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Deposited Irvine Bank check from legal settlement fund, a check for about $146, 000 on 03/02/2019 and was told the it would be on hold for seven days. Tried talking to bank manager and say corporation policy would not let release funds even if the other bank check cleared and proven to be good. So its B of A using the money to loan out to other banks to bounce there accounts and make money on its customers. Retiring and had no idea the this would take on a State of California bank to bank transfer and made a ten day deposit on retirement motorhome of our dreams. I have been with Ventura, California for 31 years, Barstow, Ca for three years and as a kid in San Bernardino, California since 1972. Its not like I ask for a hold to removed in 40 plus years and have verified B of A has the funds from the Irvine bank.
1. Verify check has cleared.
2. Please release hold on funds of a least $110, 000 so we can get a B of A cashers check issued in Everett, Washington tomorrow. We fly tomorrow LAX to Seattle, Washington and dealer to pick us up and drive to dealership.
3. The ten day hold on the retirement dream ends tomorrow.

Thank You for your time in advance,
Earl Dale McAlpine
Robin L. McAlpine
B of A Account # [protected]
B of A Bank # [protected]

hope 35 day account has just as much customer service

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Mar 5, 2019

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