me. And they dispatched to my residence address without getting confirmation from my end. But, the credit card what they have send has not been received by me. As per the docket no they mentioned it has been received by Aunt. It was came to my notice when I received a letter from Barclay saying suspected misuse of your credit card.

After that I inquired with my aunt, they told that, they don't know about that as they don't have knowledge regarding credit card. After that I called customer care, they told it has been already used by someone. In this regard I sent several mails to Barclay's customer card ID, but till now no one has responded to my mail. This shows stupidity of Barclay Bank... Irresponsible Bank.

Oct 14, 2008 2:51 am EDT

barkley bank is fully irresponsible bank. Very poor service. even you cannot talk on phone with bank customer care.

Aug 10, 2008 7:35 am EDT

Any one who holds the Barkley card appears to me a dumb fool and an idiot beyond match. This, Barclay Bank, is the worst Bank I have ever come across. My observations are as under:

1. They don't keep any information about there agents, and don't even verify their credentials. They have no control on their employees, what they say and what they sell. I came across two agents of bank who promised a Wrist Watch with this card, only to learn that no such offer exists. Later when I complaint to the Bank, they say they don't know about these agents, they were not surprised and never considered it important to cross-check. I personally know atleast 250 such persons who were trapped by this bank. Definitely it was a ploy to increase banks customer base.

2. They will send billing information at several places- your email, sms, and hard-copy. Some times they won't send it at all places and thus will delibrately confuse you and charge you with late payment fees. This is the way they make money for their bank.

3. Worst customer care department I have ever come across. They have placed foolish and ignorant persons at help desk.

4. Worst Organisational setup. There customer care department, marketing and sales department, bill generation department, etc. do not have any communication across themselves. I have been offered half-a-dozen cards even though I have a card of this bank. And those who call appear so blank that I have card. When they ask for my bill payments, and when I enquire about my complaints, they again start appearing like foolish ducks. They don't keep track of your earlier emails and each time ask for email confirmation.

5. Delibrately use fake email address to respond. They will respond from some fake email address belonging to, that is no where linked with Barclays.

6. They call at my cell-phone requesting for payments of someone else.

And so I say that any one who holds the Barkley card appears to be dumb fool and an idiot beyond match.

Aug 08, 2008 9:13 am EDT

I advise all those who want to have credit card not go for Barclay's. I have not received statements for 3 months and whenever I call them they say it is delivered. Moreover customer care attitude toward customer is very bad. I sent several email requests no reply from bank. And they say even if I don't get statements I have to keep track of the transactions I do and pay it. They have been keep putting service charges. Please avoid this bank.

Jul 03, 2008 4:12 am EDT

I have paid my total outstanding well before the due date 16May08 and I got confirmation messages form the Bank also.
But still showing some outstanding in my account. I have complaint for this many times to the customer care but sitll saying
form the next statement this wiil be re-imburse.Now its going to be two months and outstanding is increasing.

Worst Customer care service and very very poor Bank.They don't know to how to talk and providing wrong
information to the customer.


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