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Bank Of America / lying thieves

BOA/ATT/COMCAST=Suck on May 8, 2012
So I sell a car. BOA asks me to fax them the title and registration. I have 3 conversations with the loan officer, and never does he ask me what name he should disperse the check to. I sell the car and the buyer gives me a BOA check with my name for $1, 000 more than I sold the car for. I...

Bank Of America / bank of america was determined not to help me and came up with excuse after excuse to discourage my request

Mariss on May 3, 2012
I have been in that process for over 2 years. Send the documents over and over and over. Then declined for not sending them. It is a joke. They do not care about there customers period. If you are in that process. Just give up. You will not get help. You will not get an answer. They will...

Bank Of America / deed in lou

gemo on May 3, 2012
Senores el banco de las pesadillas de america, dicen ayudar pero lo que hacen es robarte el dinero y luego te quitan la casa tienen otras companias que tanpoco saben ayudarte te prometen ayudarte a salir de la casa y lo que hacen es llevarte a punto de la desesparacion te envian un...

Bank Of America / deceptive modification practices

Raide on May 2, 2012
I am a senior citizen who In November 2008 got a mortgage loan with country wide and the loan agent forged my signature on additional loan applications changing my 30yr. Fixed with payment amount $1480 to $2330 dollars after feeling pinched to make the payment BoA incurred the loan willing...

Bank Of America / they avoid my calls and they never answer my calls

Rgene on May 1, 2012
My odessey started with an ill-advised mortgage refinance through Countrywide 5 years ago. Three years ago Bank of America “assumed” that loan and the nightmares began. Unfortunately about that same time my business was victimized by an individual that embezzeled a significant...

Bank Of America / Car Loan / car loan delayed payment

DannyVan on Apr 26, 2012
I decided to pay off my car loan and delayed the last payment while I liquidated some assets to pay off my loan completely. I called Bank of America and advised them of my intention and to let them know that my payment would be late. I was able to make a payment before I paid off the...

Bank Of America / credit card closer

redwdogg on Apr 25, 2012
What can I say except that I am very disappointed with Bank of America. I have been serving in the military for 18 years now and during that time I have had a credit card with BOFA 14 years of it. I have not once from what I can remember being late or overdrawing from this credit card at...

Bank Of America Foreclosure Complaint / duplicate foreclosure-failure to investigate

Kat in Distress on Apr 24, 2012
I am at my wits end because I can't stop a foreclosure of a property I once had a loan for that was already foreclosed in 2009. I even have the 1099-A form from the federal national mortgage association stating they acquired the property on September 15, 2009 and I have written thi...

Bank Of America Loan / this is the worst company ever

Eritaloe on Apr 18, 2012
During June 2011 I feel behind on my mortgage because of because of car repairs and Bank of America called me everyday about six or more times per day harassing me about making a payment. After constant calling I requested a loan modification and the representative took my information over...

Bank Of America / fraud, scam, illegal foreclosure, widespread deceitful practices, etc.

victim of BOA on Apr 16, 2012
I am looking for others who "have been" or "are being" illegally foreclosed upon by boa. I want to prove a widespread pattern of willful intent of deception for financial gain of money and/or real property. Boa is performing this illegal activity under the disguise of innocently helping...

Bank Of America / close account without reason

Danette Oprisiu on Apr 2, 2012
I opened an account with Bank of America, I was appproved I recieved account numbers, debit card and checking account.. I haven't used this account yet. Its only been a week since I was appproved and have recieved all of the above items. I recieved a letter a couple days later saying...

Bank Of America / funds hold

mrjan on Mar 23, 2012
I have deposited a paycheck 1x / month for years. All of a sudden, bofa is putting a 2 week hold on the funds. Last month the supervisor was "generous" enough to remove one week of the hold. This month I am told that the check went to "risk management"—cannot give reason and $304.00 is being...

Bank Of America / mortgage harrassment

eric1989 on Mar 21, 2012
We are in the midst of our second bad experience with a Bank of America mortgage. With our previous home, we started with another mortgage company (Wells Fargo), which was a very positive experience. After a couple of years, our mortgage was sold to Bank of America (an all-around pain in...

Countrywide & Bank Of America / maliciously putting my loan into 4-closure

1gladiator@large on Mar 20, 2012
First countrywide put my loan into 4-closure from the beginning, because they refused my own personally paid insurance companies windstorm & flood insurance policies!!! Then I spent months calling & getting the "run around" going back & forth mailing paperwork which they continually...

Bank Of America / living nightmare!!!

jfacada on Mar 19, 2012
BOA is an perfect example of what does NOT work in America! I had my credit cards, mortgage, savings and checking accounts with BOA and it meant nothing to them when they jacked up my CC rates after I missed my payment dues date by one day and then missed my minimum payment by 82 cents!...

Bank Of America / won't help me.

coleen M. Wilbur on Mar 19, 2012
I have been trying 6 years to get them to refinance my loan they won't. I originally had countrywide and they gave me an adjustable interest rate and nearly made me lose my home. now BOA has my loan and they won't help me either. They said the same thing CWH said wellsfargo own...

Bank Of America / phone harassment

R Sydnor on Mar 17, 2012
We receive approximately 10 phone calls per day from Bank of America regarding our mortgage account. We get phone calls even before the payment due date and everyday thereafter. Once the payment has been made, we still get phone calls asking for payment. We get tired of answering these...

Bank Of America / credit card limits

donna on Mar 14, 2012
Good old Bank of America. Until now, I actually encouraged people to do business with them. However, over the weekend, with absolutely no warning, while I was on vacation in Key West and using my BOA credit card, my credit limit was decreased by $3, 000. This is not the end of the world...

Bank Of America / excessive fees

neveragainBofA on Mar 13, 2012
I don't write checks. I use my debit card for everything and I use it as credit to avoid ATM/ABT fees. Also, I do this because I don't want to get in to the overdraft fee game. And I am sure many people think the same way. But, I found out today - the hard way - that Bank of...

Bank Of America Home Loans / refusing to honor modification decision

Ocide on Mar 9, 2012
I received a packet in January 2011 stating that I had been approved to have my mortgage permanently modified. It detailed the payment schedule for the next 25 years and all I had to do was sign the agreement along with the other documents and return them by January 23, 2011, which I did...

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