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Bank Of America / won't help me.

coleen M. Wilbur on Mar 19, 2012
I have been trying 6 years to get them to refinance my loan they won't. I originally had countrywide and they gave me an adjustable interest rate and nearly made me lose my home. now BOA has my loan and they won't help me either. They said the same thing CWH said wellsfargo own...

Bank Of America / phone harassment

R Sydnor on Mar 17, 2012
We receive approximately 10 phone calls per day from Bank of America regarding our mortgage account. We get phone calls even before the payment due date and everyday thereafter. Once the payment has been made, we still get phone calls asking for payment. We get tired of answering these...

Bank Of America / credit card limits

donna on Mar 14, 2012
Good old Bank of America. Until now, I actually encouraged people to do business with them. However, over the weekend, with absolutely no warning, while I was on vacation in Key West and using my BOA credit card, my credit limit was decreased by $3, 000. This is not the end of the world...

Bank Of America / excessive fees

neveragainBofA on Mar 13, 2012
I don't write checks. I use my debit card for everything and I use it as credit to avoid ATM/ABT fees. Also, I do this because I don't want to get in to the overdraft fee game. And I am sure many people think the same way. But, I found out today - the hard way - that Bank of...

Bank Of America Home Loans / refusing to honor modification decision

Ocide on Mar 9, 2012
I received a packet in January 2011 stating that I had been approved to have my mortgage permanently modified. It detailed the payment schedule for the next 25 years and all I had to do was sign the agreement along with the other documents and return them by January 23, 2011, which I did...

Bank Of America / trial period completed and no permanent modificaiton

M Flores on Mar 2, 2012
I was provided a 6 month trial period with the promise that bank of america will give me a permanent modification. It has been a year and still nothing has come through as far as a permanent modification. I took the paperwork to an attorney and was told that this was only an agreement to...

Bank Of America / bank of america credit reports

Beckyida on Mar 1, 2012
Am in tears as I type this, In 2007 I was desperate for a job, posted my resume on Career Builder, a few weeks later I received a letter offering me a job, I accepted it desperately, the company was based in Canada, they sent me a cashiers check $2700, they requested me to cash it and send...

Bank Of America - Add It Up / boa's add offers scheme sucks!!!

Annoyed BOA Customer on Feb 24, 2012
The add it program has so many hidden clauses that you can never earn any points. I made several purchases through boa's add it up offers website (Like chase ultimate rewards mall) but never earned any points. I called up customer service to find out why and the reasons they gave me were...

Bank Of America Home Loans / harrasement

Time to end the madness on Feb 17, 2012
I am approx 30 days late on a payment ($250) for my home equity loan, I get 8-10 calls every day asking for the payment. have already told them, I will be current by next week, and continue to get harassing phone calls. I have talked to three supervisors, and filed complaints with the...

Bank Of America / atm card

Kathreen brice on Feb 16, 2012
My son opened an account with bank of america last friday, feb. 10, 2012. This s the first time he has ever open an account with a bank. He went to pnc bank in englewood nj on feb. 14, 2012 to take out $10 and the atm retained the card. On feb. 15 2012 he called pnc to let them know had...

Bank Of America / holding refund money

VeroG on Feb 13, 2012
I a customer of snow drift farm in tucson, arizona. Due to illiness and mounting medical bills, the company had to close.In november and december, snow drift farm was having a liquidation sale on their inventory. I purchased slightly over $100 in stock. Late december, they posted on their...

Bank Of America Home Loans / if i could refinance my home i would in a heart beat just to get it away from bank of america

Laibrode on Feb 13, 2012
I have not ever had a home modification, my home loan has been paid faithfully every month since i have had my home. I have had to call bank of america every month because they will not properly credit my payments. I have accrued fees due on my account that no one can tell me what they are...

Bank Of America Mortgages / fraudulent refinance practices

Karen Stanhope on Feb 12, 2012
I was a bofa mortgage customer, generally happy, and contacted them about refinancing my mortgage. The mortgage rep I was sent to asked me for a lot of information... Much more than necessary. They not only asked for my 401k account balance, but wanted a statement of what my account i...

Bank Of America Home Loans / they are either incompetent or criminal

Emseke on Feb 12, 2012
I went through mediation with bofa and their law firm, potestivo to secure a home loan modification. I was granted a trial mod with the home retention dept. I completed the trial mod exactly as ordered, but was later denied a permanent modification. I was told by my "negotiator" (Andre...

Bank Of America / insuficient funds fees

Larry Hoffman on Feb 7, 2012
Had a check that was supposed to be held by the recipient run through prematurely. The Bank paid the bigger check and cleaned out my account, causing an isuficiency of funds for the rest of my sceduled payments, the charged me a fee for each one. They returned checks for $19, $14, and $30...

Bank Of America / unfair credit bureau reporting late payment

Tomveets2 on Feb 7, 2012
During the Summer of 2011 I was unemployed. I have had a mortgage loan on a property in Grand Junction Colorado. I had been paying the same payment since Spring of 2008 and have never been late. In August of last year I received a letter from BOA with a check for the amount of the payment...

Bank Of America / home loan modification fraud

craig66 on Feb 3, 2012
I have had a simple clerical error with Bank of America. A payment in the amount of $1302 was called into the bank. The operator entered $1032. This error has magnified into a great deal of confusion at the bank. One branch wants to foreclose. Another branch is stalled in modifying the...

Bank Of America / stealing money/erroneuosly threatening foreclosure

I strongly advise everyone not to deal with bank of america! I had my home financed through these thieves, thank goodness I have refinanced with a decent bank. Bank of america "claimed" that I was 3 months behind on my mortgage and threatened to foreclose on my home. They repeatedly sent...

Bank Of America / insufficient funds

Merylin Weidenhof on Jan 25, 2012
I am very upset with how I was handled with Bank of America regarding insufficient fees that should have not incurred. We have been Bank of America customers for over 15 years, and was not handled correctly. Last night I had an alert that my account has a low balance threshold with $58.00...

Bank Of America / fees

lluke on Jan 25, 2012
Today I went to several Bank of America’s because I received a refund check from my medical supply company. I do not bank at Bank of America so I just wanted to receive the $50 check amount. First my GPS brought me to a Kroger Branch. Only to find out the Kroger Branches do not cash...

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